Journals - T

Tahoe OG/Girl Scout Cookies - Sweetie

Titan - Photoperiod indoor. 1st grow

Tuna Kush - Tuna Kush Clones

Toofless Alien - Mephisto Genetics Toofless Alien

Terp Blizzard - Terp Blizzard

Thug Roze-Roze Zkittles x Lilac Diesel - Ethos Genetics Thug Roze

Tombstone: Triangle Kush x Stardawg - Green Point Tombstone

Train Wreck, Kushy Kush, MAC, Obiwan Kush Glueberry OG - May run

Triangle Kush Auto x Chem de la Chem x West Coast OG) - Kushy Chem

Thai Chi - Thai Chi

Th - Thai stick

Two Critical Bilbo - Critical Bilbo

Triple and Unknown seeds - First grow yeah

Tropicana cookies - Tropicana cookies ff

TrainWreck | Super Hero | Sour Diesel | Mandarin Bubba | Purple Crunch - 3rd Eye Grow

TrainWreck - Coco Grow

Trump's Cookie Jar - Trump's Cookie Jar - Auto

Thc Bomb and GDP - 1st 🌱🌱🌱

The White - The White

Twisted Beard - First Gtow!!!

Tangie Matic Auto Fast Buds Sativa Dominate - Tangie Matic Fast Buds

The Bling - The Bling

Think Different - Think Different - Maggie’s Auto Farm

Thaistick - Project X

Thai stink - Single mom

Thai stick auto (maybe) - Baby Ploy

Thai stick - Thai stick

Tour - Cherry glacia R1

Transplanted seeds - Black cherry cheesecake

Triple Chocolate Chip - 🍫🧬 TCC- Exotic genetics 🍫🧬

Tangerine Cream - Tangerine Cream

Twreck, Sour D, Gelato - Auto train wreck and feminized sour diesel and gelato

Tropical Cookie - Tropical cookie

Trios+ purple puckerdawg outdoor - Trios + Purple puckerdawg

Tropicana Banana - Tropicana banana

Thai squirrel tail - Thai squirrel tail

Thug pug PB breath X Garlic Breath - Garlic Butter Pheno Hunt

Tahoe OG and Kosher Dawg - The Golden Girls

Tropicana poison - Tropicana poison

Thin Mint Cookies x Herz OG - Malasaña Cookies F1

Tasty - Blueberry Auto

Tuna Kush (2) / 4-Star (1) / Grape Kush (1) - First Grow - 4 plants

Tourhless monkey Autoflower - MonkeySeeMonkeyDo

Toothless Monkey Autoflower - Quarintine Kush

Toothless Monkey AutoFlower - Ceaser

Tru Og x PKM (Platnium Kush) - Tru OG x PKM (Platnium Kush)

The white og - Bud start

Tropical fuel - Solo cup challenge

Tropicana Cookies - Organic Tropicana Cookies

Tuna Kush - LED GROW - FOHSE

Tangie, Fruit Punch, Amnesia XXL, Black Mamba 😍 - 4 Autos in a bedroom.

The Mac - The Mac

The Mac - Miracle Alien Cookies

Tangie - Tangie auto fem-last one

Triple chocolate OG - Purple stuff “triple chocolate OG

Triple chocolate og - Triple chocolate og round 2

Thug Roze (ethos)...Gummy Berry #5 x Lill T..G.R.E.A.M ( Solfire) - Christmas Growing 🎄

Thug Roze (r1) from Ethos.. - Help..

Turnt (fem) ,, - Solfire Beans

Turnt (solfire) - Growtent

Turnt Strain (solfire Gardens) - Turnt (solfire gardens)

Turnt - Grow Tent

Turnt(solfire) - Bud's Making

Turnt (solfire) - Beautiful

Thc bomb - Grow diary

Tropicana Cherry - Tropicana Cherry DWC

Tropicana Kush - Tropicana Kush

Teen clone - Sunset Sherbert

Testers - Alien OG x Long Beach Tangie

Tester #1 - Tahoe Dragon Cookies V2

Trainwreck - Trainwreck (4)

Tangerine Dream Auto - Tangerine Dream Auto

Tiger stripe genetics - Jelly Roll

Texas butter- bannana OG hybrid - Texas butter

Tropaya #3 - Tropaya 3

Tom herrer - Perry

Tropicana cookies X white nightmare - End of summer grow

The cheese - Jerry

TBD - Bluey!!!!

