King Louis OG


8Gallon pot. Fox Farm Ocean soil. Fox Farm Trio. Topped 2x


Day 71 (Week 11)

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Day: 71

RIP to King Louis (Bagseed). 08.01.21 - 10-11-21 Cause of Death: Hermaphroditism. Maybe one day your kind will be tolerated

3 years ago


combatmedic81 That sucks

Peng 😂😂😂

Day: 70


Another feed day 10. She loving it! FF TRIO + CALMAG. Fan leaves pointing straight up

3 years ago

Day: 68

Day 8 of Flower. Fed today no Nutes just CalMag n water, ph at 6.4 w/1 gallon feed. She drinking every 2 days.

3 years ago


@eaegifts She’s looks huge, gonna be a monster after the stretch 💪🏾👍🏾

alawishes86 You’re not lying I’ll be happy when the stretch is done so I know how to move forward! She’s almost touching the light and those branches are getting too thick to bend n train! Since it’s only 1 plant in here it’s a good problem to have lol


@eaegifts Yea definitely want a big yield if it’s one plant

Day: 66


Another water FF trio + CalMag. Water PH 6.4 Run off PH 5.4…. Soil slurry test 6.7. It’s been like this for a few weeks now so I’m not worried about the run off PH being low. I top dressed 1/2 tbsp of Potassium Bicarbonate few feedings ago and looks like it did it’s thing for me so ….that’s all for now

3 years ago


bigsammy Looking good

alawishes86 Thanks man, can’t wait to see the weight she ours on. I’m very impressed with the genetics.

Day: 65

Day 5 of flower. This was a bag seed so didn’t know if it was male or female but today I see it’s FEMALE!!!! Had to rebalance the PH in my soil. Last soil slurry test came out to be 6.7. I was dealing with my soil being 5.4 so I am happy about the boost. Plants seemed to like it as well. I also had a cal mag issue and purpling of the stems. Fed yesterday with calmag FF trio and top dressed Potassium Bicarbonate. I tried to get very little run off so the potassium bicarbonate can cook the soil to raise the PH. As far as the purpling of stems not much I can do except tie the tops down… and maybe dim the brightness for now

3 years ago


hempgeneration Purple stems are nothing to worry a out!


hempgeneration You’re doing great!!

alawishes86 Appreciate it. I’ll check out ya shop too.

Day: 63


Day 3 of flower and starting to notice deficiency. I’m thinking because my soil PH dropped to 5.3 according to my run off sample 2nd to last feeding. For the last feeding I gave Nutes n ph was 6.1 before putting it into the soil. I also top dressed soil with 1/2 tbsp of potassium bicarbonate and mist sprayed the whole gallon into the soil with no run off because i wanted the bicarbonate to settle in the soil. Anyone have any tips that work for them to address the deficiencies? Update: purchased cal mag should be here tomorrow for tomorrow’s feed

3 years ago

Day: 62


Defoliation of fan leaves

3 years ago

Day: 60

Clones look a lot happier than the previous day

3 years ago

Day: 59

Vegged 59 days successfully took 2 clones n going to flower tomorrow… just gotta set up shop. I also noticed some sweating on a leaf or 2 so I raised the lights as high as I could because rhe plant is already 4 feet tall….lol trellis net def getting used

3 years ago

Day: 58

Tried to get clones before I threw the mom in flower. Lol I don’t think these clones gonna make it. I cut them yesterday rd 5 est dipped in clone-x and put in damp fox Farm…. Any other suggestions?

3 years ago


zdgrows37 I usually put my clones in a cup of water for a couple of days then put them in cubes they usually root within a week

alawishes86 Hmm I’ll keep that in mind. I don’t want to shock it again and change the medium Up. Maybe they’ll catch on in a few more days


Janixbis Yikes! No man get some cloneX shave the end you cut then cut/split the end of the part you just shaved, and dipped in cloneX and stick it in your coco or soil and don’t PH water just make sure it’s reverse osmosis water. 

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Day: 56

Bigger and bigger each day. Waiting on Clone ex to come and then we’ll flip into flower after new tops come in. So maybe day 70. I don’t think King Louis OG should be vegged for this long 50 days should be max

3 years ago

installerlyfe Looks great! Love all the tops

alawishes86 Thanks man, she’s a beauty in person

Day: 54

Watered today with 3/4 strength Nutes. Soil PH run off was 5.4/5.5 so I committed a sin and sprinkled 1/8 tsp of baking soda into the remaining feed water. Run off PH rose to 5.8 so I’ll be good for another 4 days so I can buy better PH balance cause baking soda ain’t the way.

3 years ago


Caliban Try potassium bicarbonate. You can buy it at home brewing stores. They use it fir wine pH balancing and it is not sodium. 👍

alawishes86 Thanks! That’s what I’m planning on getting. Used baking soda since it was already available n was a quick solution. Next feed I’ll flush and put that in after

Day: 53

Tied tops down and might top one more time. I’m 6 weeks in and still no sign of sex. I veg for 24 hrs of light because I like to set and forget.

3 years ago


Mystrain420-@eaegifts Your plant will grow way better and a lot bigger than this if u let her sleep, she’s looking good but kinda small for her age. 18on and 6off will do way batter. Photosynthesis is everything and we want to replicate nature so think about where on earth is there 24hrs of light per day. Hope this helps, happy growing growmie 👍🏾

alawishes86 My bad for the late response I didn’t know I was getting comments! With my previous grows I’ve done 18/6 and didn’t like the swivel chair routine of keeping time. This plant seem to really like the 24 . It was up to my chub when I put her in flower n im 6’2. She’s stretching even further now. It’s like $10 a year extra to run it 24 hrs so I’m good

Day: 53

Let’s play a game called guess the sex

3 years ago

Day: 50

Day 50. Topped 1x. LST’d and on Nutes at 1/2 strength. Don’t plan on flowing anytime soon, she has great genetics so I want to keep her as mom n start cloning if it is indeed female. Currently under 24 hr veg

3 years ago