South African Outdoor - Summer 2019

Somewhere in Sub Saharan Africa

Blue Dream Gorilla Cookies White widow Birthday Cake Candyland Gorilla Zkittlez Alaskan purple Cheese GG #4 Ethos Mystery Cookies

Multi strain grow. Greenhouse cover for protection. Supplemental lighting at night to keep plants in vegetation

Day 61 (Week 9)

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Day: 61


Vegging hard now. Blue dream is now back in reveg.

5 years ago

InstigatOr Lookin good 😊

Cannacam Awesome man. Planted my first outdoor plants on the 19th of September in South Africa so our timing is spot on. Looking forward to seeing your progress

Day: 56

It was not a good start to the season. I lost a few seeds in the beginning. Birds. Wind. Germination was 100%. The losses was pure grower error on my part. Things are in full swing now. Only the ethos needs to be germinated.

5 years ago

Day: 56


All settled in now.

5 years ago