Thor’s Hammer - Auto flower mix

The Ox by Rare Dankness (high CBD) - The Ox

Tangerine Cookies Fem by Elev8 - Tangerine Cookies

Tangerine Autoflower - Tangerine

Tropical Runtz & Planet of the Grapes - Tropical Runtz & Planet of the Grapes Grow

Tangie - Tangie

Tangie - Tangie (maybe)

Tangerine dream (sativa) - Tangerine dream

t.b.d. - gorilla grape?


Tutankhamon - 3x3 LED Mega garden

The Sweets & Amnesia Haze - 3rd grow

Tastebudz Seeds - Grape Soda

Train wreck , banana cookie, gg4 - Train wrain, gg4, banana cookie

The White OG, Black Sugar momma, G-Unit OG, Jagg Kush - Mid-summers dream grow

Tagalongs & Stunna runtz - 2022 spring indoor reg run

Tropicana Cookies - Tropicana Cookies SCROG

Thing 3 - Unknown Seed

Tangerine Dream, WWLsd, Mango, Caramelicious (msnl seedbank) - Lst'd Autoflowers in Coco (First Grow)

Tbd - Psilocybin Grow

Trainwreck, LemonSkunk, Cheese and White Widow - All Greenhouse Seeds - 4 Monster ladies 5x10 SCROG grow

Tgs strain - Unknown seeds

Tutankhamen - King Tut

Trainwreck - Trainwreck

Toof Decay - Toof Decay

The weed I pulled it out from was a glue - BagSeed

The white og - The white og

The White x OG Kush - The White OG - Seedsman

Triangle Kush x Ursa Borelias - Triantula - SuperMutt Genetics

TC - Triple Crown 👑 - Stickenugs

Tropicanna Cookies x Red Poison Auto - Tropicanna Poison XL - Sweet Seeds

Tropicana Cherry S1 - Trop Cherry S1 #1,#2,#3

Tropicana banana, gelato 33, pirate cake, zkittlez ice cream, candy master star dawg - 2nd wave new clones

Tangerine Dream (GSC) - 1st grow

Tropicana Banana - Barney’s Farm - Tropicana Banana 2x4 Raised Bed

T-Dub - T-Dub

Tahoe OG Kush x Sannie’s Jack Herer f6 - OG Jack #11 A

Tahoe OG Kush x Sannie’s Jack Herer f6 - OG Jack #11 B

Tokyo Berry CBD 2021/H - CBD Plant

The bakery seed co - Zkittlez Fem

Thin mint crack Autoflower - Thin mint crack autoflower

Trunk Funk - Trunk Funk first run

Tahoe og , alien og, dairy queen - Tahoe og, alien og , dairy queen.

Toof Decay - 1st Grow - Toof Decay - Auto

Topping - white widow x3, passion fruit x2, purple strawberry bliss x1- femminized - Multistrain

Tall tree like - Gp

Triple Cheese Auto - Anesia Seeds Auto Triple Cheese #1

Thai Sticks - First photoperiod grow

Tangerine Auto - Tan1

Tangerine Auto - Tan2

TSL Marionberry - Marionberry last grow for years

Thai - Golden Tiger - ACE Seeds

Tropicana cookies auto #FastBuds - Tropicana cookies

Tropicana auto - Tropicana cookies

Think different - Violet

Tomato - Tomatoes

Therapy Kush, GR x CM, FP x PBB - Photo Tent

Tai OG - Tai OG Winter 2020

Train wreck, LSD 25, CBD cheese - Auto grow

Tiramisu - Tiramisu

Two ? And one girl scout - 3 led 11-15

Triple Cherry - Triple Cherry

Ty Jw - AOC x 9LB x Mimosa

Twreck x pistachio - Trainwreck x pistachio from Humboldt seed

Tangie - Tangie Auto

Twisted and Tangles (a) - Twisted and Tangles (a)

Tomatoes - Roma tomatoes

Trpicanna cookies - Tropicanna cookies

TheWeedTube TheWeedTube Bag Seed Grow Timelapse Soil Day 1-10 - Weedtube CannaNotebook

