Hardware & Grow Room Optimization etc.

Thankfull for any optimization advices if any :)

First Upgrade: Viaperspectra Blurple is out, now I use an 3500k H One Samsung Board with an meanwell driver and dimmer/ Update: 2x 140W LEDs


Day 110 (Week 16)

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Day: 110

New Run, Clean Small SetUp No.2

8 months ago

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz Nice 🐇🐰


CannaRabbit 🙏 😊


HammertimeAZ What kind of pots are those?

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Day: 100


Next Round Guys, Girl or Not?

8 months ago


lettuce97 hmmmmm. honestly i cant tell but its gotta be a chicka.


CannaRabbit Thanks mate, told my buddy to keep them for now at 12/12


ChuckShotta I can’t tell either

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Day: 95

Male or Female? 2 Weeks in Flower

8 months ago


begreen Hard to tell from this picture


CannaRabbit Ill tell my friend to make better pics tommorow, but it doesn't show any pistol hairs


bigsammy Looking very healthy

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Day: 54

Preparing the other Airpots, first run this year with pots bigger than 9Liters. I think i gonna give the Runtz & Watermelon Candy these homes as the genetics seems strong on the runtz & responds great to lst and training.

9 months ago


lettuce97 excited to see what ya do w these!! ive only seen mold from tf hahaha good luck growmie 🧬❤️


CannaRabbit I'll do my best to get them true with these pots, atleast i can ask you guy's if i mess up xD

Day: 47

For the next run on christmas after harvesting the autos, Some AirPots, Plagron Royal Mix & Seed Booster Plus. 5 plants will be harvested (atm in small pots 7-8Liters) gonna run the Airpots with Runtz & Watermelon Candy till the rest of the autos finish off. The tent is built up and waiting for the lamp to run 2 grow ops :)

10 months ago

Peng Bruv you are running a factory!


CannaRabbit I try to do my best, but most exited for the outdoorseasion in '22, im sure we gonna have a lot of fun🙌🏽💚 Was thinking about to get sensi seeds for outdoors like 10 years ago.

Peng Deffo choose strains based on your climate

Day: 38

Hyped🛫 will try co2 bags in addition to the Lumatek Pro2.9

10 months ago

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz That’s a monster bro I like those bar lights excited to see it perform solid👍


keithlovesrach There’s an easy way to make co2 generator with a 5 gallon bucket, 1:5 gals warm water, 4 lb bag of sugar, and a few tbsp of yeast with an air pump. Change the water every 3 weeks. Works great and is super cheap. You can find it in YouTube under, “New & improved DIY Co2 generator”. Costs a lot less and works better than bags IMO.


JuanO I currently use the Lumatec 300w grow light and it’s doing wonders in my 1.2x1.2m tent👌🏻

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Day: 35

Upgraded Lights to 280W (2x 140W Bloomstar Samsung H One Boards/Rio)

10 months ago

Day: 11

All Topped, and allready recovered and growing, any ideas whats the best way to handle the budsides on a SOG? Tried the classical net buts to big for this box

a year ago

Day: 5

3500K H One Board 140W

a year ago


CannaRabbit Shall I net that dog or not... Can't decide, they are all topped but how can I determine the cut sizes if I build one from thick gauge. I also have an classical net off buts way to big for this space (80x80x120) as I've never have had any of these seeds I don't know what or which results I can expect (old picture will update later, all topped plants recovered and growing like crazy :)

Day: 1

Just soo much better💚☘️

a year ago

Day: 0


Let's build it 💥

a year ago


bigsammy Let’s go!!!!

mystrain420 _@eaegifts

mystrain420 _@eaegifts Getting hands on with it 💪🏾💪🏾.


CannaRabbit Wow that was really easy to build xD the dimmer is total worth it also 🙌🏽🙌🏽💞

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