Journals - L

London pound cake - Grow 2020

Lemon skunk auto, 4 mystery - Auto lemon skunk

Lemon skunk auto - Queens lemon skunk auto

Lem - Lemon auto organic

LSD Day 125-130 - Barney’s LSD seeds

Lion Dog - Lion Dog

Lemon Skunk/Purple Kush (Mosca Seeds) - Pink Lemonade

LPC/ - Tentcity


Lilith - Growing beauty

Lactuca sativa - Sallat

Landrace - Afghani kush

Love Triangle - Love Triangle

London pound cake - First grow

LSD Auto - LSD auto

Limited edition - ?

Lemon skunk or bruce banner - My first grow

Legend OG x Purple Punch - Legend OG x Purple Punch

LSD-25 / Northern Lights / Zkitllez OG - First Grow

LBCOG - Ethos. Skywalker x Forumstomper - Mephisto - Ethos & Mephisto autos

Loud - White girl

Lemon diesel - Lemon diesel

Lemon auto (By Seedsman) - Lemon auto

Lemon something😂 - Unknown clone

Lemon Shortbread - Lemon Shortbread

Lilac Diesel x Mandarin Cookies x S.L.H - Big D Energy


Lsd-25 auto by Fastbuds - Lsd-25

Lemon auto by seedsman - Lemon

L to R - AC/DC / Blue Cheese / LA Confidential - Left to Right.

La confidential and Blue cheese - La confidential and Blue cheese

lsd-25 - lsd-25 autoflo outdoors

Late winter 2020 al - Random greenhouse


La Jefa.. - Morning 🌄 Beautiful

La Jefa.. - Morning 🌄 Thought!!!

Lokis Potion Auto - Christmas Grow


Loweyder 2 - Lowryder 2

Lemon tree Sativa - First time actually growing

Lemon Auto - Seedsman

Lemon Auto - Little sprout

Lemon auto - Lemon Auto

Lemon Auto - Single cola experiment

Lemon auto - A journeys end

Lemon auto - Free autoflowering

Lemon Haze Auto - Lemon Haze Auto

London Pound Cake - London Pound Cake

Lemon CBD Auto - Lemon CBD Auto

LSD, Strawberry Banana - Lsd and strawberry banana clones

LSD-25 - Fastbuds autos LSD-25 dwc

Lemon haze - Exotic lemon Haze outside

Lemon meringue auto - Lemon meringue auto

Lemon diesel - Outdoor lemon diesel grow

Lime OG - First plant

Lime OG - Second plant

LA confidential - LA

La Affie RDWC - 1

Lemon Haze- Sativa Dominant Hybrid - Lemon Haze

Larry OG - Larry OG CYCO NUTES

Lambs bread and Pineapple autos - Lambs bread & Purple auto

Lambs bread - Lambs bread aka Lambs breath

Looks to be a pure indica - Idk what she is just a bag seed

Lavendar Aura - Lavendar Aura-Clone

Larry Bird aka Gelato 33 - Gelato 33 (Indoor)

Liberty Haze - Liberty Haze Clone

Lemon Haze - Auto Lemon Haze

Lemon haze - grow tent grow

Lemon Og Haze - Lemon Og Haze

Lemon auto - Back on the bike

London Pound Cake x Wedding Tree - London P. Cake X Wedding Tree

Lemon ammo/haze - First grow 2020

LA Sunset - 2023A

Lemon white white - Outdoor

LSD Autoflower - LSD

Love potion - Love potion

Light of Jah Autoflower - Light Of Jah

Low Grade Cookies - Low Grade Cookies (I) Seeds (4th Grow)

Lemon Shining Silver Haze - Quadline flowering

Landrace Jamaican lambsbread - Landrace Jamaican lambsbread

Lemon sour diesel - Lsd!!