Toxic - Toxic

Tangie - Tangie

Thca seed from dispensary flower - Mystery seed #

Triple G, Purple Punch, Super Lemon Haze - Second Grow

Twisted Gorilla Auto (2) Mint Jelly Auto (2) Pineapple Trainwreck (2) - New Auto Run 12/2-tbd

Triploid Donuts and Guzzlers from Humboldt - Donuts Triploid and Guzzlers

Tyson Punch, Peaches N Crean, Wedding Crasher, Sunset Sherbert, & Fruitcake - Grow #003 **Organic**

Train wreck - Trainwreck 1st timer

TBD - Buttercup

Tiki Madmans Sherbert Ripple - Tiki sherbert ripple

Tropkicks : Mimosa / Trop Punch Bx - Driftwood Tropkicks

THAI STICK - Thai stick

Tangie - Tangie

Thc bomb - Thc bomb #1

Think differnt - Think diffrent

Trainwreck and Stardog - 3 Trainwreck (Auto) and 3 Stardog (Auto)

TrainWreck - Train wreck auto

Tx lg jg - Dosi

Tie Die - Cookies Tie Die

To be determined - The Three Musketeers

Train Wreck Cheese - Train Wreck Cheese Auto

That za za - SCROG

Tangilope and GG - Tangi and GG

Tutankhamon - King Tut

Tibberian - Tiberian

Triple Cheese - Big Tent

Thug Pug -Junior’s Jello (moms jello x pug breath f2), Oni Seed Co. - Cough Trop (strawberry cough x Tropicana cookies f1) - New strains to pheno hunt

Triple Cheese Indica Fem. - Triple Cheese

Turtle Pie - Turtle pie Exotic

Tangie Dream, Silver Haze, and Orange Widow #1S & #2T - 1st Grow in New Place

Triangle kush S1 - Triangle kush 1 and 2 flowering

Tyrone stomper - Tyrone stomper

The Sweets and Purple Alien (Greenpoint) - First Organic Grow 2023

Triple G - 3G

Taison auto (VIP Seeds) - Taison Auto

Taison Auto x2 (Vip Seeds) - first grow auto

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies - Thin mint girl scout cookies

Tutankhamen - Tutankhamen

Tangie and Blueberry Muffins - Tangie & Blueberry Muffins

The punchline BX1 - Ethos Genetics regular seeds - The Punchline BX1

Thaistick - Thaistick

Train wreck (auto) - Sativa Dominant hybrid

Trainwreck x2 GDP x2 Jesus OG x1 - Flowering in a 4x4 Grow Tent

Tangie - Tangie’matic

Triple G Auto - Triple G

The church - Green House Seed Co. ‘The Church’

Trainwreck - Trainwreck

The new - The New clones

The spice - The spice

The spice - The spice Clones

Tropicana Cookies - Tropicana Cookies

Trial - Dead head

Test - Gorillaxdead

Tahoe s1 - Tahoe s1

Triple burger - goldleaf - 1st ever grow.

Trainwreck - Scrog

Tangerene Dream - Tangerine Drean

Tutti Fruit Devil - Safra Primavera 2020 - TFD

Teenage Wedding - Teenage Wedding

Trainwreck - 1st Grow


Tangie Cookies-Bcbd & Blueberry-seedsman - Tangie Cookies🍊🍪 & Blueberry 🔵

Two gallon - PPP 1

Tropicanna banana - Tropicanna banana

Tangi - Covid-19


Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version - Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version

TBD - Bro’s clones

Tangerine dream auto - Tangerine dream auto

Tangerine dream gorilla glue autos - Tangerine dream and gorilla glue autos

Titan - Titan F1 auto

The Iron Lady Auto - First Indoor Grow

Thc bomb, pinapple express, sorbet dreams,auto moby dick xxl, auto durbon - Aussie grow

Thyseeds - Gorilla glue

Tangerine Dream - Barney’s Farm - Tangerine Dream

TBD - Outdoor crop

Tulip - My Dreams

True OG & Bagseed - 11292020 •

The Get Down - 02042021 •

Tangie, Gorilla Lemon Fire & Bubba Kush - Indoor grow

Trop cookies - First grow... with Remo😁

Tangerine Dream, Northern Light, silver Haze, and Sour Diesel - 4 weeks in

Tropicanna Poison - Sweet seeds - Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version

