Blazin Fiend

Blazin Fiend

Gonna give growing another try !

3 plants

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3rd Auto run


Day: 69

Updates: 11

2 years ago

Start date: Feb 28, 2022

White widow, samsquonch og crossed with forum stomper

2nd Auto Grow

Trying out Mephisto

Day: 88

Updates: 37

2 years ago

Start date: Nov 2, 2021

Mango Smile 🥭🌟

First Auto Grow and Outside grow

Waiting for good grow light , work with what you got. Closet grow. UPDATE! i got mars hydro ts-1000 on June 4th 2021 :)

Day: 165

Updates: 51

3 years ago

Start date: May 15, 2021

🔮📕🩸💧🧪🌱🔥😎White Widow Auto and Blueberry x Big Devil Auto

Grabbing some more for you