IG @thcc_homegrown

IG @thcc_homegrown

Krunchyjoints40 🧬

Chem De La Chem and Skywalker OG

First auto grow and using no till living soil.

Chem Walker

Day 89 (Week 13)


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Day: 89

Cut too early so I am making butter 🧈. Got 29 grams from this plant.

a year ago

Day: 75

She looks lonely in there!! I normally have 6 full hangers in there at the same time. 😂

a year ago

Day: 72

Can’t wait till she’s dry!!

a year ago

Day: 70

I’ve never tried taking pics like this before. Pretty cool!!

a year ago

Day: 68

Looking so good!! I have completely switched to no till living soil!! I also gave her some Gaia Green flower just to make sure she has everything she needs to finish strong 💪.

a year ago


organic_grower Hell ya!! Nice work THCC!


THCC Thank you OG!!

Day: 63

Almost finished, now I just have to wait.

2 years ago


MrStopPlayin 🔥🔥🔥🔥


THCC Thank you 🙏!!


SinSemillaWhisperer420 Nice chunky buds!

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Day: 56

Well I think I am giving her too much water. Hopefully as I pull back, she’ll start looking better. But still super happy with my first ever auto grow!!

2 years ago

Day: 52

She’s stacking so good!!

2 years ago

Day: 50

She’s loving 🥰 her living soil!! And it’s so easy!!

2 years ago

Day: 45

This lady smells like an outhouse so I had to put her back into the daily rotation. She used to be sitting in front of the fan all the time and I couldn’t handle it 😂. Also look how healthy she is in her no till living soil!!

2 years ago

IG @stick_e_fingerz

IG @stick_e_fingerz 🔥🔥nice work thcc 😎👊


THCC Thanks!!

Day: 40

My first auto ever is doing great!! She just got moved cause she’s out growing the other plants 🪴 in this room.

2 years ago

Day: 36

Since she’s my first auto, I just let her do her thing. Look at her go!!

2 years ago


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THCC Thank you!!

Day: 30

She’s growing beautifully!!

2 years ago

IG @stick_e_fingerz

IG @stick_e_fingerz 🔥🔥⛽️

Day: 21

She’s looking really good!!

2 years ago


Alchemist710 What do u have growing in your soil (other than the cannabis) What’s the purpose? Are the roots competing for nutrients or room to spread?


THCC It’s actually a clover mix and it’s for living soil. This is my first run with living soil but it’s supposed to be amazing and not need any nutes plus does better at keeping pests away.

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz The krunchys are looking good 👍

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Day: 15

She’s getting so big!!

2 years ago

Day: 10

I’m super excited about this one!!

2 years ago