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Day 105 (Week 15)

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Day: 105

Just a screenshot to show how troyfarms talks out of his ass…claims I can only grow one branch out of dwc and popcorn buds yet I see him saying “nice buds bud” and as you see in the photo there’s buds way more impressive than anything he’s ever posted….so again bitch boy Troy show your results or quit talking shit like you are god of the growing community…I’ll assume you still won’t post anything impressive

8 months ago


bigsammy Troyvsreality


bigsammy The only one crying is you Troy you actually never stop crying ever if this was reality and we was all in the same room you wouldn’t be acting like this at all because one of us you put you in place real fast physically


bigsammy Where’s Lauren

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Day: 103

I’d like to think she was happy till the very end

8 months ago


bigsammy Amazing

slade Thanks homie

mystrain420 _@eaegifts

mystrain420 _@eaegifts Love to see this 💪🏾💪🏾. Ahh I can’t wait to get another plant in the bucket

Day: 103

Taste delicious even before the cure

8 months ago


bigsammy Nugporn

Day: 100

One of many side branches will post dry weight before it’s all in jars

9 months ago


MrStopPlayin Nice happy harvest bro 🐐💨💨

slade Thanks homie my sample branch was smokin pretty excited for this one….I added a few other pics from a couple days ago they got some nice color in it


steezykayla Awesome! Nice harvest. Whats next in your grow?

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Day: 100

Hash bucket for these buds

8 months ago

bluegrass hemp That’s gonna make some great hash 😆


bigsammy Looks good

slade Thanks they’re rock solid but still ending up getting shaken in dry ice or learning to make wax with it lol

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Day: 97


Few more that were taken down the other day

8 months ago

Day: 60

Fresh water ph 6.0 1070ppm water temp 67 room temp 72 rh 48% looking happy and healthy slight burn (my fault let water get too low)

10 months ago

mystrain420 _@eaegifts

mystrain420 _@eaegifts Looks amazing growmie, gonna be a hell of a yield 👏🏾👏🏾

slade @mystrains thanks and I hope…it’s lookin good so far


josesolis1989 Nice buds

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Day: 41

Girls are about to get there first trim since flipping to flower

10 months ago


StonedTill420 Noice canopy !😍🤓🤓

slade Thanks needa clean it up and let them bud sites take in all 2000watts lol


Ms.CannaGoon Lookin solid!

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Day: 34

Light sucks for taking pictures but water info update PH 6.4 67 degrees and 980ppm

a year ago

EternalToker 2 lol. top notch like the setup

slade 2 would be awesome lol but no I have 8 going and thanks I’m still learning a lot but I have my system/environment dialed in pretty well so I’m expecting some pretty good results this run


lation1984 Wow so full. Ur harvest looks great fyi

Day: 33

Water change 2.5g/Gallon base and bloom 2/3 cup calmag 2ml/gallon uc roots room temp 76degrees rh 48% water temp 67 degrees

a year ago

mystrain420 _@eaegifts

mystrain420 _@eaegifts Looks great 👍🏾

slade Thanks couple days past 1st week of flower


bjbetty Massive !!!

Day: 32

Not much of an update definitely looking healthy tomorrow is water change after 1st full res of flower nutes

a year ago


lolaperez Jesus, nice even canopy


tomclancy Wow. That’s a professional canopy. 💪💯

slade Thanks guys…I’m trying to get to professional status lol this is my 3rd run 1st time really training in any way my first 2 runs I obviously was going for great quality and yield but I was really focused on seeing what this strain likes and how to control my environment

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Day: 28

Lots of tops goin on

a year ago


ResinTacos Hot diggitty damn!


ResinTacos Super nice thick canopy! Did you already strip?

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Day: 21


Cleaned up the bottom some and lightly up top first day of flower

a year ago


Happydazzee420 Looks amazing . Wish I could do that haha maybe one day I’ll learn DWC


emaj7b5 👍🏼

slade Thanks guys and honestly for me hydro is easier than soil lol