Very very new to growing. trying to learn as much as possible and grow my own buds successfully! I’ve watched tons and tons of YouTube videos and so far I seem to be doing a great job without spending too much money. tent, lights, pots, and everything I needed to grow I got for under 500$. if you are interested in any of the lights I’m using of the set up I have just message me and I’ll get back ASAP. trying to make new friends while I learn. I’m really excited about this hobby because I love nature and I love to smoke weed as well so this is a plus plus! I have FoxFarm liquid fertilizer but haven’t used any yet because my soil has fertilizer in it already so I want to see how my plants adjust to that before I go dumping more chemicals. My first plant started in February 2021 and I just found out it was a female (May 1st) don’t ask why it took so long I have no idea. I’m new to this!

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Purple Punch First grow ever.

Late February 2021

Day: 154

Updates: 22

2 years ago

Start date: Feb 25, 2021

Purple Punch

Lemon Haze Autoflower

Spring 21

Day: 76

Updates: 25

2 years ago

Start date: Apr 29, 2021

Lemon Haze

Banana Spritz

April 21

Day: 65

Updates: 13

2 years ago

Start date: Apr 19, 2021


Feminized G13 Haze

Spring 21

Day: 55

Updates: 16

2 years ago

Start date: Apr 29, 2021

G13 Haze


Bring her back to life!

Day: 44

Updates: 3

2 years ago

Start date: Apr 25, 2021


Grabbing some more for you