LSD-25 Auto - LSD-25 Auto

LSD Auto & LSD-25 Auto - LSD & LSD-25 - LST ONLY

Lave Cake - Technically First Time Grower

Lemon mimosa auto expert seeds - Lemon mimosa Auto

LSD - LSD - Indica

Lemon jedi - Lemon Jedi Clone

Lemon Jedi - Lemon Jedi Clone

Lemon Jedi - Lemon Jedi Clone

LA Kush Cake #9 x Zkittle Cake - Jungle Boys

Lemon gelato and wedding cake - First DWC grow

Lambs Breath/ Lambs Bread, Autoflower - Crop King Lambs Breath Autoflower

LA Kush Cake (Kush Mints x Wedding cake ) - LA Kush cake

Lambsbread/Lambsbreath - Lambsbead

LSD-25 - LSD-25

Liberty haze - Liberty haze second grow

Lemon tree, baclava, spouimi,zittles - The plug seeds grow

Light Widow/Northen Lights - First Grow

Lava Freeze Fem - “Erica” Lava Freeze - SSSC

LSD- nothern seeds - LSD

Low Ryder and Sour Diesel - SD&LR AUTOS

Low Ryder and Sour Diesel - Low Ryder and Sour Diesel auto

L.A. Confidential - L.A. bag seed.

Lemon Critical - First indoor grow

L-R Blue Warrior (bag seed), GG#4 (, Grape God (bag seed). - 1st Grow ever

LSD and Gorilla Zkittlez - LSD Auto and Gorilla Zkittlez Auto - Barney’s

Lemon Haze x OG - Lemon haze

Larry og - Larry og

lsd-25 fastbuds company - lsd-25 with my cat

Lemon Meringue Automatic - Tastebudz Seeds Lemon Meringue Auto #1

Lots of strains - Grow setup one

Lemon pie - Auto tent 2

Lemon Widow - MacGREENolds

Lot - First grow autos


Lemon auto x Super og kush auto - First auto grow

Lemon gelato ans blue dream + 1cutting of each type of plant - Lemon gelato and blue dream

Lemonberry - First grow of the year

La conf./blue dream ind. dom - Jagermiester og

La Berry Fruta Feminized Autoflower - La Berry Fruta Auto

Larry OG - Larry OG

Lemon Drop - Bag Seed: Lemon Drop

Ls, jjb - end of year grow 2022

Liquid sunshine - Liquid sunshine

Laughing Buddha feminized - Laughing Buddha

Lucid dreams - Lucid dream

Lemon skynk - Lemon Skunk from seed

Lemon Kush - Lemon Kush Grow Box

Lilac - Lilac babies

LeeRoy Indica - LeeRoy

Lemon Auto - Indica - Lemon Haze Auto - Seedsman Freebie

Lemon haze, hash bomb, medical - Combo scrog

Lettuce lettuce leaf basil, swiss chard - AeroGarden 002

Lettuce leaf basil - GreenFarm 002

Lemongrass Autoflower - Lemongrass Auto (Humboldt Seed Co.)

Lemonaid x mimosa - Lemosa

Limed Out cannibas - Limed out seed

Loops - TCF

LA Kush & Extreme Cream - Holiday Grow

Larry OG - Larry OG

Laughing gas and Super Orange Haze x 24 K - Grow 1.5


Lifter - Lifter Hemp


La - La

La blanca power kush - Clones

Lost gods - Playing with breeding

Lilac Diesel Durban - Lilac Diesel Durban greenhouse grow

Label says 2E Two Elephant. - First time growing

Lemon skunk x sour diesel - Lemon tree

Lemon frosting 🧁 🍋 cookieDawg 🐶 🍪 cookie breath 🍪🌬 - Upgraded a few things

Library Haze - Liberty Haze, Indica dominant hybrid

Left to right is Super Silver Haze, Durban Poison, Wedding Cake, Gorilla Bomb, Blueberry Headband 2to1cbd - Durban, Silver Haze SCROG LED

Lifter - Lifter day 4 update

Lsd strain - Try n to germ

LA Sorbet - LA Sorbet

Lambsbread, Jamaican Shipwreck, and Acapulco Gold - Timber 4VS Living Soil

La blanca gold/cali dnow - La blanca gold / california snow

Lemon Haze Sativa Fem. - Lemon Haze

Lemon Skunk X Dark Chunk & Lemon Haze X Dark Chunk - First indoor grow

Lemon haze - Lemon haze first grow

Lemon Haze - Lemon Haze First grow(outdoor)

Local bred A.A. Photoperiod regular seed - A.A. Hydro Xspearmint

Local Dispo seeds - Gramma’s Grow

Lowryder auto - Lowryder Auto test

Lineage genetics pineapple auto And seedsman northern lights auto - 2 NL auto and 2 pineapple auto

