Journals - P

Permafrost - Guest plants

Power plant - Beer can challenge

Purple punch - Purple Punch (clone)

Purple rain divergent genetics - Purple rain

Purple rain genotype 1 - Atomic gardening

Purple crash,sour gummy bear,double grape, gorilla skittles,mango smile - First auto grow!

PBBD - Peanut Butter Banana Dough

Purps, white widow big buds, white widow auto - Batch 1 2021

Peyote critical - Peyote critical

Peanut Butter Breath🥜🧈😮‍💨 - Peanut Butter Breath(Do-Si-Dos x Mendo Breath F2)

Purple Urkle - Canuck Seeds-Purple Urkle

P.O.T. Grapes Rbx - Grape Diamonds x (Chem D x i95) - Ethos Genetics Planet of the Grapes Rbx

PBB Clone #1 - STS Plant Sex Revesal Spray

Purple Larry: Larry OG x Purple Punch - Greenpoint- Purple Larry

Purple - Purple

Pinkleberry - Pinkleberry Kush

Pilsen - Forbidden Fruit x Mint Chocolate Chip - Pilsen - Forbidden Fruit x Mint Chocolate Chip

Pink kush x Skywalker OG - InTheCouch

Panama Red and Suzy Q CBD - Panama red and Suzy Q

Photoperiod - Free M. O.

Peach Puree - First Clone Grow

Purple Haze Auto - Purple Haze Auto

Pineapple Express Auto - Pineapple Express Auto

Pure Northern Lights - Northern Lights Topped

PK, BB, SN - Grow 8.2

Photoperiod - Amnesia

Photo - Bcn critical xxl

Purple Kush - Purple Kush - Feminized

Photoperiod -Fem!! - Slippery uppercut by stick e nugs

Photoperiod -Fem!! - X by stick e nugs.

Photoperiod -Fem - King kush!! Copy cat 🧬

Photoperiod -Fem!! - Sleepy joe copy cat🧬

Purple Haze - Purple Haze

Peanut butter breath, Hawaiian Punch, biscotti - First grow

Purple Hulk MSNL - Purple Hulk Auto MSNL seeds

Phenomenal - Animal Mint Cookie

Purple punch - Purp

Pure Power Plant - Pure Power Plant

Photo Blue Dream - Surrogate Baby

Purple Hulk - 1st grow

Purple Punch Auto - Purple Punch

Purple Hulk Auto - Purple Hulk

Photoperiod - Sol Sonic & Jelly Breath bx1 x Platinum Clones

Purple Punch - Purple Punch Auto: MH SP3000, FFOF/FFLW mix

Ps. Golden Teachers - Ps. GT’s

Purple space cookies - Purple space cookies

Papaya power - Papaya power

Pluto’s Cut and Lemon Berry Candy OG auto - Ethos Autos

Planet of the Grapes & Candy Store - Ethos photoperiods - Planet of the Grapes & Candy Store

Pluto Cut - Ethos Thai breeder

Photo - Runtz

Photo - Furious

Platinum yeti x fire og - Second outdoor grow

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express

Pink lemonade - Pink lemomade Second Grow!

PZookie - P. zookie

Pancakes/Cheetah Piss - Cookies

Pinapple Ak - Speedy

Peanut Butter Breathe - Peanut Butter Breathe - First grow ever-

Prayer Pupil - Fem Photo - First Grow - Prayer Pupil

Peyote Gorilla - Peyote Gorilla

Purple punch - Second grow

Purple lemonade - Second Grow

Photo - Legend OG - Bubble Runtz (photos)

purple lemonade - purple lemonade

Purple critical - Critical purple

Pot - Danish skunk

Pearl Cadillac - Pearl Cadillac

Pearl Cadillac - Pearl Cadillac # 2

Purple Lemonade - Purple Lemonade

Pink panda indica dominant - Pink panda

Purple Bud - Purple Bud

Plants - Auto and photo grow

Pp x WZ - Purple punch x Watermelon Zkittles

Psilocybin Cube - Burma experiment

Platinum delight - Platinum delight

PCH and Superjack - Lucy and Ethel

Purple Haze reg - Kate

Purple Haze - Penny

Purple Haze or Bruce Banner x Carmen - CLONE

Pruple Kush - Purple Kush (outside)

