I’m a young grower, I am going to college and hopefully am going to become what is known as a master grower in the legal cannabis industry. I will be going to college to study biotechnology. I hope to have my very own fully licensed legal grow op that grows top quality buds for medical and recreational users across the states! Check my instagram out where I do crazy dumb stuff with my weed and all that you can think off! @stonedtill420 hope y’all enjoy

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X-files/ bubble gum auto flower grow #2

X-files bubble gum auto flower

Day: 18

Updates: 5

2 years ago

Start date: Aug 7, 2022

X-files bubble gum autoflower

Unknown Strain

Outdoor Grow

Day: 105


Updates: 27

2 years ago

Start date: Dec 6, 2021


Strawberry Breath

This will be from seed to harvest so keep updated check back soon

Day: 34


Updates: 4

2 years ago

Start date: Jan 26, 2022

Strawberry Berry Breath

Crutical Purple Auto Grow #1

Gabe Jr.

Day: 81

Updates: 45

2 years ago

Start date: Nov 13, 2021

Critical purple auto

Grabbing some more for you