Lemon haze - Lemon haze

Lemon Haze - Lemon Haze auto flower

lemon patch - lemon patch

Legendary OG CBD S1 - Legendary OG CBD S1

Lemon Wookie Glue- Hybrid - First Grow Ever LWG

LSD - LSD Photo

Lemon Squeezy x FreeWorld Chem - Chem Squeezy (FWG)

Lambs Breath Auto by Crop King Seeds - Lambs Breath

Lava Breath - First Grow

Lilac Diesel #22 x Planet of the Grapes - Winter Grow - Ethos Freebie

Lambs brathe - Lambs breathe

Lemon haze - New baby 1

Lebron haze - 🏀😶‍🌫️

Lemon auto - Lemon #1

Lettuce, sunflower, artichokes, peppers, tomatoes and more - Vegie garden

Lemon Walker (Skywalker OG x Lemon Skunk) - Lemon Walker

Larrys Lemon OG - Larrys Lemon OG

LG - Loud Girl

Lemon zkittle - Autoflower

Lemonade Kush - Lemonade Kush

Leamonade kush Hemp - Leamonade Kush Hemp


Lime green - Grow #2

LED, POTS, TWEAKS, QUESTIONs & ANSWERSs - Hardware & Grow Room Optimization etc.

LA Fire - LA Fire

LA Fire - Outdoor LA Fire

Local - HG Local 2

Local - HG Local 1

L.A. Chocolat X Skywalker O.G. Kush - Moon Sugar

Lemon cake bucket 2 and ice cream kush bucket 1 - The dual

Lemon Haze Auto Seedman Freebie - Lemon Haze Auto

Late fall 2021 - Hawaii mowie wowie

Lots of different strains this year - Out back of the shop Outdoor

Lilac Diesel - Lilac Diesel

Lemon Skunk Auto - Lemon Skunk Auto

Lemon chello - Lemonchello. Mother

Lemonchello - Lemonchello flora flex

LSD 25 Auto - LSD Auto 1

LSD Auto - LSD 25 Auto 2

LSD 25 Auto - LSD 25 Auto 3

Lilac Diesel, scoobie snack - Clones

Lemon haze - Lemon haze

LaSalle - LaSalle college

Lemon Haze - Lemon Haze

Lemon Kush, Purple - OOF Outdoor

LSD-25 Indica dominant - LSD-25 “Raqiq”

La confidential(f), maui wowie(f), nyc sour diesel(f) - Grow#3

Lemon Jedi - Lemon Jedi

Lemon Haze - Lemon Haze

Lemon g, tangie, pie face - Grow #1

Lost tribe, apple sherbert, gg4 - 2x2.5 grow tent

Lemon cherry gelato - First time grow #2

LSD - Second grow

Lemon Kush - 08182020 • 12282020 • 02282021

LSD Auto - LSD

Lambs breathe, Sour Diesal, crowne royal - Str8 Grow

Legacy OG - Humboldt Legacy OG

LA Affie from cali connection - LA Affie

Lambs breathe - Lambs breathe

Lemon Autoflower Feminized - Lemon Auto

local - first grow

Lemon pie - Fast buds

Lemon skunk - Indoor Test

London Mint Cake - London Mint Cake

Like other journal just different phenos - ?? Again (haven’t named it)

Lemon meringue auto - Lamoni

LSD Strain - First grow

Lemon OG - Strain group Lemon OG

lemon haze - lemon haze auto

La confidential - La confidential

London Poundcake. Cake Bomb. F1 Hybrid (Unnamed) - 8x8 3/4 Quadrant Grow

Larry OG - Larry OG (from clone)

