Purple kush


5gal pot, gro-dirt medium will eventually be using pro cal and nitrogen feed

Female purple kush

Day 87 (Week 13)



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Day: 87


These purple ladies are absolutely huge, for reference the pot size is 65ltrs 😍 stoked with this grow

19 days ago


@eaegifts Great looking plants


farmercozza Thank you very much 😊

Day: 80


Purple ladies are moving into flower slowly but still growing, feeding 2-3L of water with phosphorus flowering nutrients and also with molasses and seaweed and they are loving it πŸ‘

25 days ago

Day: 68

Purple ladies loving this weather at the moment completely different characteristics between the two, one has tight nodes the other has stretched out, either way the will be a great harvest

a month ago


trichometheatre May I ask what type of pots those are? Thank you. οΏΌ


farmercozza They are 65ltr pots with drainage holes in each leg 😎

Day: 64

Ladies absolutely booming this past week must be the weather change

a month ago

Day: 58

Purple ladies still growing and got stuck in the rain for a few days but they loved the shower and are booming

2 months ago

Day: 45

Plants copped a bit of rain by accident but have dried out today, will let them dry out tomorrow as well before feeding again

2 months ago

Day: 40

Purple ladies are going really well, huge new growth since last update and not slowing down

2 months ago

Day: 22

Ladies responding well to their topping, have had a few bad days of weather but still looking good 😊

3 months ago

Day: 17

Little purple ladies are having a growth spurt and both have been topped, already seeing two heads come back nicely πŸ‘ planning to top dress soil with some worm castings for extra food.

3 months ago

Day: 9

Purple lady coming along nicely.

3 months ago

hightrees Good stuff

joob gardener

joob gardener Thank you thank you you πŸ™

Day: 3

Quick update going well.

3 months ago

Day: 0

First day out 🀞for a healthy grow

3 months ago