First time grower here looking for tips,wisdom and advice. Working with Autos in a 2x2x4 tent. PSA none of everything pictured is not for sell or trade. PSA For educational purposes only. Happy Growing!

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2nd Run Started today 9/14

8 girls in a 4x4

Day: 74


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4 days ago

Start date: Sep 15, 2023

Autos:2 Lsd Runtz, 2 Wht wedd cake,1 NL and 1 Light Widow.

x2 Fem Photos from @Rugamonteto

First Photoperiod Grow

Day: 1

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7 days ago

Start date: Nov 23, 2023


First Grow

AutoFlowers Arizona Seed Connect

Day: 76

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5 months ago

Start date: Apr 10, 2023

Light Widow/Northen Lights

Grabbing some more for you