Lemon potion cbd - Auto lemon potion CBD

Led 100w - Tropicanna banana

Led - San bacio gelato

Lemon honey - Lemon x honey

LSD - LSD autoflower

Lemon Haze Auto - Lemon Haze Auto - grow #3

LowerRyder Autos - Low Ryders

Lemon haze - Ganja turtles

Lemon haze og - Lemon haze og from seed

Loud - Og cam

Loud - 5th

Loud - Og cam

L.A. Kush Cake - First clone

Lawless OG - Forever Lawless

Lemon cherry - One of many

Lemon auto freebie from seedsman - Lemon auto

Lsd 25 auto - Lsd 25 auto

Lemon skunk - Lemon Skunk

Lemon Haze - Lemon Haze Auto

Lemon walker(60% indica) - Lemon walker

Lots of em 😂 - Having a good time

Local Indica - Weed Plant

Lemon Haze Auto - Lemon Haze

Lemonhaze - Gropro2.0

Landrace indica - Chimtall

Lemon Diesel - Lemon Diesel life cycle

Lemon Mer - BIG GIRL


Lemon Mir - KTKUSH

Lemon mir - LEMINEM

Lemon Mirange - Granddaughter

Lemon Meringue - Lil Squirt

Lemon meringue photo-period clone from granddaughter plant - Big Girl Spray

Lemon Kush - Lemon Kush

Lemon pie auto fast buds - Lemon pie auto

Lemon pie auto fast buds X skittles male - Lemon pie auto x skittle male

Local Og - Local OG

Lemon OG Candy - Lemon OG Candy/ Gorilla Bomb

Looks like an indica, but i may be wrong! - Unknown Type

Laser Fuel - Laser Fuel (Gary x Falcon 9)

Laughing Buddha from Barney’s farm - Laughing Buddha

Lucky and sleeping monkey - Lucky and sleeping monkey

Lemon Cheesecake Auto - Green Fox Farms Lemon Cheesecake

Lemon Cheesecake - Green Fox Farms

Lemon Cheesecake from Green Fox Farms - Lemon Cheesecake Auto Day 4

Lemon Cheesecake Auto - Lemon Cheesecake

Lemon Cheesecake Green Fox Farms - Lemon Cheesecake auto

Lemon Cheesecake Green Fox Farms - Lemon CheesecKe Auto

Lemon Cheesecake Auto - Lemon Cheesecake Green King

Lemon Cheesecake Auto - Green Kings Lemon Cheesecake

Lemon Cheesecake auto - Lemon Cheesecake Green King

Lemon Cheesecake Green King - Lemon Cheesecake

Lemon Cheesecake auto - Lemon Cheesecake - Green King

Lemon Cheesecake by Green King - Lemon Cheesecake Auto

Legend og - Legend og

Local Bagseed - PH Bagseed Outdoor Grow

Lemond kush - Lemond kush

Laitue - Laitue

Lemon AK - Lemon AK

Lemon haze - Summer ‘23

LA Amnesia - LA Amnesia

Londonchello - Outdoor Londonchello

Lemon haze - Lemon haze grow 2020

Legindary auto - Nector of the gods take one

Lsd auto - 5 Lsd auto

Landrace - African #10

Landrace - African #7

Landrace - African #11

Landrace - African #1

Landrace - African #2

Landrace - African #3

Landrace - African #4

Landrace - African #5

Lao Tzu - Lao Tzu

LA Kush Cake - Reis

LSD - LSD clones

La blanca gold - First auto crop

Lsd 25 auto - Lsd 25 auto

Luna - Puppy

Live saver seeds - Life saver

LSD - LSD Auto- 1st Run

Lowryder x Blueberry - First Auto - 2x2 MarsHydro

Lemon Haze Auto - Lemon Haze

Lemongrass - Humbolt Seed Co.

LSD - LSD -Photo Period Seed

Lemon Mountain Girl - Second grow “Hazel” & “Samantha(was a boy)

Lsd(barneys farm), tonic ryder (world of seeds), killer kush (sweet seeds), green poison xl (sweet seeds), northern lights (sunwest), sweet tooth (canuk) - First auto grow