Purple Kush - Purple Kush Clone (indoor)

Purple kush - Purple Kush (indoors)

Purple Kush - Purple Kush (Hydroponics) 1

Purple kush (Indica) - Pruple Kush (Hydroponics) 2

Purple haze - Jimmy Hendrix exerience

Platinum - Play

Pure Michigan 2.0 - Pure Michigan 2.0 F1 by Cosmic Seeds

PP Bubbas gift (Humboldt)🧬 AF gelato 41 x gelato 41 - Bubbas gift . Gelato 41

Pineapple Express auto - Pineapple Express auto

Pink Kush - Pink Kush OCT 2019

Peach Puree CBD - Peach Puree CBD

Purp - Perple rain

Purp punch - Purple punch micro grow

Purp punch - Update

Purp - Purp punch

Purple Punch - Super Moon Mendo Kush

Pineapple Fruit Yoops (Mota Rebel) - New sidelight

Photoperiod - Miracle Alien Cookies -MAC1

Photoperiod - 2SkywalkerOG 2BruceBanner 2Black Widow

Premium - Good Leaf Photoperiod

Photoperiod - Gold Leaf 🍁

Photoperiod - 00 kush

Photoperiod - Gorilla cookies

Pink kush - Pink kush outdoor

Purple Kush and OG Kush - My1st Auto Grow🌱🌱

Purple Kush and Og Kush - Purple and OgKush Autos 🌱

Platinum purple Og - Indica,Sativa, hybrid

Pink pan sativa - Pink panama

Peyote critical - Peyote Critical (Main lining)

Peyote critical - Peyote critical clones x4

Pineapple Auto - My first grow!!

Photo - Biscotti Punch

Photo - GodFather OG

Purple Punch - Purple Punch

Purple punch - Purple punch

Pink Kush - Pink Kush CBD Auto

Pineapple Trainwreck & Cookie Monster - Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

Purple punch auto by tastebudz - Purple punch

Power Plant Auto - Power Plant Auto

Pure indica - Northern Lights

PPu (Indica) - Purple Punch (Regular Feminized)

Platinum Lemon Sapphire & Sour Diesel - Platinum Lemon Sapphire & Sour Diesel

Purple Haze Auto - Purple Haze Auto (Original Seeds)

Papaya Bomb - Papaya Bomb

Purple lemonade - Purple Lemonade Auto

Pineapple Express & Moby Dick XXL Autos - Double Whammy

Pineapple express autoflower - Pineapple express auto

Purple haze auto - Purple haze auto

Pink kush* - First grow with scrog net

Photo - Cream Caramell

Purple stardawg - Purple stardawg

Purple Haze Purple Punch Gorilla Zkittles - Round 2

Purple Punch - Purple Punch Clones

Photontek - New Sistem

Prom Nigth (photo fem) - Walipini Seeds

Prom Nigth (Walipini Seeds) - Prom Nigth

Prom Nigth (Walipini Seeds) - As_Farms (LST)

Prom Nigth - Grow Tent

Prom Nigth - Grow Tent ⛺️

Pineapple Runtz Auto - She's Growing

Prom Nigth & Bagoda Kush - Photo Mix

Prom Nigth & Bagoda Kush Walipini Seeds - La Finca 🌼

Prom Nigth, Bagoda Kush - Flower 🌼

Prom Nigths,,,Bagoda Kush - Walipini Seeds

Prom Night Bagoda Kush - Beautiful

Peyote critical - Peyote critical

Purple - Need advice

Purple Haze Auto - Purple haze Auto

Purple lemonade auto x Dr jack auto - $$$$$

Paraguay Seed - MaracuJah Haze

Paraguay Seed - Wild Ratata OG

Pink livers (Auto) - 2x Pink Livers - Mephisto

Purple Trainwreck - Purple Trainwreck

Purple haze or grape - Grape/purple haze

Purple Queen - Purple Queen Auto

Purple punch - Purple-Pandemic-Punch

Pinot Noir / Sour Bubbly / Toof Decay X Walter White (Mephisto) - Drakkar Noir (Black Strap X Pinot Noir) - Auto Extravaganza!

