Fastbuds sour desiel auto

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2 five gal pots 50 50 gaia green 284 and 444, organic roots elemental calmag 1 tsp per gal. 20% worm castings and 5 tblsp. Of myckos mixed in the soil.

Original sour d auto

Day 88 (Week 13)


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Day: 88


a year ago

Day: 86

What u guys think done or alittle longer?

a year ago


Leland3471 I’m not seeing any Amber on the buds. Can you get some closer shots of the flowers?

stevesrt425 Jus posted another I personally like it better when they just cloudy

Day: 79

Almost done!! Dropped the temps at night 2 bring out more color! Dat sour d wit some purple in it!!

a year ago


organic_grower Looks good man! I'm pretty much running the same soil mix you are! The shit is the bomb pretty much have to just add water.

Day: 57

Biggest fastbuds plant I've gotten so far just gaia green every 30 days top dress with roots organics calmag and worm castings. No more teas jus keeping it basic and seeing the results!

a year ago

Day: 46

Growing nice gunna be the biggest fastbuds I've grown come harvest I believe as far as height.

a year ago

Day: 26

Stump tea wit worm castings once a week then jus ro water 6 6.5 ph growing nice

2 years ago

  @_znero IG

@_znero IG That is one Auto I always wanted to grow. Sour D from fast buds. They say it’s the complete dank AJs sour diesel.

stevesrt425 Yes I got this one and I got sweet seeds ice cool auto which is actually the original nyc desiel the stank u can smell threw 3 bags from back in the day. But the fastbuds sour d is a little tuff to get I got lucky 1 day I seen it on nasc n bought it it was the last pack they had

Day: 8

Bout to start there next nood

2 years ago

Day: 2

48 hrs total and 1 was out the dirt second 12 hrs later. 2 days to germ. Growing super fast hopefully they stay at this speed!

2 years ago