So the purpose of this page is to keep a weekly if not daily report on my grow! My goal is to constantly harvest new strains in new ways, but also to create a new strain and take it to the limits with genetics! Maybe this will help others or Others might be able to help me! I am definitely always open for questions or mentoring! Thanks, Much Love and Happy Growing

3 plants

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New Set-Up

3rd grow

Day: 79


Updates: 9

2 years ago

Start date: Feb 14, 2021

Gelato, Tama-hawk, one unknown and a autoflower unknown. 2 males

2nd indoor grow

Pollinate with first grow female x female (new starin and feminized seeds end goal)

Day: 35

Updates: 5

2 years ago

Start date: Dec 28, 2020

2 random Un-feminized

First Grow (literally going with the flow)

Indoor Cheap setup

Day: 83


Updates: 23

2 years ago

Start date: Nov 2, 2020

3 unknown Seeds(from random bags I’ve saved)

Grabbing some more for you