Dread bread flower

Start flower on january 1st

On January 1st move to flower put 3 in new medium 5 gal fabric pots and 2 in 3gal plastic container. No nutrients for 4 weeks January 24th

Dread bread #12

Day 124 (Week 18)

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Day: 124

5 plants under es300 I had 3 plants and 2 under mars hydro the yield was about 20% better with the es300 both tents planted same time same soil mix and nutrients. This grow was with foxfarm nutrients and mighty bloom enhancers. Total harvest dry weight was a little over 1lb.

3 years ago

Day: 116

Harvest day for tent 1

3 years ago

Day: 114

Both tents are doing well! Tent 1 is looking a little better. I am using es300 in tent 1 and mars hydro tsl2000w in tent 2. The eletric sky seems to produce a better flower. Will feed today and start flushing this will be end of week 10 using fox farm schedule. Next week starts the final 2 weeks using final 2 weeks fox farm. The image is of tent 2. The 2nd is tent 1.

3 years ago

Day: 101

2nd feeding for week 8 flower full program fox farm plus 1tbs mighty bloom and 1tbs Head Masta also 1tps cal mag. 4 cups of nutrients per plant plus extra split equal. 1st pic tent 2 2nd pic tent 1

3 years ago

Day: 97

Week 8 of flower and feed today 4cups each of foxfarm schedule 1/2 strength except for kelp, beastie bloom, also added 1tsp cal mag 1tbs mighty bloom and head master.

3 years ago

Day: 93

Watered today with RO water ph to 6.8 and 1oz chicken soup to 1 gal water this is a soil amendments. It will help with soil nutrients. Plants are doing well. Tent 1 has a little yellow in leaves I think it’s a cal mag issue. Will feed tomorrow.

3 years ago

Day: 84

Started week six 1/13 of flower schedule of fox farm

3 years ago

Day: 77

Back on fox farm schedule starting week 5. Going to set up scrog net 3.5 inch to start

3 years ago

Day: 72

Watered with compost tea today and cal mag have all in flower tents and will scroll both tents once that final cosmic finishes

3 years ago

Longmountain On Monday will get back on the week 5 of flower schedule in fox farm on the dread bread in both tent’s harvest the one dread and move the chem dawg to clone room.

Day: 70

Ok have tent 1 and 2 both set to flower for this grow. Mars hydro in tent 1 and es300 electric sky in tent 2. I am finishing 1 plant in tent 2 about week left on this girl. Started this grow with fox farm so going to finish it out with same finish only watching the ph this time. Watch for nutrients block. Tent 1 mars hydro

3 years ago

Longmountain Tent 2 has electric sky light and finish flower and 2 3 gal

Longmountain Only water with 2 cups compost tea all 5

Day: 65

Come home last night from dinner 12/25 and ac in my house stopped working well over 85 in my house and in tents was really bad flower tent 95 and clone tent 86. The plant on left is showing the most heat stress or could be to much from the transplant to bigger pots. Will have to keep eyes on her.

3 years ago

Longmountain Watered with compost tea today to help with the mycros 4 cups per 5 gal and 3 gal.

Longmountain Going to have to keep the babies in veg tent 1 more week can’t harvest the flower tent have 1 plant still to finish

Day: 64

All ready for flower tent

3 years ago