Tangie Dream, G. Crack, Cherry - 2x Cherry Kush, G. Crack, & Tangie Dream

Trainwreck - Trainwreck Autoflower

Train Wreck & Power Plant - First cannabis grow

Toof decay autoflower - Toof decay autoflower 55gallon drum

Toof decay auto flower - Toof decay autoflower

Toof decay auto flower - Toof decay autoflower 55 gallon drum

Toof decay autoflower 55 gallon drum - Day 21 Toof decay auto flower

Toof decay auto - Toof decay auto flowers in 55 gallon drum

Toof decay autoflower - Toof decay autoflower 55 gallon drum

Toof decay autoflower - Toof decay autoflower

Toof decay autoflowers - Toof decay autoflower 55 gallon drum

Tahoe Animal - Tahoe Animal - (low stress training)

Tangie x Chocolope - Tangilope 2021-2022

Top Dawg - Barneys Farm - Top Dawg

Tangiematic Autoflower - Tangie Auto

Triple Cheese - TripleCheese in soil

Tahoe cookies - Tahoe cookies auto

Tahoe OG - Tahoe OG # 2

Tahoe OG - Tahoe OG # 1

Tahoe OG - Tahoe OG # 3

Tahoe cookies - Tahoe cookies

Tropic truffle - Tropic truffle

Tangie, black lemon, northern lights, white widwo - Autoflower hydro run

Tangie and lemon haze - More autoflowers

The White OG - 3 OGS

Triple burger - Triple burger

Tent - MSOA-13 - After the Worms

Tinquite - 120

Too BU.KU - CCS Dr. Bubba Kush x 92 Deadhead

True Sour Piff - RDWC: True Sour Piff

Tropicanna cookies - Small grow trop haze trop cookies

Tangerine dream autoflower from growers choice - Tangerine dream F2

Train Wreck Auto and ??? Seed that fell out of one of my seed bags. - Wreck and a ???

The Bling - Lingerie - White Tahoe Cookies - Cookies Kush - Alien OG x Godfather OG - Flower room

Tropicana Cookies x Red Poison Auto - Tropicana Poison XL- Sweet Seeds

Tahquitz & OG Platinum - Adoption Day!

Taquitz - Transplant

Triple G Feminized from RoyalQueenSeeds - Triple G Indoor

Thc bomb auto fem - Thc bomb autos

Tahoe OG - First Plants

TBA - Random Seed

Tropicanna Punch - Tropicanna punch Bx1 clone#5x”5”

Tangie - Tangie

Taurus Auto - Taurus 1

Twenty-20 Glue Sniffer Auto - Glue Sniffer Day 2

Twenty20 Mendocino Glue Sniffer - Glue Sniffer Auto Twenty20

Twenty20 Mendocino - Glue Sniffer

Twenty20 Mendocino - Glue Sniffer Auto

TriPlex 80 - Threesome Hybrid 80% indica 20%Sativa

The white og - The white og

The White og kush seedsman - The white og by seedsman .com

TkLato - First time

The True OG and White Widow - Canuck Seeds Indoor #2

Tropical Cherry, Ice cream cake, flaming giraffee GMOP, lemon twist, Strawberry Banana, pie hoe - My first grow Starting from clones

Tahoe og - Tahoe og

Tropicana cookies - Tropicana cookies

Tahquitz OG - Tahquitz Oh

Train Wreck - Train Wreck - from Clone

Tangerine dream x 5 - Tangerine dream (barneys)

Tangie and grape ape - Summer grow

Tyrien Kush - Tyrien Kush

To be determined.. - Random Seed

Tangie - Tangie Outdoor

The Bulldog Haze - Bulldog Haze

Texas butter - Texas butter

Tangerin Dream - Tangerin Dream

Tahoe og x Girl Scout cookies - White Tahoe cookies

Triangle Kush x purple urkle - T-1000

Topshelf - Og kush,northern lights,purple urkle

Tropical Smoothie - Tropical Smoothie

Truffles for sure idk the sex Bag Seed - Truffles

Trippy gorilla - Solo cup challenge

Tangerine dream - Barneys Farm - Tangerine dreamer

Thorsberry - Trying to learn

Tomatos - Tomato

Triple XL. Indica Dominant. - Triple XL Auto. Outdoor, Greenhouse grow.

