Forbidden runtz auto

Auto grow 250 hps

Two Forbidden runtz auto and one watermelon auto in one 10 gallon pot using general hydroponic nutrients 250 watt hps 18/6 mostly coco coir and perlite alittle soil mixed in hoping for atleast a gram per watt this grow got 224 grams my last grow off the 250 watt

Forbidden runtz auto and watermelon auto

Day 51 (Week 8)

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Day: 51

Northern lights got water today leaving for a week tomorrow my brother will be taking care of everything in the mean time

2 years ago

Day: 43

Northern lights and one of runtz got flushed again yesterday sour got fed other rutz and watermelon will get another flush before next feeding

2 years ago

Day: 37

Have to flush ppm got out of had on run off will do tomorrow not showing signs of burn yet but will in a week messed up but now a big deal they will still have a nice yield

2 years ago

Day: 33

Doing good a lot of progress in 8 days

2 years ago

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz Nice is this a Fastbudz strain

loganb788 Yup the forbidden is from fastbudz and watermelon is from royal queen

Day: 23

Got almost all the pots I need waiting on Amazon now

2 years ago

Day: 22

Decided to separate everything before the roots get too established getting more pots tomorrow. The one in the small pot was also my brothers but he had it in a small plastic pot working with what I have until everything comes in.

2 years ago

Day: 17

Got water today 100 ppm 6.3 ph

2 years ago

Day: 12

Got water today ph 6.3 ppm alittle high 750 gonna get the nutrients right and fix it accidentally ripped a leaf when I took it out of the tiny cage I made but she’s standing up now so let’s hope for a nice strong stem

2 years ago

Day: 11

Look like might need water tomorrow

2 years ago

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz Doing a 3-1 huh

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz Checking temps on the left and right side great idea

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz We will be running a group grow of these forbidden runts autos soon

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Day: 10

No water today just a update watermelon in the lead.

2 years ago

Day: 9

Getting aquarium water today with worm tea and ph down sitting at 6.1 ph 141ppm no nutrients besides natural stuff today will use worm tea and aquarium water every other flush also had to take one of my brothers plants his tent is getting packed out at the moment

2 years ago

Day: 8

Getting water tomorrow ph 6.2 ppm 201

2 years ago


Organic Transplant Autos 😬 if your using enough perlight, warm castings and bat guano in my case. You can maximize from my expieriance a 7 gallon, planted directly in soil. I have stunted a few autos it doesn’t take much. With 3 weeks of Veg a small mistake turned out catastrophic in the end. Just curious as to why you are transplanting?

loganb788 Yes I agree any small mistake is catastrophic with autos but I’ve never transplanted wanted to try this run didn’t hear anything bad like what your saying should I transplant that one tomorrow then wanted to get a difference I’m growing in a 10 gallon pot 3 autos something really different I usually start and stay in a 3 gallon grew normal cannabis in 10 gallons veg for 2-3 months non autos

loganb788 I grow coco coir a lot of perlite and a tiny bit of soil for beneficial bacteria and jump start seedlings and I use general hydroponic nutrients I will post for you to get your opinion with worm tea and rooting hormone also from general hydroponic

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Day: 7

Got water yesterday 6.2 ph 201 ppm

2 years ago