Pinehurst Genetics Poop Dollar F2


So... why “Poop Dollar?” Poop Dollar is named after the childhood prank where someone would place money in a public space, hiding beneath it a “crappy” surprise to be unveiled once the money is picked up. The classic bait and switch. We chose this name in an effort to poke fun at the modern dilemma of “hype strains” flooding the market in a similar fashion. Brands using catchy names that allude to tasty desserts, candies or something of the similar psychological marketing tactic nature (something to get you to pick it up) that does not actually correlate to the terps or qualities of the plants being grown from the seeds being sold. Poop Dollar is intended to break away from that stigma and let the plant speak for itself. No false representation. No gimmicks. Just a funny name; a deterrent even. But for those who are willing to not judge a book by its cover (or in this case, by its name) you will be rewarded with connoisseur grade genetics and some truly special plants.

PD F2 = (PD F1 x PD F1) PD F1 = Poop Dollar = Gold Ca$h Gold x Poop Shoe Mom : Gold Ca$h Gold = (Oreoz 1.0 x Pure Michigan) Dad : Poop Shoe = (Unicorn Poop x Carl’s Shoes) Terps range in different phenotypes from onion, petrol gas to a musky berry, lime/pine funk.

Day 151 (Week 22)



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Day: 151


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a month ago

Day: 116


This is a beast and is gonna be something special!!!!!!!

3 months ago

Day: 85

One of these is inside and it has not been top. I’m just letting it grow for the moment I was going to take some cocks from what I have now is a female, but I already have so many plans that it would become a project that would not have my full attention, that is not something I like to do so for now she’ll just continue to grow, and I will most likely with her with the offspring I got from the bubblegum offspring in the form of seeds. The second plant is outside and even though it has been in the rain for a few days and the plant luck extremely healthy if I can make it through another few days of rain, this is going to take the fuck off!!! 

4 months ago

IG @stick_e_fingerz

IG @stick_e_fingerz Hellz yeah trichome👊😎


trichometheatre Thanks Stix!!!☮️💚🧬🦠

Day: 75

One of these is inside and one of them is outside. I’m not sure what I’m doing with the one that is inside at the moment these are regular seeds, and no matter what sex whether the plant that is inside is a male or female it would work great for, a mother plant or if it’s a male collecting the pollen would be a good idea since it is showing excellent internodal spacing, and great growth and leaf structure!!! 

4 months ago

Day: 44

Looking great!

5 months ago

Day: 32

Doing great!

6 months ago

Day: 25

Super healthy!

6 months ago

IG @stick_e_fingerz

IG @stick_e_fingerz That name bro 🔥🔥😎👊


trichometheatre Haha Poop 💩 Dollar 💵 That’s Thug Pug genetics 🧬

IG @stick_e_fingerz

IG @stick_e_fingerz That’s 🔥😎👊

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Day: 21

Feeding pH’ed water @ 6.2-6.7

6 months ago

Day: 20

Still sitting underneath the broken White LED light 💡 Doing very well!

6 months ago

Day: 17

These are under a super low lumen old led light 💡 Doing well though. Going to maintain in this small tent while my seeds begin to mature in the big tent ⛺️ These are regular seeds; if I do get a female, which I’m confident I will due to Well Grown Seeds being the provider, I plan on cloning the shit outta one of these, even if there are no attractive visible aesthetics, I know that certain recessive genes can be show down the line, when, hopefully, breeding into a new genotype that includes the vast array of crosses used to create this strain. Mention TrichomeTheatre when ordering from Thank you all! You all kick ass! Stay up and stay determined!!!☮️💚🧬🦠

6 months ago