A13 Haze aka Happy

Tent grow

Using rockwool and top feed for duration of grow. Started in 4” block and will finish in slab.

A13 Haze- Brothers Grimm

Day 77 (Week 11)

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Day: 77

Harvested 3 days ago.

a year ago

Day: 68

F57- day 2 of flush. She’ll be ready to harvest this weekend. Yay!

a year ago

Day: 60

F49-water change

a year ago

Day: 54

F43-Week 6/7 mix with Bloom boosters for two weeks.

a year ago

Day: 45


F34-Starting week 6

a year ago


andymac Thank you.


bigsammy Take notes musil

Day: 31

F20-switching to week 4 nutes

a year ago

Day: 11


a year ago

Day: 0

Two girls transplanted to slabs. Three 1/2 weeks before flower.

a year ago