Alpen Gleaux SCROG Indoor


Alpen Gleaux - High Alpine Genetics SCROG Indoor. Auto Flower with a Spider Farmer SF1000 in a 60cm x 60cm x 120cm tent.

Alpen Gleaux - High Alpine Genetics

Day 65 (Week 10)

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Day: 65


Roughly 2 weeks to what I’m guessing will be harvest time looking really good loads of photos for you guys. Smell is amazing fruity, gassy, lemon. Colours are great, I expected more purple leaves but I’m not complaining - the buds are deep purple. Nutes lowered a and b to 5.4 ml each per 2 litres, voodoo, big bud stopped and overdrive started same as the rest 4ml per 2 ml. PH I’ve upped to around 6-6.2 for the rest of flower. I know it looks great but I’m guessing 4-5 oz best case scenario by some miracle 8oz would be good lol anyway see you in a week.

2 years ago

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz Very nice 👍

emd555 Super pretty 🤩

Day: 58

She has really put on some weight and smelling great too. I did miss watering for 4 days but no signs of anything bad… yet. Will keep an eye just fed her 4 litres and she drunk the lot lol

2 years ago

DigBick98 Thanks man it’s my first grow so I’m over the moon tbh I think it’s going to take a while but she will get there eventually

DigBick98 Haha I won’t be high at all she’s a CBD strain 0.3% tbc 😂🤣 just what I like though 😁 I can’t wait

Day: 49

Week 7 baby, I took a few photos some with light on and others with light off I hope you like them! I’m super happy and super proud, never ever think all is lost just carry on and she might surprise you… I’m glad I listened to the advice this grow has become everything and more than I ever wanted! I’ve switched to a 6 litre mixing pot I’m feeding her 25ml each of canna coco a/b, 6ml calmag, 12ml each of bud candy, big bud coco, sensizym and b-52. Water is PH’d to 5.8 and around 20-25 degrees Celsius (water temp is important). Light is at 12” on 100%, tent temp is 18 lights off - 23 lights on and humidity is 53% lights on - 60% lights off.

2 years ago

mystrain420 _@eaegifts

mystrain420 _@eaegifts Very nice growmie, she’s got so many bud sites 👍🏾

Day: 45

More defoliation etc and lowered the light to 12”

2 years ago

Day: 43

Buds are starting to produce properly now going into week 3 flower nutes so will be canna coco a&b (3.8ml per litre) along with b-52, bud candy, big bud coco and sensizym (each 2ml per litre) I’m also adding in 1ml of calmag per litre as I was starting to see some calmag deficiencies.

2 years ago

Day: 34

I don’t think she’s looking too bad anymore and the scrog is working nice. I’ve changed nutes slightly because I didn’t want to waste the expensive stuff on something that I thought wasn’t going to work, I only changed the sensi coco grow a&b to canna coco a&b (3.5ml of each per litre) along with voodoo juice, bud candy and sensizym (each 2ml per litre) will update in a week!

2 years ago

Day: 29

I was going to forget the scrog idea but changed my mind so here we go… I have definitely snapped a could of main colas but oh well done now and taped them together :)

2 years ago


steezykayla These girls are looking potentially quite overwatered. How is your watering practice?


bjbetty Sad journal going on here

DigBick98 You win some you lose some. I’m new at growing and I clearly fucked up somewhere so I’m just gonna let her grow and be whoever she wants to be without expecting anything :) I’ve started another journal today of a new grow which is already going loads better than this one !

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Day: 27


So I was going to scrap her but I thought I’d Haley her carry on and just see what happens. I’m going to do an LST experiment with zero expectations ☝🏼

2 years ago

emd555 Awwww why were u going to scrap her? 😩

DigBick98 Look at the leaves they’re curling down badly and a flush did nothing to help. She’s also extremely small so overall just a really bad plant but I’m gonna leave her and just hope for the best. I’ve started a new seed off and see what happens

emd555 She might surprise u!! Ima follow.. def wanna see what she does!

Day: 23

I can’t believe what my eyes are seeing day 23 and preflower this is not how I planned it ffs

2 years ago

Kuramamama23 What’s going on with it

DigBick98 I’m not sure tbh I think it’s a combination of salt build up from under watering and nitrogen toxicity

Day: 19

Topped 5th node

2 years ago

Day: 18


Growing well, still not sure why the leaves are curling down just keep an eye on it I suppose.