Tangerine Dream - Tangerine Dream Auto (Barney’s Farm)

The sauce - My very first grow

Train Wreck - Train Wreck Auto

Tropicana banana pheno and zkittlez pheno - Tropicana banana and zkittlez run

Toof Decay x Walter White - Walter’s Toof

Tropical truffled , mango sherbet, purple mountain majesty - Cannatrackingpr

Test - Test

The plants from left to right: Blue Dream, Gelato, Mimosa Lemon, Wedding Cake, Space Candy, and some more Gelato 🍧 - January through June 2022

Tahoe OG x Permafrost - InHouse Genetics Fem - Newberry Crunch

Thai - Thai cativa

Trainwreck - Trainwreck

The Queen - The Queen - No Till Living Soil

Testing four seeds - Tester #2

They were seeds - 4 UnKnown

The White x Chem 4 OG - Snowball S1

Tropicana Cookies (?) - First Plant Ever

To be determined - Jason’s grandpas za

Tropical Twist Auto - Tropical Twist Auto

T1 and Sweeten - T1 and Sweeeten CBD Clones Indoor

Tangerine Dream - Tangerine Dream Auto

THC Bomb - THC Bomb Auto

There are 2 jigglers one planet of the grapes one Mac punch 2 Hawaiian cat piss V3 and one stop the car - Solo cup seedlings

Tropicanna Cookies F2 - Oni seed

Tangerine Dream - Tangerine Dream

Train wreck - Fall crop

Texas chem - Texas Chem- Greenpoint seeds

Texas chem - Texas Chem- Greenpoint seeds

Texas Chem - Texas Chem Clones

Trainwreck - Trainwreck greenhouse grow

Triple Cheese - Triple Cheese

Trainwreck Fem - Tropical Trainwreck Outdoor

Tangerine dream - Tangerine Dream

THC Bomb, Runtz, and Gush Mintz - Clones by Purple City Genetics

Thai stick - Ai pae

Thai stick - Ai yong

Tahoe OG - COVID19 Grow Project

Tahoe OG - Tahoe OG Clones

They could be Jack Hammer or X rated - Seeds from dispensary

T - D

Tahoe OG - Tahoe OG

Thin mint cookies - Thin mint cookies green house

Thin mint cookies - Thin mint cookies plant 2

Thin mint cookies - Thin mint 03

Tangerine dream autoflower - Tangerine dream scrog

Toofless Alien; Forum Stomper; 3 Bears OG x Mango Smile - Mephisto Autoflower Grow

This strain was created by crossing Williams Wonder, Northern Lights, and ruderalis. - Quick One

Trophy OG - Trophy OG outdoor

TBD - Unkown

Triple Gorilla Cokkies - Triple Gorilla Cookies

Thin Mint Cookies - Thin Mint Cookies

Tangie x Dosidos #18, Thin Mint x Dosidos #18 - Tangie x Dosidos #18, Thin Mint x Dosidos #18


The Best Fem + GSC re-veg fem - 2nd grow! The best + re-veg GSC clone

The best, GSC, Saskatoonberry, Supercritical CBD, White Widow - 3rd grow - Variety of Green

Tangie - Tangie’s salute

Toof decay / Pinot noir - Meph RDWC

Triple Cheese - Triple Cheese

Two mystery strains - Clones

The Bling - The Bling by Humboldt Seed Company

Tangie and Lava Breath - Tangie/Lava Breath

Tangerine dream - Tangerine dream

Tangerine chem - Tangerine chemdog 10

Tangie and unknown - Tangie and unknown

Tangie and unknown #3/ clones - Tangie and unknown #3

Tko #24, and unknown genetics - Bag seeds

Triple XL Sour Diesel - March 06 Autos

T-1000 and Strawberry Gary - Clones from Archive Seeds

Train wreck and power plant - Trainwreck

Trainwreck - Trainwreck clone

Trainwreck - Train wreck from seed

Toof Decay - Toof Decay

The Doctor ( - The Doctor SCROG

TBD - G13

Three strains: Pralines, Fish Bowl, Hi-Lighter - North jersey Craft Grower

Toxic - Sick seeds

Tropicana Cookies #23, Applelicious, Triple Cheddar, Tripple Cheddar #2 - First Grow - Week 4

Tangerine Dream Auto - Tangie Twin #1

TBD - Seed to Finish x8

The Mystery I hope expose - The SpiceGirls

The mystery mom - First clone attemp

Thc distalite - Thc creations

Trainwreck - First Grow Ever - Trainwreck

Test on clone to flower - Manderine zkittlez/ak47/rainbow kush

Taste Budz Auto - Are they budding fine?

