NEW SPONSOR ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON!! I’ve had a relationship with the miraculous cannabis plant for most of my life. It started as love, became spiritual and now it is more maternal. (NFSOT) Above all else, I’m a passionate advocate of all things cannabis. I strongly believe that there’s a reason we have an endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid receptors in our brains! I’m also a medical card holder, a second generation OG hippie chick and although when I was a kid I knew we had “special plants” growing behind the asparagus, I’m personally a relatively new but very enthusiastic grower with my first 2 room tent. I’ve been wanting to grow my own for decades and with the pandemic and resulting stimulus check it was finally time to start. My setup is as follows: I have a Super Sprouter Propagation Kit with a 10x20 tray, 7" humidity dome with a heat mat and an 18 watt 6400K 1080 lumen T5 fluorescent bulb. Inside I have self-watering starter trays and I use Purple Cow starter mix in them. I germinate in water for 24-36 hours before planting in the starter mix. For growing I have a CoolGrows 2-in-1 60"x48"x80" tent which has 1 4x4 room and 1 1x4 room. I use the 4x4 room for autos and keep it on a 20/4 schedule. Lights: MAXSISUN 400W PB 4000 LED with full spectrum high-performance Samsung diodes & Mean Well driver. Inflow: AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4 4 inch inline duct fan with filter hooked up to same control box as the outflow. Outflow: VIVOSUN 4 inch carbon filter ducted to an AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4 4 inch inline duct fan with temperature & humidity controller. Airflow: 1 6 inch non-oscillating clip fan & 1 Dr. Prepare 12 inch oscillating tower fan with 3 speed 110° oscillation. Heat: 2 iPower 48" x 20.75" heat mats with adjustable thermostat temperature knobs. Humidity: Elechomes 6L ultrasonic warm and cool mist humidifier with remote, set at 50% relative humidity. I have used the 1x4 room for photoperiod plants and keep it on either an 18/6 or a 12/12 cycle depending on the plants. I also used to use it for germination. At this point I’m not using it much anymore. Light: MARS HYDRO TS 600W LED full spectrum grow light. Inflow: iPower 4 inch 100 CFM inline fan with filter. Outflow: CoolGrows 6 inch carbon filter ducted to a VIVOSUN 4 Inch 195 CFM inline duct fan. Airflow: 1 6 inch non-oscillating clip fan. Heat: 1 iPower 10" x 20.5 digital heat mat with thermostat controller. Humidity: TBI Pro top-fill 6L ultrasonic humidifier I also have music going in the tent. It’s a 24 hour loop of music for plants from YouTube called 24 Hours Music for Plants - Music Stimulation for PLANT HEALTH - by Brainwave Entrainment. They describe it as: “Using binaural beats and isochronic tones that flow up and down 0.5Hz to 7.83Hz, these are associated with good vibrations, offers balance and stress relief, relaxation, stimulations for growth, peace and tranquility and harmony. The soothing music combined with the brainwave entrainments was created for your plants, your home and yourself, to achieve the essences of being calm and in touch with the energies all around. The carrier frequency used is of the Sun, which promotes light, warmth, and centering. May this music bring you closer to nature. Useful for daily meditations and relaxation, and listen through stereo speakers.” The girls seem to like it. I use Real Grower’s Recharge, an all natural supplement that improves the quality of soil by adding beneficial microbes. These microbes work with plants naturally to increase available nutrition and improve plant health. Natural chelators in Recharge make more nutrition available to the plant’s root system for faster and stronger overall growth rates. Recharge is loaded with mycorrhizae and trichoderma fungi as well as the strongest microbe package available anywhere. They add organic goodies including kelp, molasses, and humic acid to develop a healthy colony of living soil microbes. Undiluted, uncut and delivered at true professional strength concentrations. FEATURES / BENEFITS: Proprietary microbe package. Increases availability and delivery of nutrition to plants. Increased vigor, resistance to stress. Will not burn plants at any concentration. Compliments ANY nutrient line: synthetic or organic. Use in Soil, Coco, Rockwool, or