Tru OG x PKM (Platnium Kush)

End Of The Year 2020

2 Plants (Tru OG x Platnium Kush) Perfect Germation, i expect Seedling in 2-3 Days #StayTuned

Tru Og x PKM (Platnium Kush)

Day 101 (Week 15)

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Day: 101

Beautiful or Nah

3 years ago


Cris•Co Looks amazing What kind of light are you using And how would we collaborate on a strain I have limited resources on seeds! So the seeds I do find I take care of them and push them to the limits

gunruezfinest A 300w LED & 125w Grow Tent, i can send you seeds, im in the process of opening a dispensary trying produce all in-house product


Cris•Co That would be amazing

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Day: 83

Week 3 Flowering

3 years ago

Day: 68

Moving on...

3 years ago

Day: 55

Is this a male??? Anyone help

3 years ago

velcro Looks male just keep an eye on it

theharvestmoon Looks like a herm

gunruezfinest Good or Bad

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Day: 42

That stretch

3 years ago

Day: 39

Still in 18/6 big stretch

3 years ago

Day: 25

Platinum OG 18/6 Light Schedule Vegetative Stage Grow Tent Environment Water every other day Temp 77-80 Humidity 34-41 1-300w 2-12w

3 years ago

Day: 22

1st week Veg Stage 18/6 light schedule Watered daily

3 years ago

Day: 9

Last week seedling stage 24/0 Lighting, Watering Every Other Day, Upgraded environment PH Level 6.5 Humidity 40-45 Temp 77-80

3 years ago

Day: 5

Doing Great 24 Hr light Seedling Growing

3 years ago

Day: 3

24/0 Light schedule. Seedling appeared in 3 days

3 years ago