Multi-Strain Indica Hybrid Outdoor Grow

Summer May 2019

No special nutrients or lights, natural outdoor grow after indoor seed germination for 10 days.

Various Indica Dominant Hybrid Strains

Day 68 (Week 10)

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Day: 68


Guys are getting pretty large. Used some nitrogen rich fertilizer/plant food recently. Will continue to once a week or so. Found 3 that were males for sure and 1 that might be. Killed the ones I knew were male. Will probably make more tea out of them, or press the leaves. Only a few more months!

5 years ago

Day: 54

Just topped my plants. All coming along pretty well in the vegetation process. Vertical growth is done and hopefully the horizontal growth of stems and leaves will thicken. Added egg shells to the base and 6 will soon be transplanted into the ground with cow manure and compost soil mix. The other 6 will remain in pots. 3 months to go until harvest

5 years ago

Day: 43

Plants are doing well, hit a growth spurt this past week

5 years ago

Day: 37

Plants have gotten a lot bigger, getting a little more sunlight now. All still appear to be female. All have second set of stems growing now too

5 years ago

Day: 29


Plants are looking good, there’s been a lot of rain and clouds lately and I almost lost a few plants in a storm but they survived! Still all seem to be female. Most are at least 6” tall. Their stems are becoming strong

5 years ago

Day: 25

Plants all got drowned in a storm that i accidentally left them outside for 2 days ago, all survived and look to be okay. All have been sexed as females. New 5 leaf branches are growing on most.

5 years ago

Day: 20


Plants are 4-6 inches tall. Have 8 new leaves growing on most. Plants have been transplanted to 2-5 gallon pots, depending on the size of the plant. Miracle grow has added to the water now.

5 years ago

Day: 12

Lost 1 plant last night in a storm.

5 years ago

Day: 9

14 different plants from 1-3” tall. 4 leaves on most plants. 2 runt plants.

5 years ago

Chbamburg Plants get 8 hours of direct sunlight and 8 hours of indirect light most days. Humidity has been over 80% here in Tulsa Ok