@_znero IG

@_znero IG

1st Photoperiod

100% Organic

AC Infinity 844, AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6, Quiet 6” Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller. AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter 6. SPIDER FARMER SF-2000 LED Grow Light & SPIDER FARMER SF-4000 LED Grow Light with Samsung LM301B Diodes & MeanWell Drivers. 652.3W±5% Total LEDs 1818 LEDS.

Canuk Genetics White Widow x1, ILGM Genetics GG#4 Auto x5 & Northern Lights Auto x2

Day 93 (Week 14)

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Day: 93


Harvested Two of the GG4 autos in three gallon pots. I’m letting the other two finish when the White Widow finishes. May 30th they will be done.

6 months ago


Secman Is this start to finish? Wow 😍she pretty👍🤙

Organic @_znero IG

Organic @_znero IG @_znero on IG and thank you =)

Day: 68


It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I have a few grows going on. White Widow is going into week 3 flower. Won’t be doing Autos anymore.

7 months ago

Day: 29


Northern Lights Auto Harvested. 6 ounces wet off two plants that needed virtually no work. Old School genetics I guess. Must have hella Alpha/Beta Pinene strait strong pine cone smell.

8 months ago


Caliban Old school is so he bomb. I am working my way through the classics too. SSH. ChemDog. Tranwreck etc.

Peng I’m gonna grow a northern lights this year, really been wanting some pine terps

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Day: 23

Photo White Widow is huge NL looks Mint.

8 months ago

Day: 23

She is growing beautifully. I’ve been taking off the main fan leaves on the bottom. It’s what is recommended for OG Kush genetics. I know White Widow is worlds apart. Just as a gardener it does make sense. I hope that will encourage the side colas to absorb more light. Certainly recommend Coast of Maine, Stonington Blend and Gaia Green nutrients. I’ve only encountered issues with liquids.

8 months ago

Day: 15


NL GG4 n WW photo

9 months ago

Day: 8


Well surprisingly only one of the two Canuks White Widow sprouted. I have always been lucky germinating even the rare medical seeds I find. Ilgms genetics on the other hand are doing great. Nothern Lights are in flower put them in my other 844. I have yet to see any growth spurt? So far Autos usually have two that I clearly could see. Germinating 4 GSCE now in preperation for spring. I am truly enjoying seeing the white widow grow she’s my 1st photo. Don’t forget in my day White Widow was top tier, I’m that old lol. So watching a plant I found fascinating even as a child seeing the close up pics on high times. Watching her grow is like a dream come true.

9 months ago


cowboy85 Right on growmie

Day: 7


Week one White Widow and the GG#4 2nd Week of flower on the 2 Northern Lights.

9 months ago