My answer to your questions probably won’t be popular, but that’s also why I’m right. If you can’t back your arguments with facts, you won’t win with me. Stop over watering, and leave them the fuck alone! Lol. The more you ignore these ladies, the harder they’ll try to please you.

5 plants

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*COMPLETE* 4X5 5 Gal


Day: 134

Updates: 32

10 months ago

Start date: Jul 20, 2022

POTG, Cres0xKrux(DNF), White Wedding, Punch Bowl

*COMPLETE* Strawberry OG Cookies

Solo run

Day: 133

Updates: 38

a year ago

Start date: Jul 2, 2022


2x4 Growdots Autos

Ethos MP

Day: 104

Updates: 17

a year ago

Start date: Mar 18, 2022

Inzane Auto and LBCOG Auto



Day: 82

Updates: 21

a year ago

Start date: Apr 10, 2022

Various Ethos plus a wedding cake

3x3 Root n’ Fruit

Ethos plus pppc

Day: 103

Updates: 40

a year ago

Start date: Feb 25, 2022

Runtz s1, MAC n’ Jack, Grandpa’s Stash 4x12, Crushed Velvet, and Strawberry Glue (pppc)

Grabbing some more for you