2 years ago

fullgrow Looks beautiful. I have a friend who is battling the same problem. His username here is s @sidgelado he was thinking could be lack of N. Can also be over/under watering.

fullgrow His last update is about that. Go there and check if you find something. Good luck

DigBick98 Probably under watering I don’t know if I’m meant to water daily yet but I just judge by the coco dryness on top lol

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Day: 15


1st day of week 2 she’s going strong, I’m expecting growth to start going crazy and tbh already has. Going to start watering every day now she can handle it at full strength. The curling of the leaves I think were wind burn as I’ve removed the fan and it’s stopped I think? Will keep an eye on it.

2 years ago

DigBick98 Week 3 nutes consist of 4ml Sensi Coco Grow Part A, 4ml Sensi Coco Grow Part B and 2ml B-52.

DigBick98 Per litre


Newbie23 No voodoo juice no cal mag?

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Day: 9

Little update not sure why the leaves are a little droopy could be normal not sure so will keep an eye on and see what happens. Other than that growth is strong can see next set of leaves coming through

2 years ago


kylerb23 Looks over watered

DigBick98 This was just watered, it’s in coco highly doubt it’s overwatered


kylerb23 Regardless it looks over watered

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Day: 7

Week 1 complete, she’s looking good with her second set of leaves coming through. She’s reacted well to the light being 100% at 24 inches growth upwards has slowed and seems to be focusing on leaf production now which is what we want 😁 roll on week 2 ! Room temp is 28 degrees Celsius and room humidity is around 50% since turning the light up so not ideal but she seems fine with it so far…

2 years ago

Day: 5

Really good growth from her so far, looking nice and healthy. Changed tent from a 50cm x 50cm x 100cm to a 60cm x 60cm x 120cm as I thought I will need the extra room to get to my desired goal. Turned light up to 40% past 2 days and she’s still stretching pretty good so I’m going to turn it up to 60% and see what happens.

2 years ago

DigBick98 I’ve actually changed my mind I’m going to up the height of the light to 24 inches and put it on 100% and just adjust accordingly

DigBick98 Just fed her too 2ml Sensi Coco Grow Part A, 2ml Sensi Coco Grow Part B, 2ml B-52 and 2ml Voodoo Juice. Slight increase and these measurements are per litre if I haven’t mentioned before.

Day: 3

Second watering today same solution keeping that coco nice and moist, turned the light up to 30% as she’s had good growth upwards and I can see the very top of the second set of leaves coming through 😁🍁

2 years ago

Day: 1

Leaves starting to show and I can already see purple 😈

2 years ago

Day: 1

Day 1 I’ve decided to give her a feed as per the Advanced Nutrients calculator. 1ml Sensi Coco Grow Part A, 1ml Sensi Coco Grow Part B, 2ml B-52 and 2ml Voodoo Juice. This is PH perfect so I haven’t even checked the PH level I trust in AN! 😂

2 years ago


bjbetty Dont trust AN lol

Day: 0

Alpen Gleaux - High Alpine Genetics Autoflower

2 years ago

Peng Oh that sounds like a delicious type, I love floral notes


Mayo239420 Hey wanna let me get a seed😂


Mayo239420 I’ll cash app ya $5😂

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Day: 0

The setup

2 years ago


@eaegifts Big pot to start. Is it an auto?

DigBick98 Yes buddy it’s an auto I start in the pot I want to finish in


@eaegifts Oo ok, setup looks great. Hope she shows off 👍🏾

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Day: 0

She’s had plain filtered water, temp at 20 degrees Celsius and RH at 66%. SF1000 is at 20% for now will increase once leaves start to show. 5 Gallon fabric pot filled with Coco Coir 70/30 perlite.

2 years ago


IGrowHowIGrow I’m just curious of why the big pot so soon, any advantages to it?

DigBick98 Hey man, she’s an auto so yes massive advantage I won’t stunt her out with transplants and I’ll max out every second of every day growing in veg as I’ll need it to even come close to my goal of 5-9 ounces haha 😁


hempgeneration I hate autos but good strategy that’s how you work them

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