Iā€™m a total novice and this is the beginning of my journey, all info and help will be very much appreciated!! To all my Growmies šŸ™šŸ½ My setup: Two Seedsman Lemon Autos(I lost two due to novice errors and impatience lol) Two more going in tomorrow, one Northern lights and one Nirvana Original Glue!! 100x100x180cm Marshydro grow tent, two 1500 led quantum boards, 4ā€ carbon filter and extraction fan, one 9ā€ oscillating fan above and one 6ā€ clip on fan at the bottom, 5 gallon fabric pots using Canna coco coir pro plus and perlite (80/20) will also be using canna nutes. Nutes are Canna coco A+B, canna Rhizotonic, PK 13/14, Cannazym, Boost and CalMag. I may have missed something if so Iā€™m sorry.

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The beginning, my first ever home grow!!

All help and knowledge to help me in this journey will be great

Day: 65


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3 years ago

Start date: Dec 3, 2020

Seedsman Lemon Auto

Nirvana Original Glue & Seedsman Northern Lights

Germinated and just planted

Day: 46

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3 years ago

Start date: Dec 10, 2020

Original Glue & Northern Lights autos

Grabbing some more for you