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Day 66 (Week 10)

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Day: 66

Showing signs of amber. Will probably give them another week or two

2 years ago


trichometheatre If you do autos again you should not top them and just do one large cola I don’t understand why people are growing like this


Caliban About 8 joints off of that grow. 🤷‍♀️. Let those girls grow wild. You only have a short period of time.

happyhappytreefriend These were mystery freebie seeds so there no way for me to know that the flower time was this short. I agree, It was disappointing to not get the full time for veg so even 2 tops was too much for this specific plant. It’s okay, there are many more plants than just these.

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Day: 49

Stubby and flowering. Nice pheno on the pistils

2 years ago

Day: 37

Flowering already. Damn these are fast didn’t even get to do the third top for the mainline. Oh well.

2 years ago

Day: 18

Topping + LST

3 years ago

Day: 15

Waiting to be topped

3 years ago

Day: 7


3 years ago

Day: 4


3 years ago

Day: 0

Fresh babies

3 years ago