GreenLife Craft Cannabis

GreenLife Craft Cannabis

Dream Come True

Spring 2022(with pops)

My first grow with my father. Teaching him, for once!

BlackStrap Auto

Day 61 (Week 9)

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Day: 61

Another 2-3 weeks

10 months ago


xVADERxTOKERx Holy smokes!! 🔥🔥🔥 this thing is gonna be ⛽️!!! Amazing color grow bro! 🤙🏻🌺


organic_grower Great colors! They look nice and healthy 💪👍


JonBlazeRVA Thanks y’all

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Day: 56


😍started with foop nutrients in addition to recharge

10 months ago


begreenone Love the Foop lineup, I tried it out about 6 months ago and like it so much I made a complete switch. Really seems to be a nice line and pls ya love it!!

Day: 47

Just when I think the stretch is done, it stretches some more!!! Can’t wait till these buds fill out

10 months ago

Day: 40

2nd week of flower 🌸

10 months ago


ozzy_gunja Looking Good 💯

Day: 31

I definitely fucked with her a little too much. I’m lying….WAY too much. But she is a resilient one. I split a branch but she never slowed down.

a year ago


Mr.Synnizter What kind of nutes are you feeding her? She looks extremely healthy

Day: 22

Topped at the 3rd node and she is looking really good 👍

a year ago

Day: 5

Coast of Maine growers mix mixed with a bag of grow dots

a year ago

Day: 4

Sprouted a couple days ago after a late start. Been real dry which is why I think it took forever

a year ago