Purple diesel autoflower - Purple diesel auto

Pineapple Glue Auto - Automatic Fanatic

paranoia - paranoia

Purple Kush - Femanized - Purple Kush - SCROG

Panama Goo - Panama Goo 1

Photoperiod - Girl Scout Cookies

Purple queen, royal gorilla, white widow, alaskan purple - 1st grow wcrog

Photo - Bubblegum Fem freebie

Puck Yes - Puck Yes

Pluto Cut - Pluto Cut - LST

Panama Red - Hydro experiment

Purple Larry - Second Indoor Grow

Purple Larry, GMO - 2x Purple Larry. GMO clone indoor

Purple Larry - Week 3 of flower

Platinum zkittles, Apple fritter, and sherbadough - 3 clones 1 tent

Pink Hybrid w/ Northern Lights - Pink Northern Lights Hybrid AAAA

Purple punch and amnesia haze - Auto grow 2

Pineapple Auto - Pineapple Auto

Purple lemonade - Purple Lemonade

Premium bag seeds😂 - Unknown strains

Plant type: 50% Indica/50% Sativa | THC: Up to 17% | CBD: Insignificant amount | Difficulty: Easy | Climate : Indoors or sunny climate | Plant size: Compact | Flowers: 9 weeks | Yields : 14 to 16 oz per 3x3ft | Taste & Smell : Berry/Earthy/Fruity/Sweet | Effects : Euphoric/Happy/Relaxed/Uplifted - Bubble Gum

Plant type: 60% Indica 40% Sativa | THC: Up to 19% | CBD: Medium | Difficulty: Easy | Climate: Indoors and cool or sunny climate | Plant size: Average | Flowers: 9 weeks | Yields: 18 oz per 3x3ft | Taste & Smell: Earthy/Herbal/Pungent/Spicy/Sweet/Woody | Effects: Creative/Euphoric/Happy/Relaxed/Uplifted - White Widow

Plant type: 70% Sativa / 30% Indica | THC: 20% - 27% | Difficulty: Moderate | Flowers: 49-70 days | Taste & Smell: Berry/Fruity/Herbal/Sour/Spicy/Sweet/Candy/Diesel/Strawberry | Effects: Cerebral/Energizing/Euphoric/Focus/Relaxing/Uplifting - Sour Berry Blue

Purple Kush Bx feminized - Purple Kush

Platinum Cookies - Platinum Cookies

Purple Punch (Dr.Seeds) & White Widow (King Seeds) - Purple Punch (1) & White Widow (1)

Pot of Gold - Pot of Gold

Photo - Unknown strain, Ron

Photo - Stella (Goat Piss or Sundae Driver)

Photo - Demeter (Goat piss or sundae driver)

Photo - Queenie (Goat Piss or Sundae Driver)

Photo - Mira Nova (Alien Rock Candy)

Polar express - Polar express auto

Pitbull - Pitbull #1

Psychedelic sunsets gelato cookies purple shit Skywalker - My first row

Presecco BIF - Presecco

Pink Runtz Auto - Pink Runtz Auto

Purple Punch Auto by Advanced genetics - Purple Punch Auto Flowers 👊🏾💥

Purple Star - Purple Star Homegrown

Purple crunch - Firs Photo

Purple Haze / Dogwalker OG / Zkittles - First run in Grow Tent

Pineapple Autoflower Feminized - GC Pineapple Autoflower Seed 1

Pineapple Express - Photoperiod - Tale of Two Sisters

Pineapple Express - PE Fem x 2

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express Autoflower

Purple kush auto - Purple kush outdoor grow

Purple kush - Purple kush auto

Purple Candy, GG#4, Super Skunk #1 - Clusterfuck

Peyote gorilla feminized - Peyote gorilla -indoor-

Photo periods - *Royal Cookies ( Purple Cookie Pheno)

Pink runtz - Pink runtz cali.