Lsd 25 auto - Fastbuds lsd-25

Lsd-25 Fast buds - Lsd-25

Lava Cake - Lava Cake

LPC - My crosses

Lemon Haze - Lemon Haze

Lemon Jeffery - Big Solo Girl

Lemon haze - First grow

Larry Bird Og - Larry Og

LSD-25 and Pinapple Express - LSD-25

Local inconnu - Skunk local

Lap Dance - Lap Dance

LSD - feminized - Lemon Sour Diesel - mainlined

Lemon cheese - Lemon cheese

Lemon Mimosa x2plants - Lemon Mimosa

Lemon Mimosa 2 - Lemon Mimosa 2

Lemon Alien - La Planta - Lemon Alien

Lemon slushie x grape sundae - First run

La Cookies - Cartman

Lifesaver - Lifesaver cutting

Lemon Cherry Gelato - Lemon Cherry Gelato #1

Lemon Cherry Gelato - Lemon Cherry Gelato #2

Lemon Cherry Gelato - Lemon Cherry Gelato #3

Lemon Cherry Gelato - Lemon Cherry Gelato #4

Lemon Haze - Lemon Haze

Lavender Jones and bluberry kush - Lav x jones and blueberry kush autos

LA Cookies - LA cookies group

Landlocked Funk - Speedy Gonzales

Lemon Haze - Lemon Haze

Lemon haze - Lemon haze

Lemon Kush haze & Acapulco Gold - Lemon&Acapulco gold


Lemon Pie Auto - Lemon Pie Auto

Lion Dick - Lionheart x Donkey Dick Seed

L.s.d. - Lemon sour diesel grow

Lemon sour diesel - Bonsai lsd

Live long and prosper 80/20 Indica - Live long and Prosper

Lime Green Skunk Feminized - Lime Green Skunk Feminized

Lemon - Lemon x Granddaddy Purp

Lemon shining silver haze - Lemon Shining Silver Haze

LA kush cake, purple punch, zookies, J1 - Testersharvest #1

LA Kush Cake - LA Kush Cake - Magic Soil Shootout

Lsd-25 - LSD-25 auto

Lsd25 autoflower FastBuds - New LSD25 auto FastBuds

Lemon Ak Auto - Lemon AK autoflower

Lsd auto Canuck - Canuck LSD

LSD-25 - Going back to Coco

Lemon thunder - Lemon thunder

Lemon Cherry Gelato Regular - Exotic Genetics

Lemon grab - Grow Gang

Lemon Juice Express - Hands-off Autoflowers for the Parents

Lava Cake - First grow tent / Winter indoor grow

lSD Autoflower - Barney’s Farm - First indoor grow & autoflower

London pound cake - London pound cake

Lettuce - Salad Lettuce

Lsd-25 - LSD-25

Lemon Kush, Kasper Candy, Seeds - Early 2020

Last one died - Skydog

Legend OG - Legend OG

Lemon Tree - Grow 1- Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree - Lemon Tree Topped

Lemon Tree - Lemon Tree

Lemon meringue - Lemon meringue

Love potion - Indoor grow

Lemon Pie - Lemon pie/skywalker

Lemon lie - Lemon pie cloney

Lemon pie - Big girl Lemon

Liberty haze, blueberry og, diesel, og, sour diesel, and gelato. - Liberty haze fem, blueberry og fem, diesel fem, og auto, sour diesel auto, and random gelato seed


Local white widow croas - White widow

Local HG - Local hg

Local HG - Local HG 2

Lettuce - Hydro Lettuce

lemon haze - first grow

Loud - New to everything

Living soil - The grove organics living souls and craft fertilizers

Lemongrass fem - Lemongrass SCRoG+LST

Local seeds - Unknown strain

LHA - Lemon Haze Auto 🍋 🍃

LHA - Lemon Haze Auto 2

LSD-44 - LSD-44 auto run

Lemon Kush/ Monster Cookies - Lemon Kush/ Monster Cookies

Lemon OG, Blackberry kush, Moby dick, Peanut butter cookies, GSC, Skunk1, Blue Dream, Wonder OG - Auto grow

LCG - LCG 6 Plant Feb 2024

Lambs Breath - Lambs Breath Auto #1

Lava Cake - My First Grow

Lava Cake - 1st time cloning

Lemon Haze - Lemon Haze- HELP!

Lemon Candy - Lemon Candy

Londoncello Cookies - Londoncello Cookies

LAX - Outdoor

Lkush - Outdoor -#1

Lsd25 auto fastbuds - Lsd25 auto

Lemon kush x white widow - Lemon Kush x White Widow top fed dwc

Lots - Biscotti black jack grand daddy purple Tropicana cookie blue dream gg4 sweeties

