Santa Maria Haze

January 8th

Santa Maria Haze strain in 5 gal DWC bucket. Running General Hydroponics nutrients lineup. Lights are a Mars Hydro TSW-2000, Mars Hydro FC-E3000 and Sayhon SH2000 we are pushing 700w.

Feminized Photoperiod

Day 41 (Week 6)



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Day: 41


She’s looking a little bit hungry I think. Adding a lil more nutes to her. All nutes are listed for 1 gal. Nutes: 4.2mL Micro, 5.3mL Grow, 5.3mL Bloom, 1.5mL Floralicious, 1mL Liquid KoolBloom, 8mL Cal-Mag, 8mL Bud Candy. PH 5.9, PPM 1400, WaterTemp 72.

3 months ago


SinSemillaWhisperer420 Looking great bro but I would dial back to 5 ml per gal instead of 8. Ur leaves are showing a slight calmag issue.

Ghostemane I looked up Cal-Mag deficiency, and she seems to be showing the same signs

Day: 40


Switching To Flower. Nutes: 17.1mL Micro, 19.8mL Grow, 19.8mL Bloom, 8mL HydroGuard, 6mL HyShield, 6mL HyGrozyme, 6mL Floralicious, 3mL Liquid KoolBloom, 18mL Cal-Mag. PH 5.9, PPM 1051, WaterTemp 60.

3 months ago

Day: 38

Had to top her off with water. Definitely looking like we have a calcium deficiency. All these measurements are for 1 gallon of water 6.6mL Grow, 5.7mL Micro, 4.2mL Bloom, 8mL CalMag, 2mL Floralicious, 3mL HydroGuard, 3mL Hygrozyme Ph 6.0

3 months ago


trichometheatre You sure she ain’t overwatered? May just need a dry back And then add more nutrients if needed?

Ghostemane It’s DWC


trichometheatre Oh nice man! How’s she doing? Did you raise the EC?

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Day: 35

She’s looking droopy, last week in veg. Nutes: 26.4mL Grow, 22.8mL Micro, 16.8mL Bloom, 8mL CalMag, 4.5mL Floralicious, 8mL HydroGuard, 3mL Hygrozyme 12mL Boomerang. Ph 6.0, PPM 1120

3 months ago

Day: 28

Nutes: 18.3mL Grow, 14mL Micro, 10.2mL Bloom, 6mL CalMag, 3mL Floralicious, 8mL HydroGuard, 3mL Hygrozyme. Ph 5.8, PPM 730

4 months ago

Day: 21

Nutes: 30.5mL Grow, 27.8mL Micro, 19.1mL Bloom, 14mL CalMag, 6mL Floralicious, 6mL HydroGuard, 3mL Hygrozyme. Ph 5.7, PPM 1220 and Water Temp 65 degrees. Thinking we got a cal mag deficiency. Also topped her.

4 months ago

Day: 17

Added nutes mid week looks light green and droopy thinking nutrients deficiency🤔. Nutes: 2mL Grow, 2mL Micro, 2mL Bloom. Ph 5.7, PPM 1090 and Water Temp 74 degrees.

4 months ago


NuttyWater what genetics are they

Ghostemane @nuttywater Santa Maria Haze is by SeedStockers. Wicked Gas is by ChemLabs and Black Glue came from my local grow shop lady not sure. She just told me it was super fire and showed me sum pics.

Day: 14

Nutes: 30.4mL Grow, 22.8mL Micro, 15.2mL Bloom, 8mL CalMag, 4mL Floralicious, 6mL HydroGuard, 3mL Hygrozyme. Ph 5.8, PPM 818 and Water Temp 57 degrees.

4 months ago

Day: 7

Nutes: 10.5mL Grow, 10.5mL Micro, 10.5mL Bloom, 6mL CalMag, 3mL Floralicious, 6mL HydroGuard, 3mL Hygrozyme. Ph 5.5, PPM 515 and Water Temp 67 degrees.

4 months ago

Day: 2

Nutes: 7.5mL Grow, 7.5mL Micro, 7.5mL Bloom, 6mL HydroGuard, 3mL Hygrozyme. Ph 5.7, PPM 328 and Water Temp 66 degrees.

5 months ago