Pineapple Gelato - Pineapple Gelato Bag Seed

Photoperiod - Poddy Mouth (Humboldt Seed Co)

Photo? - Blue dream?

Pre-98 Bubba Kush (high CBD) x Bubba Kush from clone - Double Bubba - Harvested

Pineapple chunk - Pineapple chunk

Pineapple - Pineapple

Peach tree & Scotts OG/RareDankness - AC Infinnity 4x4x7

Putang - Putang

Platinum Hawaiian - Platinum Hawaiian seed

Purple Punch OG - Grow 2

Purple Jack - Purple Jack-NukeHeadz

Purple punch auto flower - Frank 4

PhotoPeriod - Strawberry Candy (SCROG)

Pineapple Chunk & Girl scout cookies - (2)Pineapple Chunk / (2)Gsc

photoperiodic - purple kush🍇🌳

Peyote cookies - Peyote cookies

Pink kush - Pink kush

Purple Haze Autoflower by OSSC - Purple Haze Auto

Purple Haze autofem - Purple Haze Auto 2nd

Pineapple canyon - Sativa Project

Plant1 - Blueberry shortcake

Purple kush - Purple haze 2nd year

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express auto

Purple Punch - Purple Punch

Purple haze auto - First grow ever

Purple Haze - Purple haze

Pluto auto - Pluto kush

Pinneapple kush - 2 pineapple

Purple haze - Hawaiian purp

Pineapple Express - Pineapple

Popcorn - Popcorn/homegrow

Platnium Cadillac and Skywalker OG - 1xPlatnium Cadillac. 3xSkywalker OG

Pinnaple upside down cake and Napali Park - MTHOG

Photoperiod - Jannet

POTG, Cres0xKrux(DNF), White Wedding, Punch Bowl - *COMPLETE* 4X5 5 Gal

Pluto Runtz Auto and Upaya Auto - 2x4 Auto

Purple mimosa-EQ strawberry cough-HGCC - Purple mimosa-EQ Genetics

Purple Haze - First Grow Ever

Photoperiod feminized - Dream factory, vanilla creme pie, exodus cheese, chem 91 sk va

Pineapple Express Auto Flower (420Fastbuds) - Pineapple Express (Fast Buds)

Purple Desil glue (sativa fem.) Glue Bird (Indica fem.) Pop Rocks(Hybrid sativa dom. Fem) - Father’s Day grow

Pure Kush - Pure Kush- AA Geoocy

Pineapple express + northern lights - Auto grow, greenhouse autopot

Psilocybin mushrrom - B+ Strain

Pineapple Punch autos - Pineapple Punch

Purple Kush x2, White Cookies x2 - Spring Grow 2021

Purple sour - Boss grow inc

Pink Napoli - Pink Napoli 2/2

Pink Napoli - Pink Napoli 1/2

Power Plant from seed - PowerPlant Scrog

Purple lemonade auto - Purple lemonade

Purple urkle - Indoor grow

Pineapple kush - Pineapple kush

Pink sherbet - Pink sherbt

Purple/bi-polar/girlscout cookie - First grow(micro grow)

Punch & Swag - 2 Clones; Punch & Swag ( First grow!)

