Illinois medical cannabis patient just trying to grow some pain relieving buds. I am a complete novice and this really is my first time trying to grow cannabis. I did a lot of research and bought the best products I could afford. I’ll be upgrading things as I learn more and I will always welcome any and all comments, questions, or concerns!

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Second grow, onward and upward!

Winter 2022

Day: 86

Updates: 26

a year ago

Start date: Nov 15, 2022

ILGM Feminzed Auto flowering RUNTZ

First grow ever, trial by fire.

Summer 2022

Day: 130

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a year ago

Start date: Jul 20, 2022

(2) Bruce Banner, (2)Gorilla glue. ILGM Feminized Autoflowering.

Grabbing some more for you