Auto flower Nukeheads run

Fall 2020

Growing six auto flower plants in a 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 space. Going to be using cutting edge nutrients at a quarter strength of recommended usage. Grown in 5 gallon Coco coir pots. The lights I will be using our mars Hydro 100 W, three of them. Seed to harvest should take between 50 to 65 days.

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Day 74 (Week 11)

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Day: 74

Flowers are coming in heavy, some will finish earlier than others but that’s expected with auto’s. I’m really happy with this run and can say I did a good job with autos and salt nutes. Trichome development is really heavy on earlier flowers

2 years ago

Day: 60

Girls are fully out of transition now and into flower, I should have about 25-30 days left I think

2 years ago

Day: 50

The girls are starting to bud out now and reaching the very tail end of transition. I think I’m going to stop LST and let the grow auto pilot till harvest. PPMs 400-500 of the cutting edge micro-grow-bloom three part series. Works really well with coco and a CalMag boost.

2 years ago

Day: 48

Moving girls into flower. Starting transition

2 years ago

Day: 38

After some low stress training the girls have bounced back. I’ve done a little defoliation of huge leaves blocking bud sites so things are trimmed up and looking good. Their drinking water a lot more so I’m going to be watering maybe one to twice a day now. I think raising the pk would be wise.

2 years ago


IzumHotFire LST is fun, but a bitch at the same time😂

Day: 34

I’m convinced that my plants are in the transition phase now, I’m feeding them much more phosphorus and potassium to simulate a PK boost. I’m not going over 500 ppm‘s though. Don’t want to burn my plants. I’ve also low stress trained most of them and they are responding well looking healthy.

2 years ago


lawson999 Inhave also been trying some phosphorus which is in my bloom nutes during veg is this oke?

hellowillem For sure!

Day: 27

Pretty sure my girls are hitting the transitional phase of their auto flower cycle. I’m going to be a upping their phosphorus and potassium. But at low levels.

2 years ago

Day: 23

The girls are looking nice, they are starting to explode a little bit. I am watching them carefully to make sure whether or not they’re turning into their transition phase. 450ppm 5.7ph

2 years ago

Day: 15

Girls are getting bigger, now I have upped their nutrients to around 330 ppm. If I keep a well-balanced feeding schedule I should see expensive growth within this week.

2 years ago

Day: 11

Five beans have popped and are starting a light feeding schedule. The sixth might not happen but I am prepared for that.

2 years ago

Day: 9

Beans getting healthy, going to start feeding them either today or tomorrow on some nutrient strength a quarter strength.

2 years ago

Day: 9

The other 3 beans are popping, I will he feeding these in pots within the next few days

2 years ago

Day: 5

The beans have popped on day four. The pipe in the left-hand back corner of the space has not. Still waiting on the three inside the Rockwall to pop. Won’t be using any nutrients until a week from now.

2 years ago

Day: 3

These are just three of the girls. I will pop the other beans tomorrow. It’s been three days since I’ve planted seeds but I have not seen any signs of germination. If the seats do not germinate I will search for them within the Coco coir and try to put the seeds in Rockwall and sprout from there. I’m a little nervous about transferring the seeds from Rockwall to Coco coir, because I don’t want transplant shock.

2 years ago