Purple flavinoid ( Gelatti x Creamsicle #4) - Tiki Swervvv

Pablo’s Revenge - Pablo’s Revenge tiki

Pablos Revenge BX - Pablos Revenge BX

Purple skizzlez - Purple skittlzes regular fem (west coast auto og

Pineapple express - P-Express DWC standalone

Purple cotton candy/sour diesel - Seedlings dwc

Purple haze - Random strains

Pineapple Muffin - Pineapple muffin updates

Pinky’s Oreo - First grow

Photoperiod - Wedding Cake

Pineapple Express Auto - Indoor Growth

Purple Runtz - Purple Runtz

Purple kush - purple kush clone from outdoor crop

Purple kush & geloto - Purple kush & geloto

Purple Punch / Royal Highness - Purple Punch / Royal Highness

Platinum Kush - Platinum Kush

Purpura uno Cbd regs - canuk - Purpura Uno CBD “A”

Purpura Uno Cbd reg’s - Purpura Uno Cbd “B”

Purple lemonade - 1st auto

Peanut Butter & Jelly x Purple Punch - Kickflip #7

Peas, Broccoli, Radish - Microgreens - Test Variety

Purple Love - Purple Love

Pink Wulff - Pink Wulff -CopyCat Genetixx

Peanut Butter Breath - kiki

Pink Rozay Automatic - Pink Rozay (Auto) (1)

Pineapple, purp x wedding cake, flo, candyland - 1st wave of plants

Purple Haze - Round 2

Purle Punch from Barneys Farm - Purple Punch (pheno #1)

Purple punch - Purple punch pheno 2

Peach Pie x 10th planet - Peach Super Nova

Pineapple chunk fem from Barney’s Farm - Pineapple Chunk

Purple Punch from Barney’s Farm - Purple Punch Earthbox

Purple Punch Fem- Barney’s Farm - Purple Punch 2x4 Raised Bed

Purple Kush - Purple Kush DWC/Drip

Purple Haze - Purple Haze DWC/Drip

Purple Gorilla Punch - Purple Gorilla Punch. Femized/Photoperiod

Purple Haze - Alegria

Peanut Butter - Peanut Butter Plant Grown 💛🤎

Pop tart /Sweet tooth /Grizzly purple - Covid grow

PP3 Indica - PP3

PP3 - PP3

Pp3 - Pp3

Pp3 - Day 5

PP3 - Untie

PP3 - Untie

Purdy - Pp3

Pp3 - Pp3

Pp3 - Pp3

Pp3 - Pp3

Pp3 - Pp3

Pam - Same unknow female

Pam - Same unknow female

Peyote Wi-Fi - Can i get the Wi-Fi?

Peyote gorilla glue - One of the babies

purple punch automatic - Fastbuds - Purple Punch

Pure Moods - Pure Moods

Pura Vida - Pura Vida

Pan Dragon x PanamaRed x Columbian Gold - 3.21. Germ

Purple sour low rider #2 - Purple sour low rider - Auto

Passion fruit - Passion fruit

Photo - Ferarrii Runtz

Pink runtz - Pink runtz

Pink lemonade sat. Dominant - Pink lemonade

Pheno - Blue cookies

Platinum cookies - Platinum Cookies Grow First Grow

Platinum cookie - Platinum cookie

Purple lemonade - Feminized auto flower purple lemonade

Purple Kush - Purple Kush Stealth

Pheno 2 gb and keeper kush pheno - Gorilla butter and purple kush

Pixie Dust - Pixie Dust

Prenseed - Prenseed

Papaya Bars and Peach Power Punch - Papaya Bars and Peach Power Punch

Photoperiod - Dosidos

Pineapple express - Pineapple express

Photo - Zkittles

Photo - Grandaddy purple

Photo - Gorilla glue

Purp - Purple punch

Purple kush-cali og haze-og clones - Purple kush-cali og haze-og clones

Photo og Kush, alien express, purple Punch - Outdoor grow updates

Pineapple Express Auto - FastBuds Pineapple Express Auto

Pure Fire x Super Boof - Pure Fire

Pump juice (Girl Scout cookies x purple punch) regs - Pump juice F2

Power Plant Clone - My First Grow: Power Plant Photoperiod

Purp and Gelato - Granddaddy purp and Gelato

Purple Punch Autoflower - Purple Punch

Photo - Raspberry Parfait X PPD

Pluto Cut - Pluto Cut (A)

Photoperiod - Faygo Fireworks (Fem Photo)

Pure Michigan Auto - Pure Michigan (take 2) Auto

Photoperiod - Mystery cutting

Passion Fruit punch. Photo Period - Passion Fruit Punch Photo Period

Pink Kush CBD - Pink Kush CBD (Seedsman)

Pink Kush - Unknown from Paul (Pink?)

