Fastberry 3

Started outdoors, moved indoors

This bitch got bugs. Will the bud still be ok?

Blueberry auto

Day 78 (Week 12)


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Day: 78

This gal is being made into sugar free infused gummies for gramma

6 months ago

Day: 62

Yeah. I don’t think I like growing autos outside. Regardless I have this dark purple tasty crop

6 months ago

drdave1 Autos are a crap shoot for me

Day: 62

Choppitty chop. #amatuerautoflowers

6 months ago


parmasenjohn Nice chunks!

Day: 54

Someone got grass trimmings on my plant 🤬. But there’s this weird brown spot in the bud here. She’s looking about ready to me, so I’ll give her one or 2 more weeks at the most and give her the chop

7 months ago


srzzz check for mold 😨 if yes, remove the part and throw it far away from the plant, check the other buds also growmie, set your time to harvest soon


trichometheatre Discard the mold in a plastic bag in the trash shop and let’s soak in a warm water bath with 5% hydrogen peroxide just let them sit under the water for about five minutes then rinse and hang. That’s all you can do…you’ll be OK!☮️💚🧬

Day: 48

I think I actually found a spider mite on this earlier and I definitely tried to get it off with my hand but I’m not sure whether or not I got the nasty bugger. I need a KIA confirmed kill

7 months ago

Chief Smokalot

Chief Smokalot Harvest that thing😂 it’s starting to look like the Eiffel tower

Day: 42

I left her out over night on accident, there is some webbing on her now. It looks more like spider web than spider mites web though, so hopefully it’s all good. Gonna give her her last feed of organic nutes today! She’s only got another 20-30 days max I’d say.

7 months ago


Caliban Why not keep feeding her since it is organic and the plant will use what it needs

Chief Smokalot

Chief Smokalot 20-30 days might be too long in my opinion. I would say 2 more weeks max. But I believe in your decisions!

Day: 38


My gixxer light in the 2x2 shit out on me today. So I guess this little auto is just gonna have to finish up out here.

7 months ago


ig:@eaegifts That purple is deep 🔥🔥

Day: 34


Can y’all see the major thrip/ aphid damage? Idk what to do about it i can’t see the fuckers under this POS light

7 months ago