TheChroniking πŸ‘‘

TheChroniking πŸ‘‘

Beleaf Jam

Fall 2023

Started 2 Jam On It seeds from Beleaf. Coco, hand watered cropsalt, Mr Fulvic and Power SI


Day 65 (Week 10)



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Day: 65


Pheno 2 is getting frosty (pic 2). Pic 1 is pheno 1

5 days ago

Day: 60


Haircut day! Both phenos look very much alike. Pheno B though has more trichomes so far.

9 days ago

Day: 59


Getting close to the end of week 3 of flower. I’ll be giving her a haircut and switching to Crop Salt Bloom nutes on Wednesday. 62%RH @ 80F day and 73F night.

11 days ago

Day: 55


Had to weave and supercrop pheno A up front. Stretched a bunch over night.

15 days ago

Day: 54


Movin and groovin. 2nd net is up and in place.

16 days ago

Day: 45


Doing splendid no stretch yet

25 days ago

Day: 41


First day of Flower. Also have a Superboof clone in a 1gallon.

a month ago

Day: 40

Took some cuts of each and throwing them into flower.

a month ago

Day: 35

Structure wise they both look great! They’ve been potted and will be pushed into flower as soon as I can grab cuts from them and the other residents. A friend gifted me cuts of Sherb Papaya and SuperBoof.

a month ago

Day: 21

I’ll up pot them next week most likely. Need to get a few cuts of each then I’ll flower to see if I have a good keeper or not.

2 months ago

Day: 4

1 long 1 short

2 months ago