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Day 45 (Week 7)



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Day: 45


Starting to see signs of sex a lot! But does this look like hermaphrodite? or just let it go a bit longer to see..? Anything would be helpful, thank you!

a day ago

dizzy91 Yea it’s a hermy

dizzy91 But wait till if u see white hair comeing out u good

bigbudhopes20 Could I just pull the male part out and keep it female you think?😂

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Day: 45


Down to one plant we go! 🙃🙃😂 2 we’re just not doing so well and very behind.. the 3rd turned out to be hermaphrodite this one is a true female tho! Now just got to spend lots of time with just her! Any suggestions I should do before some flowers really start to form?

20 hours ago

AutoPot 868

AutoPot 868 She looks good to me.

bigbudhopes20 Thank you! I did some LST on her and it really opened her up. Hopefully I can yield half a pound or close to it off just her

Day: 44


Did some defoliation. Standing at 14” tall about to finish the first week of flowering

3 days ago

Day: 43


I have a gnat problem it seems. Hopefully these work.. I’ve seen 2 stick to them within a minute of having them in there. Hopefully there it more by morning. If anyone has any other suggestions to help the issue I would greatly appreciate it!

4 days ago


organic_grower Those work for sure! They won't exterminate them fully but they will keep them down.

bigbudhopes20 Hell yea. I got some DE food base for them too I’ll have it sat. I’ll sprinkle a dusting over the top of the soil to help exterminate if there is any. I don’t really want to do it. But do you think I should do a flush too? It’s the first week of flowering and I never have done a flush. I didn’t want to😂


organic_grower Why a flush?

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Day: 42


Since they have only grown about 1inch or less in the first 5 days of flowering I decided to buy another SF1000. Was reading the flowering print is only for a 2x2 area and with 3 plants I feel like I needed at 2nd one to provide better light coverage all around. Think it is overkill?

5 days ago

Day: 39


How do I fix my ph in my soil? Doesn’t it need to be around 6-7?

7 days ago

italianhighh I’ve never trusted those, it’s best to check the PH of your runoff. That’ll tell you what needs adjusting

bigbudhopes20 Thank you, I appreciate it! Anyone else who uses them have any suggestions? I will start to do that tho @italianhighh I just got some bottom pots to hold the run off. I’ve been using fabric pot that came with the tent so I’ve been having to watch how much/fast I feed so I don’t have a pool of water everywhere 😂 should I see I some run off everytime I water?

drdave1 Those are questionable at best, get a soil test kit or measure your runoff is the only way I would trust

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Day: 39


Just did some defoliation on the front left one. Clean out the bottom to help force it to grow taller to catch up. Ordered another SF1000 light too so I’ll have 2 of them in my 3x3. I’ve read one only covers a 2x2 area when in flowering stage so I want to make sure they are all getting good amount of light that they need

7 days ago

Day: 38


1 day after a night of 12/12. Now hopefully I’ll start to see some magic happening in the next week or 2 and watch her grow for the last bit before colas start to form.

9 days ago

bigbudhopes20 I got a soild tester too to test to light,moister and PH. The PH is reading a little under 8… how do I fix that to get it down into the 6-6.5 range? Igor a digital meter for ph for water I’ve been running around 7 without realizing.. now I’ll be getting right everytime😂 I just really need some suggestions and ways you guys have lowered soil PH. Thank you in advance!!

Day: 36

Any suggestions on when I should change the light cycle to 12/12? Starting to see signs of the sex but not fully developed enough yet for me to know for sure

11 days ago


GrNadeGrade Based on the size of your ⛺️, now would be perfect for flipping…imo. Remember on average they 2x - 3x in size after flipping. Size of grow pot also regulates the 🌱 size. 👍🏾 🍀

bigbudhopes20 I got 2 of them in 5 gal and one in I believe 7gal+. You don’t think them only being 5 weeks old from sprouting out of the dirt that they are too young?


GrNadeGrade So, there isn’t an exact science to how big your plants may or may not get in those sizes. Also, be mindful of your available canopy space. The longer u allow them to outgrow their pot, the more regular nutes maintenance you’ll have to do. **if anyone would like to add to this thread it’d be very much appreciated. I’m a new growmie myself.

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Day: 35

Think I have an issue. Some of the lower leaves are showing this. What do you guys think it could be.. first crop ever so I want it be successful by all means

11 days ago

bigbudhopes20 I’m think I used too many nutes one time I watered. Some other plants in other pots have white/yellow tips. Thinking to stay away from nutes for a week and just use water only to help them? Idk, any help would be nice and thank you in advance. I use the FF trio. Haven’t used the tiger bloom yet was going to starting tomorrow but might wait till the 6th week now(11-22).

bigbudhopes20 It is only on 4 of the leaves too. None others. I just trimmed yesterday too to open her up. Trying to give all the info that is needed, sorry!😂


559cultivation Looks like a bit of a phosphorus deficiency. Probably due to nutrient lock out because of inconsistent or imbalanced PH of your water/soil. 6.2-6.8PH

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Day: 34

Can anyone tell if this is the plant finally starting to show its sex?? If so does anyone know what it might be?

13 days ago

StanW213 i thinks it probably starting to show but its still to early to tell


zdgrows37 Looks female from the node spacing to me .

bigbudhopes20 Thank you both! I appreciate it!

Day: 32

Starting to get bushy after the LST

15 days ago

bigbudhopes20 Hopefully I can find out the sex soon. Couple more days till the 5th week. Hopefully I can be able to tell the difference too. 😂First time doing this

Day: 32

Just noticed this.. wth is going on?? Should I be worried about anything?😂😂 Any answers/suggestions would be very appreciated!

15 days ago


lemiwinks A deformed leaf! Cool! Looks healthy otherwise. Carry on and see how she turns out🖖

bigbudhopes20 Hell yea! Glad to hear that! Hoping the 4 I got are female. Still waiting to see. Maybe there are signs already but I can’t tell. 5 weeks will be in 3days.


dinin Mmmmmutation, nothing to worry about

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Day: 26

Moved then down a bit more. Trying to get some real low lowww stress training 😂

21 days ago

Day: 24

They love the LST and topping🎉

23 days ago

Day: 23

Trying some LTS on em. Decided to top them too🫣

24 days ago


ig:@eaegifts Great job, they’re gonna bush out so fast

bigbudhopes20 I’m hoping so. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate you helping me put together the pieces of this massive puzzle we call growing😂😂


ig:@eaegifts Lol no problem, growing is a passion I can ramble about it all day

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Day: 22

Did some trimming. Any suggestions would be helpful if you have any. Thanks in advance

25 days ago

bigbudhopes20 Should I start to use a trellis or just use some sort of soft band to tie around and stretch the stems to the edge of the pot? @eaegifts


ig:@eaegifts Depending on your end goal, if you’re gonna scrog then topping and putting a trellis is the way to go but if not then I’d go say go with the soft ties so you can still rotate them around and water easily. You can use the trellis just for lst also but it becomes harder to get under and water as they bush out

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Day: 21

Any suggestions to help make them grow better and not as bunched up? Don’t know the sex yet. Should I trim the very bottom fan leaves?

a month ago