Think AK47 - First grow

Tangielope(Tangie x Chocolope) Sativa hybrid - 2 Tangielope SuperCropped

Train Wreck Cross bread with OG platinum - Train wreck cross bread

Tahoe OG - Tahoe OG

TC X VOG - Tropicana cookies X Venom OG

Testing for @recyoself - Afghan Black Skunk x White Widow

Tinos Genetics - Rotten Peaches

Taffie - Taffie

Tangie Dream (Sativa) - Tangie Dream

Tomato - Tomatoes

Tiger Cake and 3 Blue Dream - My First Grow

Tahoe OG - Tahoe OG

Triple cheese indica - Triple cheese - Barney's farm

Tha X ❤️‍🔥‼️ - Stick E Nugs 🧬❤️‍🔥‼️‼️

Trainwreck - Hydro grow

Tangerine dream - Tangerine dream auto

Tony Profit 1&2 x (Colombian D x i95 D) - Colombian Prophet

Turbulent Juice is an indica/sativa variety from MassMedicalStrains and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±55 days), outdoors and in the greenhouse. MassMedicalStrains' Turbulent Juice is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds. MassMedicalStrains' Turbulent Juice Description Logo MassMedicalStrains Turbulent Juice is our latest intense, happy indica hybrid variety! Drawing from some of our best selected genetics, the PuTang and Prayer Tower Sativa come together for this incredible orange flavored plant. The high is heavy, enjoyable, and powerful with a deep indica body buzz along with an uplifted headspace. She induces intense munchies and is great for helping those who need to eat. Great for relaxing in one spot and being creative or enjoying a book or movie. Social yet lazy. A very medicinal end to your day, and a fantastic citrus flavor, with slight coffee like tones in the background! Very diverse and special. Mostly indica type effects, but a lot happier, mentally clear, and cheerful feeling compared to most generic indica plants these days. Flowers often appear green until ground up, where they can hide purple streaks all throughout the inside! Flavor: Sharp orange, citrus, skunk, subtle pupil and coffee undertones Effect: Physical relaxation with heavy body stone and couch lock with a happy and inspired, creative mental state. Extreme appetite enhancement. Flower Time: 7-9 weeks Stretch: Medium Yield: High Height: Medium High terpene content! - GMO x Turbulent Juice from Flavor Savior Seeds

Triangle kush x skywalker - Outdoor 2020

Thin Mint GSC x Blueberry x Sunset Sherbert - Blue Gelato 41

The kind you smoke. - Brandis baby


Two Big devil #2 auto flower , 3 run homer, 24k, Blue dream clones - First auto run

Two bubblegum and one skittles autoflower - My weed

Tangerine Dream - Tangerine Dream 1st grow

Trophy wife - Trophy wife

Test cross ?? - Unknown cross test

Tina,sloppy box, hell star, lemon og haze, lemon alien cookies, sour diesel, jack herrer, gorilla clue #4 - Clones and 3 bag seeds

Twenty20 Hotz F1 Auto - Twenty20 Hotz F1 Auto

Thai Hybrid - Thai Hybrid

Thai hybrid - Thai Hybrid 2

Thai hybrid - Thai Hybrid 3

Tahoe OG - Tahoe OG room light

Trainwreck x Scooby Snacks - Midnight Train

The bling - The bling-transplanted

Thai, Sativa - Mango Thai

The Ultimate Auto Dutch Passion - Ultimate Auto

Tom ford, gelato - Gelato tf rock* bdog mimosa gmonkey

Tahoe cookies - Tahoe cookies

Tahoe brunch - Flower

True blu - Tru blue

Tangerine Dream - Tangerine Dream

The Mottz - The Mottz

Trio - First auto grow

Tropicana Glookies, Super LemonH, Cream Caramel - Gia Green Organics Grow

Trainwreck amnesia - Autoflower 2020

Triple scoop - Triple scoop #1

Triple scoop - Triple scoop #2

Tropicana cookies - Tropicana cookies (flora)

Tahoe, GG#4 - Tahoe og, GG#4

Toofless monkey chef Anna genetics auto - Toofless Monkey #1

Trainwreck - Trainwreck

Tropical punch - First greenhouse grow

Thai Sativa - Thai Sativa

Tt - Tt

Tropicana cookies - First grow !