Hydro. All-natural, non-toxic. Store in a cool, dry place for up to 2 years. MADE IN THE USA 48 HOUR GUARANTEE! You will see stronger growth within 48 hrs, or YOUR MONEY BACK. Nutrients (updated 05/22/2021): Although I saw good results with Humboldt’s Secret nutrients and additives, I wanted to use a more organic system so I switched to Prescription Blend nutrients from Oregon. It is by far the best change I’ve made since starting to grow. The difference in size and yield of my plants is undeniable. Plants went from 2 feet with 2-3 ounce yield to 4 feet with 4-5 ounce yields. I adore these nutrients because they make it look like I know what I’m doing. The following are their descriptions of the system: Prescription Blend - Complete Nutrient Kit - Optimized in Medical Gardens for use with Hydroponics, Coco and Soil COMPLETE 6 PART NUTRIENT KIT - Includes Nutrients and Supplements 32oz Core A, 32oz Core B, 16oz Bio-Si, 16oz Big "Data", 16oz Kelp-Ful, 16oz Precursor 1 EASY TO USE - A simple feed program and flexible pouches make it easy to achieve professional results OPTIMIZED IN MEDICAL GARDENS - Used exclusively in some of Oregon's premier gardens since 2007. Handcrafted in small batches, brewed to our exacting standards. SCIENCE - Our nutrient formulas are the result of understanding plant physiology and biochemistry, good old fashion testing and responsible gardening practices giving your plants the nutrients required for a true Prescription Grade Harvest SUSTAINABLE - Everything we do from choosing renewable ingredients, shipping in plain brown boxes is based on our mission to provide your garden with the highest quality nutrients in a way that preserves our planet. Core A and Core B provide macro and micro nutrients needed throughout the entire growth cycle from start to harvest. Formulations built on Organic non-GMO plant extracts and minerals taken from biological and natural sources. Bio-Si is a complex of multiple silica sources combine with plant derived Organic non-GMO amino acids. Bio-Si improves resistance to environmental stress and helps support large heavy flowers by increasing cell wall rigidity. Big "Data" is a Phosphorus and Potassium supplement for flower that helps drive enzyme function and increase sugar production. Big “Data” is the result of countless test cycles and analyzing results to find the perfect formula for flower growth. Kelp-Ful delivers natural components and trace elements from some of the world's most prolific species of kelp from Tasmania to the North Atlantic. These components are fully chelated with Organic Fulvic Acid. Cold Processing preserves the complex components of Kelp-Ful. Precursor 1 is an overall metabolic booster. It feeds root zone microorganisms, increases trichome density and terpene/essential oil content by naturally supporting the plants jasmonic acid biological pathway. The only additives I use are Terpinator and Purpinator, depending on whether or not it’s a purple strain. Terpinator is a plant nutrient formulated with potassium and naturally occurring compounds. Terpinator is designed to increase the concentration of terpenes in aromatic plant oils. Terpinator is the original terpene enhancing fertilizer additive designed to improve terpene concentration in your plants. Terpinator is the result of years of trials by a dedicated team of professional cultivators who wanted just a bit more from their harvests. More taste, more aroma, and a higher potency – no matter the plant. They knew that the key to getting the results they were looking for was in the terpenes – the building blocks of the essential oils found in most plants and flowers. Tested on farms throughout Sonoma and Mendocino counties in indoor, outdoor, and hydroponic scenarios, the team wasn’t satisfied until they felt that their plants had begun increasing their cultivar-specific terpene profile as much as possible, resulting in grows that had a marked increase in the “more” they’d been working towards: smell, taste, and potency. The first successful lot of Terpinator was launched in 2014, and has been used by serious cultivators ever since. Purpinator is a specialty nutrient additive created with cultivators in mind. The unique formulation includes a variety of inputs designed to provide users with increased production of flavonoids like anthocyanins, which improve coloration of the plant to deliver deep, rich