Lemonderz - Penelope💚

Lemon haze - Super lemon haze

Lemon haze - Lemon haze

Lemon Buttercream - Lemon Buttercream

LSD - LSD #2

LSD - Season 2 grow

Lemon Cherry Gelato - Lemon Cherry

Leak Weed - Starlite Og

Leak weed - Starlite Og

La Candy Kush - La Kush Cake #1

LA Sage CBD - LA Sage CBD

LSD-25 - LSD-25 - Fastbuds

Lemon Pie - Lemon Pie Auto - Fastbuds

Lsd-25 - LSD-25 Auto - Fastbuds

Lambs Breath Auto - Lambs Breath Auto - 1st grow

LSD - LSD - Second Run

Lilac Diesel - Ethos Lilac Diesel

Local - HG Local

Lucky - Sprout

Lemon skunk x cheese - Lemon Cake 3X

Lemon haze - Lemon Haze

Lsd,grollaglue,pinnapplle express,girlscout cookies - Benjisbox

Lemon haze - Outdoor autoflower lemon haze free seeds

Lemon oasis auto - Husroum

Linda Seeds Grapefruit Auto - Gary-Foot

Lemon haze - First time

LSFV OG X MRM - Lemon SFV OG x Miami Rogue Mango

Lemon Sour Diesel - LSD

London pound cake - Water farm

Lumps cut apple fritter tikimadman island fritter - Apple/island fritter

Light - New Led 450wtt

Lemon kush - Lemon kush

Lemon skunk auto - Freebie

LSD Auto - LSD Auto

LSD - Atlasgrowers

Lilac Diesel - Lilac Diesel

Lemon cheese - Francos lemon cheese-scrogg

Lowryder #2 - Supreme Seeds - Lowryder #2

Lowryder #2 - Lowryder #2 (Round 2)

Lemon kush headband, amherst sour diesel - Pheno hunt

Lemon Haze - Lemon Haze

Loud - Mowing grass

Lemon cherry sherb and blueberry cherries (cookies) - First grow

Lemon OG - Lemon OG


Lemon haze - First grow random seeds (lemon haze?)

Laughing Budda - Laughing Budda #1


LemongarlicOg - FirstLemonGarlicOg

Lemon larry sat dom. - Lemon Lary (beginner grower)

LED & CFl - Cookie

Legend OG - Legend OG Grow

Lemon Tree x Gelato #41 - Gelonade DTD_2

London Seeds SDA - Sour Diesel Auto

Lambs bread - Lambs bread

Lemon - Seedsman Lemon Auto

Lithium,thunderfuckxsourdiesel, aurora indica - 3rd grow

Lemon Auto (Lowryder #2 x Lemon Skunk) - Lemon Auto (Seedsman)

Lemon x sugar cane - Lemon x Sugar cane F1

Lemon x GDP x Sugar cane - Sweet lemon F1 Autoflower

Lemon Sickle - Lemon Sickle

Liberty Haze - Liberty

Lemon Haze & GSC Auto Fem - Lemon Haze & GSC Auto Fem

Lemon Cherry Gelato - LCG

Lindsay og - Little nicky (lindsay og)

Lambs Breath Auto - 1st grow

Lambs breath and Gorilla cookies - Lambs Breath and Gorilla cookies auto

LSD, Runtz Muffin, Gorilla Zkittles, Somango, Red Hot Cookies, Sour Diesel, Super lemon Haze and Blueberry - Strain Tour

Look at sour dream - Sour Dream 2

LemonGrab - Lemon Grab Solfire Gardens

Lemon auto - Lemon auto-seedsman

Larry OG - Veg Tent

Lava Cake - Indoor Grow

Lava cake - Clones

Lemon Haze - Auto Lemo Haze x3

Life Hack - Life Hack- Jet Fuel Gelato X Wedding Crasher

LACxOB kush - LA con x Obama Kush

Lemon haze - Sativa

Leaves - Starter seeds

LIP and Kell - LIP and Kell

Lst - My first grow

Last seasons cross breeds f1 hybrids - Breeding project

Lemon, sour diesel - Just starting out

Lava Cake, Wedding Sherbet, Florida Orange - Have 3 in flower and 6 vegging now. Follow the journey!

Lambs breath-cropking - First grow

Lemon Haze - First grow // 🌱Lemon Haze ☘️// Outdoor

Lemon kish - First seeds

Lemon haze - LL Cool J

Lemon haze - Ludicris

Lemon and blueberry - Lemon autos and blueberry

Lemon Larry - Sprout

Lemon Larry - Sprout Clone 003 (Coca Cola)

Lemon Larry - Sprout Clone 005

Lemon Larry - Sprout Clone 004

Lemon Larry - Sprout Clone 002 (Larry Dubin)

Lemon Larry - Sprout Clone 007

Lemon Larry - Sprot Clone 006

Lemon Larry - Sprout Clone 001 (Bobby Bruce)