Triple goddess by bodhi - Fall 2021

T99 - T99

T99 - T99 3rd Gen

Tangarine Dream - Tangarine Dream AUTO

TBD - G n J 1

TBA - 1st one

TBA - Cloning

This could either be wedding cake or grade seed - Wedding cake or grape seedling?

Trainwreck Auto - Outdoor

Tangie and white widow - Tangie and White Widow Flower

This is a clone I took off my gmo cookies + gelato - Experimental

Tahiti Lime | OreoZ 1.0 | Cheetah Piss | Ice Cream Cake - Tahiti Lime | OreoZ 1.0 | Cheetah Piss | Ice Cream Cake

Think different X purple kush - Think like buddha

Tropicana Cookies (left) Lemon Meringue (right) - Tropicana Cookies & Lemon Meringue

The big - OgKush - First time doing clones

Tropicana Cookies, Purple lemonade , Strawberry Pie - Tc, Pl, Sp

Tomatoes - Tomatoes

Tres dawg - First grow

Tropicanna Cookies F2 - Tropicanna Cookies

Trainwreck and og kush - First grow!!

Thc 18% - C++

Thc - Sweet Christine

Tropicana Trails (Indica) - Bagseed (Tropicana Trails)

Tangerine Dream GCS - Tangerine Dream


Train wreck - Trainwreck

Trainwreck OG - FRNC-mother plant

Trizkit autoflower - Trizkit #2

Tantanka Pure CBD - Cecilia Tatanka

Thunder - Alaskan

T.B.D. - First Grow

Thin mints - Thin mint

The Beavs - The Beavs - DWC

Triple Cheese, Master Purple, Sativa - Triple Cheese, Master Purple, Sativa

Twisted Nightmare - Twisted Nightmare RDWC

Think different - First auto

Triple xl auto - Triple xl

The new - The new

Tangerine dream - First grow

Tatsu Punch - First Grow ( Tatsu Punch )

Tomatoes - Tomatoes

Tropicana Banana & Wedding Cake BX - New Grow From State Genetics

TBD - Alaska Purple


tangie - tangie

Trainwreck - Trainwreck

Three gelatos and two gold leaf - Still new at things

TLC - Random 1

Triangle kush - Triangle kush

Tangerine Dream - Tangerine Dream Autoflower (First Grow)

Triple G - Triple G Auto

Test - Test

Tangie, bubble gum, chocolope, Gsc, hazr, LOG - 6 strains

TGI Blue Dream Clone - Blue Dream

Thc 23% - Pineapple express chunk

Toothless Alien + ManBearAlienPig - Mephisto Earthbox

Two from Terp Fi3nd and classic Wonder Woman - Terp Bomb, Wormhole and Wonder Woman

Test - Test

Trainwreck auto and Super Silver Haze - First grow

Tropicanna Banana - Tropicanna banana Scrog

Terptastic, Gelato Punch, White Wedding x Unicorn Poop - Experimental Tent Round 2

Tangie Cookies - 4 plants

True OG - True OG Clone Grow

The Mystery Bus - Shaggy HKush

The Mystery Bus - Scooby HKush

The Mystery Bus - Daphne HKush

Two wedding cake - Wedding cake

Tropicana Banana - Barneys Seeds - Tropicana Banana

Tropical cherry - Tropical Cherry

TAISON VIP AUTO. - bonnie&clyde

Test Seed FBT2207 - FastBuds Test - FBT2207 Auto

That fire pack - Nutrients I use

tahoe - tahoe

Triple g, wedding gelato - Triple G, Wedding Gelato

Tidal wave - Tidal wave culture

Tropicana Cookies - Winter 21-22 High Freq Fert Coco

Toof decay x Alien OG. - Toofless Alien - Mephisto - Auto

Trio - Skittles

Thug Pug genetics - Flower room R1

Tangerine Auto - Tangerine Auto

TC 1 - Thai Chocolate Auto

Thai Chocolate Auto - TC2

Toof fairy by mephisto - Toof Fairy Auto

Trap a lot gumbo - Trap a lot gumbo

Tangerine Dream Auto - Tangerine Dream / Barney’s Farm

Tokyo Snow x KY Jealousy #12 - Motoko #5

Talvez Ak 47 - Buchilda

Thai breeder Lemon Skunk - Lemon Skunk I

Thai breeder lemon skunk - Lemon Skunk II

Thai breeder Blue Dream - Blue Dream and Thai I

Thai breeder blue dream - Blue Dream and Thai II

Trichopath, Head Locc - In-house Genetics: Trichopath, Head Locc ( all feminized)

