Hello! Medical patient from IL here. My favorite strain is Master Kush. Current grow set-up: Tent- Vivosun 3x3 Medium- 70/30 FFHF x Vermiculite in 5 gallon pots Current strain- Master Kush from ILGM grown with trellis netting and slight pruning. Topped at 5th node. Light- 2 Mars Hydro TS1000’s (cooled by two 4-inch pole fans to keep temperatures lower) Ventilation- A cheap oscillating tower fan and a AC Infinity T4 in-line fan for exhaust. Nutes- Fox Farm trio w/ Fish Sh!t every watering and Cal-Mag occasionally.

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Master Kush - Trellis Netting grow

Fall 2021

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Start date: Aug 26, 2021

Master Kush

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