Lsd25 auto - Love Sex Dream

Lemon Wonder Auto Zamnesia - Lemon Wonder

Lemon Haze, Chemdawg, Apple Fritter, Chem x OG Afghan - First Grow

Lemon Drop - Auto Lemon Drop x2

Lemon Kush - Lemon Kush photos

Lemonade - Beyonce Lemonade

Lambs Breath, Tangie, CBD Lemon, Zkittlez . - Thirteen

La cookies, Deadhead og, Corleone kush, Fruit cup, Black kush - 8x8 grow

Lsd - Lsd- auto barney farm

Local Landrace - Trinidad Local

Logans Run - Logans Run 5gal

Logan’s Run (Think Different x Nothern Lights) - Logan’s Run 3 Gal

Lucid Dreams - Lucid Dreams 2020

Leyba clone - Blueberry muffin

Low Ryder- seedbank - FloRida- Low Ryder

Lineage: Haze | Northern lights - Jack Herer auto

Lineage: Afghani indica | Skunk #1 - Critical Mass

Lemon drop and deep space - Hydro - lemon drop and deep space

Lesbian bush - Last few week of veg

L.b an groot - Hydro setup x4

LSD-25 - LSD-25 x BL

Lost Pearl - Lost Pearl

Lemon skunk - MSNL regular seeds - Lemon Skunk


London Pound Cake and Randoes - Round 3

LSD autoflower - Barney’s farm LSD Auto

Louie XIII - Louie XIII indica

Lemon Kush - Purple Punch

Lilac Diesel - Lilac Diesel LST

LSD fem - First grow LSD Strain (Hydroponics)

Lifter Hemp - Lifter and Hawaiian Haze bag seed

Lemon Haze x Green Crack - Lemon Haze x Green Crack - SCROG

Lemon OG - Lady Lemon

Lowryder X unknown - Rqs auto quick one

Liberth haze x frisian duck - Lh x fd

Landrace Sativa - PR #1

Lake of Fire - Lake of Fire - SCROG

Lake of Fire - Lake of Fire: Shippuden

Lemon Auto - Auto run

Lemon Cake - Lemon Cake

Lemon haze Auto Flower - Lemon haze

Lilac disiel - Lilac diesil

Lowryder 2 - Lowryder 2

Larry OG - Larry OG

Lsd-25 - LSD-25 Auto

Lost coast skunk - Lost coast skunk auto x3

lambs breath auto - lambs breath

Left=Mambo Sauce Middle=Fugue State Right=Pineapple Sunrise - 2x4 Living Soil Bed 1st run with ROLS featuring Night Owl - Mephisto & RocBudInc

LSD-25 outdoor - LSD-25 #2

lemon stilton - first grow in ten years

Lebanese Honey - LEBANESE HONEY 🐝

Lsd/unknown/girlscoutcookies - Mixed auto seeds (found)

Lemon Pineapple - Lemon Pineapple from Seed

LSD - Barneys Farm - LSD V1

Landrace Sativa x Indica Dominant Hybrid - Malawi x Venom OG

Longs Peak Blue (rare dankness), Double black (G13labs), Stix OG (buddy's personal smoke), a Lemon Candy freebie, pineapple upside down cake, do si do, platinum cookies, blackjack and slurricane - Mother hunt round 2

Longs peaks blue and black domina - Longs peaks blue and black domina scrog

Lilac Deisel/ Planet of the Grapes/ Strawberry OG Cookies/ Zour Apple - Multi-Strain AutoFlower Run

Lowryder Autoflower - Lowryder AutoFlower 1st grow

LSD Auto - LSD Auto

LSD Auto - LSD Auto #2

lemon (?) - i don’t even know the full name!

Lava Cake - Jungle Boys

Lemonhead Delight - Lemonhead Delight File

LSD - LSD experement Grow

LSD - LSD - indoor cheap

Lemon Cheese - Lemon Cheese Clones

Lemon cherry gelloto - Lemon cherry gelloto

Lemon Autoflower - Lemon Auto Kratky Jar

Lemon Haze (sativa) - Lemon Haze

Lemonatti (indica) - Lemonatti (indica)

Lemon auto - Lemon auto

LSD - Grow 1

Lemongrass - Lemongrass

Lemon Kush Headband - Lemon Kush Headband - Humboldt

Lsd - First grow

Lemon kush - My First

LSD 25 & Devil Cream - LSD25 & Devil Cream

LSD-25 auto, fastbuds - Grow#1

Lemon , Skunk, Strawberry - Lemon , Skunk , Strawberry

Lemon Pie Auto - 2x4 auto run


Lemon Train & Animal cookies - Clone Run

Lemon jack - Lemon jack

Lemon auto Seedsman - Lemon auto 3g fabric

Lemon Ruderalis Seedsman - Lemon Auto 5g fabric

Lambsbreath - Lambs breath

Lb - Lamb’s breath

Lemon head og, - My outdoor project various strains

Las Vegas Triangle Kush - Crop cover coming in nice!

