First serious grow attempt

June 18 2023

Improvising needs and upgrading set up while increasing my base grow knowledge


Day 80 (Week 12)



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Day: 80


About a week of flower growth don’t worry this was before a watering

9 months ago


zer0applied Just did this to my CBD grow don’t worry we all do it. Anyways, how are things? Life got crazy etc.

afroSpace Pretty good I’ve done some light defoliation mainly on injured or dying leaves they stopped growth gn so vertical once I Started side lighting tho and has been running smooth since


zer0applied Told you that side lighting would pay off

Day: 73


My plants have started to yield there first buds concerned about space still but horizontally now less so than vertically as the canopy is already starting to tangle I’ve heard of defoliation but I don’t think there healthy enough and as my first grow don’t wanna screw it at the end being impatient or impulsive

9 months ago

Day: 59

My current lighting situation is maybe a generous foot from being at the max height for the tent I read I could induce flowering as early as I’d like I understand the yield would be significantly less but this generation is just a run to learn and increase my knowledge while simultaneously applying it so yield isn’t a concern but if I did decide to switch to 12/12 now to induce flowering would they still grow to my light fixture by that time or would they stop growing relatively again in this grow just trying to get any yield possible so if that’s a healthy option as growing them outside isn’t possible for me let me know much appreciated

9 months ago

GrNadeGrade 💣

GrNadeGrade 💣 With only 1ft of vertical growing space remaining, you should definitely switch to 12/12 asap!


BoofCity I would HST the shit out of those tops too.


drdave1 You flip the light and they will double or triple in size

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Day: 58

Been struggling to get some upgrades for these guys but should be able to start investing again by the end of the month also does anyone have any tips on maintaining a desirable height for the plant I’m running out of vertical grow room and want to start stress training to promote more horizontal growth but haven’t had the time if you have any tips leave them below much appreciated

9 months ago

AdonisLevin Should’ve topped or started training earlier, but looks like a happy plant overall. I suggest you to read the Training Guide on


zer0applied Too late for training. Take them out of the tent 🏕️ grow them in the open. I have to do it every once in a while.


zer0applied Well I mean it’s never too late but it’s way too late to stay in that tent period.

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Day: 52

Looking to get some calmag and bigger pots soon hopefully leave any tips you have

9 months ago


2Dark2See Good luck bud! I’m on my first as well but just the one growing.

Day: 29

Bring that these are two random seeds I’ve started to notice some serious difference in the phenotype of the first and second the plants I’ve decided to grow to harvest the first is a lot bushier while I feel like the curious to know your thougtssecond is a healthier spread of foliage

10 months ago

Day: 28

Curious if I should top them but don’t want to stress them to much curious to know your guys thoughts tho lmk what you think I should do

10 months ago


zer0ping Don’t top. Given the issues that lower growth had combined with the stress of the under watering etc. I would let these ones be for now. That’s my two cents.


SaviiBuds Agree with zer0ping, you only want to top healthy plants and these have already endured a good amount of stress. Prob best to just let these ride and try toping on your next run.

afroSpace Will do much appreciated guys🙏🏾 follow up to my C deficiency can it be treated with cal mag or do you guys recommend something else?

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Day: 25

Finally hit a full rebound since I’ve been under watering them big thanks to zer0ping on here gave me great advice and helped me keep my plants healthy but they should be ready for a watering tomorrow been doing research on watering cycles and I clearly had misconceptions in the beginning but hopefully I can keep improving

10 months ago

afroSpace Also noticed brown spots on the lower leaves in the canopy from ground rot im assuming if you have any tips on if I should prune them or not

xuzen If they aren’t autos you’re completely fine to trim them.


Caliban Brown spots possibly a C deficiency.

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Day: 21

Day 2 of them drooping I ceased watering for now to see if that was the problem still not 100 percent I was watering them every other day though with 3 teaspoons of vegetative fertilizer if you have any tips or know what might be causing it shoot me a message please

10 months ago


combatmedic81 How much water are you giving them every feeding

afroSpace As disappointing as this sounds I haven’t measured usually just go until the top soil is wet but usually about half a cup of water I would say

afroSpace And I don’t mean I flood it I just make sure the top layer of soil shows some level of moisture then I wait till it’s relatively dry to rewater haven’t watered in almost 2 days now though

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Day: 20

Leaves began dropping hard assuming it might be over watering if you have any idea what else the cause may be let me know in the comments

10 months ago


Tallboy2023 Looks like over watering to me


SaviiBuds Could be overwatering. Leaves can drop for so many different reasons. If you put your finger in the soil about an inch or an inch and a half down is it wet? How often are you watering and how much?

Day: 17

Entering veg soon if you have any tips lmk been watering every other day or when medium’s completely dried

a year ago

Day: 10

Just transplanted them today only worried about transplant shock with one of them other than that excited to enter veg soon hopefully

a year ago

Day: 8

Going to grab some proper fabric pots as I’ve been told having the roots exposed to light can stunt growth running them on 350 ppfd and only watering when the medium is almost completely dry I did notice the unnatural elongation of the stems but since it’s my first grow I just wanna roll the dice and see how well I can treat em if you have any tips for me they would be much appreciated but be considerate of the fact I’m on a budget and this is my first grow

a year ago


adders Hey man, don’t stress yourself out too much. I’m on my first grow, take a look and I know there’s a few others but the AK is my first proper grow. You’re doing good so far but they have stretched, when you transplant them you can also bury the stem


adders You’ve got more equipment than me too I will add 👍🏻

Day: 8

Any tips going to get proper fabric pots today first serious grow on a budget set up which I know isn’t ideal but if you have any comments regarding the plant health you notice in this photo and what I can do to improve my plants current health let me know currently been most worried about the unnatural elongation of the stems in germination when I didn’t have my light at the proper height to absorb the proper ppfd but anyway if you have any tips at all let me know. Happy Harvest

a year ago


combatmedic81 Lower your light or get the plants closer to it, they are stretching