2021 Moms

Had her inside as a mom then cut 20 clones off of her and then planted outside. Indoor room wasn’t enough space so it stressed out and started flowering . So put it outside. Reason is it grew to big in a 7 gallon pot for 6 months .

Mr Big Runtz

Day 180 (Week 26)

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Day: 180


Cut the top colas off by accident but they’ll grow back fast and bottom bugs will be bigger now! No issues . Once again these are just moms I threw out there. Not my real grow lol

2 years ago


trichometheatre That’s so sad to hear the whole point of taking a clone is to preserve exceptional and or oddball genetics I’m not sure what you consider to be a regular grow but if you are taking cuts from something that you are half heartedly taken care of we are not going to get anything spectacular I’m not trying to be a dick I am Jess a bit confused but also I need 40 year old old man so what the fuck do I know anyway