Lime Skunk x Andou Skunk - Lime Skunk hermaphrodite

Lizard King - Psilocybin Cubensise - Amazon Mushrooms

Lava Cake - Sunflowe

Lemon skunk - Lemon skunk

Lemon Kush - Lemon Kush


Lemon venom - Summer 2021

Lemon venom - Venom

lemon desil - lemon desil


Lemon Haze 1:1 Autoflower - Lemon Haze 1:1

Loud - La bby

Lambs Breath - Lambs Breath auto (CKS)

Lemon - Lemon Auto

Larry Bubba Gelly - Autoflower/LST

Lemon P (Lemon G x Blue Power) - Lemon P - Sin City seeds

Larry OG (Larry OG X Finola) - Larry OG Autos - Sherbinski

Larry OG - Sherbenski Larry OG

Lylack diesel - Lilack diesel

Lemon Banana Sherbert - LBS

LSD-25auto - LSD-25

Lilac diesel X hoodooo (bag seed) - Cloned lilac diesel cross

Little Elf Peppers - AG Hunter

Lemon OG (OG Kush & SFV OG) - Larry lemon OG

Lemon Haze - 1st Seed Grow

Lung Buster (Don Mega x udder madness) - Lung Buster-Solfire Gardens

LoudLemon xGg4 - LLxGG#4 OutDo

Lemon glue - Lemon glue current culture

London bridge 1 - London bridge 1

London bridge 2 - London bridge 2

Lemon Pie Auto by Fast Buds - Lemon Pie Auto

Lemon og kush - Lemon og

Lip smacker - 4x2 grow

Lemon Chello mixed with Silver Haze - Limonese

Lost my mind completely? - Crazy man

Life in general - Still here

LA Kush x Animal Cookies x Sunset Sherbet - Triple strain

Lemon Lovestone sativa - Lemon Lovestone

Lemon Skunk - Lemon Skunk Outdoors

Larry Lemon - Larry Lemon 1- Auto Flower

Larry Lemon - Larry Lemon 2- Auto Flower

Larry Lemon - Larry 🍋 - Auto

Lemon tree - Plant 2

Lambs bread - Lambs Bread

Lsd - Lsd

Larry OG - Larry OG

Lavenberry Photo - Matilda Lavenberry Photo

Lumi Northern Lights Auto - Northern Lights Auto

Local Strain - Grape Do Si Do

Lilac Diesel | Hybrid - Lilac Diesel

Lemon Auto - Lemon Auto First Grow

Love Ryder AutoFlowers - Love Ryder Autos - Bulkseedbank

Lemon Haze (Sativa) - Lemon Haze - 11272020

Los Angeles Kush Cake - 323_Organics

Lemon marainge - Lilly

Left Gorilla Glue #4, Right Grape Ape - First timers

Loud - Dirtybird

Loud - DEA

LAC Photo - LA Confidential (Photo)

Lsd fem - lsd barneys farm

LSD auto - LSD Auto - Barneys farm outdoor

Lemon sativa - Lemon sativa - Organic

LA Kush Cake - Soil grow

Lsp “ Lumpy Space Princess” - Lsp bubble bucket

Lemon Haze - Lemon Haze Autoflower

LemonGrab - Mary LemonGrab

Lemon - Lemon

Lost Paradise - Lost Paradise Troubles

London Pound Cake 75, Granddaddy Purp x Death Star x Purple Haze - LPC + GDP

London Pound Cake 75, Granddaddy Purp x Death Star x Purple Haze - LPC + GDP Cuttings

Lemon Haze 🍋 - First LED grow 👀

Lamb’s Breathe - Lamb’s Breathe - LST

Lamb’s Breathe - First Grow - Lamb’s Breathe Auto