Trainwreck Autoflower - Trainwreck (Auto)

Tangiematic - Tangiematic auto

Tropicana cookies - Tropicana cookies

Trainwreck Auto, Runtz, Gelato, Blue Berry Auto, Bubba Kush(From Last Year) - 2nd Indoor Grow

Two random dro seeds - First grow

Trainwreck, Northern Lights, Strawberry Cough - Seed Grow Auto Outdoor

Tangie auto bsf - Tangie auto BSF

Trop Cookies & Chemdawg 4 - Tropicana Cookies & Chemdawg 4

Triple scoop - Triple Scoop Autoflower

Tattiona - Na

Test - Test

Tropical Mirage & OGK - Tropical Mirage

TM Clone/OG Kush Clone/GSC from seed - Clones+Gsc from seed

Thank You Berry Munch - Auto GoMendels - Thank You Barry Munch

Triple Scoop - Triple Scoop

Triple Scoop - Triple Scoop

Triple Scoop - First Day in The Tent!

Thc bomb - Thc bomb

Tropicanna Poison - Sweet seeds Tropicanna poison

Trainwreck - Nirvana Genetics - Trainwreck

Texas toast - Zar grow

TBD - Land of Mu

Trainwreck - Train wreck

Tangerine Dream - Tangerine Dream Auto

Tutankhamon - Tutankhamon

Tangerine dream - Unknown photos

Triple G auto - Triple G from Royal Queen Seeds

Tropicanna Cookies F2 - Tropicanna Cookies F2

Type Unknown - First run

Trainwreck - Trainwreck

Three clone White Widow given to me. And Three auto North Lights, Blueberrie and Amnesia haze - Second tent

The first 9 mix plants - Feeding with water

Tester - Candyland x MAC 1

Tiger moon, Terpi Hut, Zeetah Pizz, Pile driver, Bolognese and Compound Z #4 - My room

Tropicana Cookies Purple Autoflower - Third Grow of 2024

Tangerine Dream Feminized Auto. - Tangerine Dream

Tomato - Ddd

Triple X OG indica - Triple X OG Grow

Thai Sticks / Sour Diesel - Sour Diesel and Thai Sticks

Tangerine Dream Autoflower - Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream Auto Flower - Tangerine Dream

Tropic of censer r2 - Tropic of censer R2

Truffle monkey - Truffle monkey

Train wreck - Train wreck spring 2020 indoor/outdoor

Terple #2 - Terple #2 (Reef) outdoor grow

Trop haze - Tropicanna haze 1st grow

Taman Negara Spore tube - Taman Negara Spore

TrainWreck - Tall Clones

TPK #1 #2 & #7/ Cosmic Glue / SG - Winter Flower

Tangerine Dream - Dolly - The Clone

Triks aka Triangle Kush - Triks Autos

Tropicana banana - Tropicana banana (barneys farm )

Top Gun, Mimosa, and Purple Haze - Friends

Toke seeds boof company but juss trying - Peyote cookies 🍪

Tabasco chilli - Chili - tabasco replant

Tomato - Tomato using my weed growing method

Thin mints - Thin mints

Tang breath - Tang breath

Thanoz - First Indoor Grow

Tropicanna Bannana Sativa Photoperiod - 9 Seeds. Tropicanna Bannana. Autopot.

TN Moonlight - TN Moonlight - DWC

T1 Hemp - T1 Fem Seed

Tropicanna Poison - 60:40 sativa:indica hybrid - Tropicanna Poison F1

trainwreck auto - fast buds tranwreck auto

Triks auto fem - My first grow

Tangie og - Tangie og pip

Tropical Cookies - Trop Cookies- KBF

Tangerine Dream Auto - Tangerine Dream Auto -GCS

Tangie - Tangie fem & Bruce banner

Topf - Watermelon auto