Spring 2022

4 bag seeds in 5 gal (1A-C) and 3 gal (1D) cloth pots. Fox farm and terpinator nutrients; and fox farm soil. Marshydro 2000w led.

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Day 140 (Week 20)

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Day: 140


Waiting for these girls

2 years ago


nnbuckley15 They look like a cookies strain.


Doobie123 Beautiful bud structures

Day: 138


1a harvest and 1c-d progress

2 years ago

Day: 125


Plant 1a - Trichome update

2 years ago

Day: 122


Is this ready to harvest? I think so but not sure..

2 years ago


andymac Looks really good. If you have a 50x microscope, check the Tricombs. I prefer mostly cloudy with a little amber. All clear is a little early. Also, be sure to look at the buds only, sugar leaves have. Tendency to go cloudy amber sooner. Hope that helps.


drdave1 I downloaded a app, it’s not very good but will work


drdave1 It doesn’t quite look ready but hard to be shure

Day: 121


Morning trichome check

2 years ago

Day: 117


1AC&D, still cooking. 1A and 1D are being flushed.

2 years ago

Day: 116

1B’s final trim and start of cure. 30ish grams, could be better but still learning.

2 years ago

Day: 113


3 plants left. I think they still need more time.

2 years ago

Day: 109

First harvest, plant 1b

2 years ago


ig:@eaegifts Congrats

Serenity365 Thanks!

Day: 103


1b is Coming along, Im shooting for 7/1 (if not sooner).

2 years ago

Day: 101


Grow to date. Started flowering 5/6

2 years ago

Day: 101


Almost time for this girl. The other 3 need a while longer.

2 years ago