hues of purple in capable cultivars. Purpinator’s all natural formulation enhances your plant’s “purple” color without inducing stress or modifying the growing environment, making it a unique and powerful tool for any cultivator who wants to get the most out of their plants. Alongside the benefits of enriched coloration provided by Purpinator comes an increase in the production of terpenes and secondary metabolites thanks to the incorporation of technology pioneered by its predecessor, Terpinator, that has been engineered to be a part of the all-natural Purpinator formula. The combination of these three improvements offers users a unique additive that can drastically improve desirable characteristics in high value crops. After years of rigorous testing and development alongside professionals and large scale operations, this revolutionary nutrient additive is now available to cultivators. Used from September 2020-May 22, 2021: Humboldt’s Secret Nutrients & Additives Starter kit #1 Grow & Bloom Base A and B “Grow & Bloom” 2 Part system. It contains a signature blend of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and more. The combination of Base A & B will result in a complete feed. Our commercial graded two-part system should be used from the beginning of vegetative growth through the end of the flowering cycle. Humboldts Secret Grow & Bloom is suitable for hydroponic, coco and soil cultivation. Golden Tree is an All-In-One Additive that simplifies the number of products you need. Golden Tree can be used as your only additive or stack with others. When used in conjunction with a well-balanced nutrition program Golden Tree helps improve soil and/or foliar nutrient conditions for better crop yields. In addition to improving overall plant nutrition, Golden Tree supports conditions for better plant establishment and nutrient uptake as well as aiding in abiotic stress tolerance. CalMag & Iron contains an exact balance of calcium, magnesium and iron specifically formulated to address any deficiencies that could be encountered. Plant Enzymes is a highly concentrated enzymatic formula with 7,000 units/ml of active enzyme, making Plant Enzymes the strongest on the market! Use at a rate of 1ml/gallon. Flower Stacker is a flowering additive. It will assist in the development, maturation and ripening of your flowers. Applications of Phosphorus and Potassium during this critical growth phase results in improved soil/foliar nutrient conditions for better overall plant mass. Additives: Humboldts Secret Sweet & Sticky is a source of carbohydrates, energy and microbe food that can be used on all indoor or outdoor plants and is effective in all mediums. A thriving microbial life enhances your plant's natural ability to enhance natural flavors, aromas, and frost with Sweet & Sticky. Our commercial graded system should be used in flower and is suitable for hydroponic, coco and soil cultivation.This product can be added to brewing compost tea, as it will increase food sources for beneficial bacteria. Benefits Carbohydrate and Energy Source Microbe Food for Thriving Microbial Life About Sweet & Sticky CARBOHYDRATE/SACCHARIDE ENERGY SOURCE: Our Sweet& Sticky formula contains a rich source of carbohydrates, energy, and microbe food that is suitable for organic soil and all indoor or outdoor plants and is effective in all mediums. SUPPORTS THRIVING MICROBIAL LIFE:A thriving microbial life directly impacts your plants’ most profitable features. Ensure your plants have all the energy they need by feeding them Sweet & Sticky. FLAVOR, AROMA, AND ESSENTIAL OILS: Sweet & Sticky supports a thriving microbial population which in turn will aid in your plants natural ability to enhance natural flavor, aroma, and essential oils in all sorts of indoor and outdoor plants thanks to its abundant source of carbohydrates, saccharide energy, and microbe food. SUITABLE FOR HYDROPONIC, COCO, AND SOIL CULTIVATION: Sweet &Sticky is perfectly suited for multiple growing mediums, such as hydroponics and aquaponic systems, coco mixes, organic soil, and potting soil for indoor plants. BETTER CROP YIELD: A high concentration of carbohydrates improves nutrient conditions for better crop yield and size. Our powerful formula also aids in the plant's natural ability to increase resin production during the flowering phase.

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