Blue sprayed shoes remix - Night Owl Genetics

Winter 2023

Two autos from night owl genetics.

Blue sprayed shoes remix

Day 57 (Week 9)


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Day: 57

Looking good

9 days ago

Tallboy2023 Very nice 😊


AlwaysBoofing Beautiful!


trichometheatre That looks terrific!!! Beautiful colors coming through! 🌈

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Day: 55

Watered with phd spring water

11 days ago

Day: 50

Watered a gallon each with recharge.

16 days ago


dawg242 I use recharge also, but I don’t see many other people using it. I don’t understand why not, I haven’t had to ph my water for over a year. It just saves a step in the growing process.


trichometheatre It’s probably the expense? Fire in Fire out! The results speak for themselves. Great job 603!!! We’ll do a collaboration grow soon. Grow a strain named, “Live Free AnD Die”. AKA…ADD.☮️💚🚀☺️

Day: 47


Watered today about a half gallon each of phd spring water. Possible light burn on some of the older leaves. Plants are 2ft from lights. Turned power down to 80%

20 days ago

Day: 34


Plants still stretching later into veg. Continued LST. Light at 90% 28inches from plant.

a month ago

Day: 27

Plants starting to stretch hard. Humidity a little high in the 60s. Continued LST

a month ago

Day: 23

Continued LST. Turned lights up to 55/60%. Humidity is in the 50s, temps steady at 26 c with lights on.

a month ago

Day: 18


Continued LST. Lights are at about 50% power and 3 ft away. Pistils starting to show.

2 months ago

Day: 13

Plants are starting to get good growth after a difficult time in the beginning due to winter weather, in power outages. Temperatures around 25 to 26°C with humidity in the mid to high 60s.

2 months ago