White Widow I

Spring (Easter 2020)

Germinating, then CoCo. Transplant when right timing.

White Widow

Day 15 (Week 3)

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Day: 15

Day 15 A lil slow.

3 years ago

Day: 9


Some new vegetation.

3 years ago

turtle7266 Any advise on nutrients at this stage? Thx

turtle7266 Slowly changing water to stream water after studying aquaponic science. Thinking of trying outdoor aquaponics . Any advice?

Day: 8

Vegetation seems to be progressing ok. Having to keep a moisture/air check to prevent stem rot. Open to educated advise. Thx

3 years ago

Dukeshaba Advice would be don’t ever plant more than one in a pot their roots are going to tangle and your screwed

turtle7266 Thank you. I knew better. Low on space and thinking of aquaponic them together outdoors in stream or cordless drill pump to reservoir to use local temp? Any opinions/advice? Thank you

turtle7266 I’ll carefully divide. Thank you.

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Day: 7

Plant 1/2” tall. Misting 2-3 times daily. Checking airflow, future nutrients. Looking for any opinion on aqua vs hydro. Thanks for allowing me to join you all. Slow comer, however, being very careful. Hope it will go vegetative well. Hope you all are doing well.

3 years ago

Day: 6

Another, less developed. But coming. Thank you, Jesus.

3 years ago

Day: 6

Plant 1/2” tall.And newcomer. Thank you Jesus. Helps pelvic fracture pain.

3 years ago

Day: 5

Went outdoor on Day4. Back in to complete light cycle at 4:20 to acclimate to outdoors aqua pink ally in some way.

3 years ago

Jmjackson08 That’s not marijuana

turtle7266 Day5 Evening: Outdoors 6 hrs. Daylight bulb to complete cycle.

turtle7266 Oh, you’re correct. Intentional distraction. Thanks.

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Day: 3

Seed have germinated. Placing in soil today with inner words of Hope and Faith and Love.

3 years ago

turtle7266 Day5 Acclamation to outdoors. Research Aquaponic Outdoors. Build Fish habitat for indoors when I get the go ahead. Thank ya Jesus!

Day: 1

Germination after 24 hrs. Giving Thanks!

3 years ago

Day: 0

Germination update. New seed from Jar will be test specimen. Seed X

3 years ago

turtle7266 A rogue jar seed. Floater totally immersed 3/30/20. Hope it is 30/70 split HighSat Strain hopefully. Accept Salvation, my girl. She shall be named, Grace.

turtle7266 New additions germinated and placed safely in Coco Coir, Bertha and Grace Kelly.

Day: 0


Germination Day 1

3 years ago

Turtle7266 Praying “Lightweight” sinks.

turtle7266 Thank you, Lord. He is Risen. Risen Indeed. Thank you for allowing me to Walk again. The desires of my Heart.