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Summer 22



Day 73 (Week 11)


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Day: 73

Hanging to dry

4 months ago

Day: 70


Flushed her today with ph balanced water and tried stem splitting for the first time, pistol’s are still white somehow even tho she already begins to produce amber trichomes, any tips on that one? I’ll harvest her at 25-30% amber trichomes

4 months ago


CannaMed79! What does splitting the stem do?

growfox04 It boosts trichomes in the last week and forces the plant to put its last energy into the buds and trichomes, i noticed significant improvement in how frosty the buds look

Day: 59


She’s putting on some weight, def have to give more grow nutrients a bit next water

5 months ago

Day: 50


Lollipoped a bit, and removed the small budsights:) tips are welcomed as always keep growing

5 months ago

Day: 37


Fimmed her today, not so sure if i did it right tho haha but you can only learn from making mistakes so f it. Im thankful for every advice:D happy growing

5 months ago

stevesrt425 Should cut those little lower I did that exact same thing once n they grew very strange

Day: 24

Getting bigger

6 months ago

Day: 10

Slowly beginning to really grow

6 months ago

Day: 4

Sucker shot up out of the dirt and is now growing full speed into a big fat plant

6 months ago

Day: 0

Placed in jiffy

7 months ago