Pixy dust - Sprout 1.

Purple gelato, gelato glue, bubblegum, pink panties - First ever grow Autos

Papaya Biscuits - PB

Pineapple auto - 1st grow

Pineapple Auto - 2nd Grow Pineapple auto - Homegrown Cannabis co

Pineapple express - Bag seed

Purple Kush Auto - First Grow

Purple Seedsman seeds - Purple FEM indoor 300w LED 2x2

Purple Haze, Gelato, Cheese XXL, The Ultimate. - June 2020 grow

Purple Camaro - Purple Camaro

Photo - CBD KUSH

Photo - Critical orange Punch

Pepé Le Pew - Pepé Le Pew Take 2

Purple Punch - First Grateful Grow 2020

Photo - Cheese

Pink kush - Pink kush, lst and scrog

Pheno Hunter - New strain hunter

Purple punch, Durban sunrise, gorilla glue - First eazy plug pyramids

Purple Bud - Purple Bud Automatic - Sensi Seeds

Pot of gold - Small scrog

Photo - Pineapple Express (Sarah)

PEx - Pineapple express

Pex - Pex clones

Photo period - Blue Dream

Photo sativa dom - Acid Dough

Pineapple express - Pineapple

Plant ZZ - Zamioculcas

Purple Queen - Indica - Purple Queen - Royal Queen Seeds

Papaya punch - Papaya punch

PD clone - Purple diesel

Panama red - Panama Red -From Seed - 1 Plant

Purple Kush - My first online tracked grow

Pineapple Muffin Auto - Pineapple Muffin Auto DWC

Possible purp - Mystery dank

Photo/Auto - 4 autos and a photo

Purple haze auto - First indoor grow

Purple kush - Purple kush

Pineapple express - Malibu Barbie

Platinum OG - Platinum OG

Papaya - Papaya

Pineapple chunk x hicbd male - Micro 18 watt led mini sog

Padlock - Padlock teen

Purple bud auto - sensi seeds - First grow purple bud auto

Purple bud auto - Purple bud auto 2

Purple bud auto - Purple bud auto #3

Phantom cookies domina - Phantom cookies domina - garden of green seeds

Peyote gorilla - Peyote gorilla - seedsmans seeds

Purple Kush ,orange cookies ssh, harlequin - Here are my girls

Purple Auto - Blossom

Pot plant - First grow

Pineapple Muffin - Ms Flo-Jo

Pineapple Muffin - Ms Marion Jones

Pineapple muffin - Ms Lolo Jones

Pineapple Muffin - #7

Punani, Francos Lemon Haze, Pineapple Express, Auto Purple Gorilla - Indoor 2019

Purple punch - Purple punch clone

Plant A.-genetics unknown - 1st Grow

Pink Bubba - Pink Bubba

Pineapple Express - First Grow

Pacific seed bank - Blue Dream Humboldt Autos

Purple haze auto fem - Purple haze

Purple Punch and Super Skunk (Auto) - Purple punch and super skunk Auto’s

Peanut Butter Breath - Peanut Butter Breath SCROG

Perfect power plant - Perfect power plant. DWC

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express

Peyote cookies - Peyote cookies clone mike nolan

Photoperiod - Gorilla Zkittles

Purple Bud - Purple Bud

Purple Punch Auto - Purple Punch Auto - Barney’s Farm

Pineapple - Pineapple


Purple - Purple Queen

Platinum punch - Lookin for grubs

Puple Rain Auto - Purple Rain

Purple KUSH - Purple kush

Purple Kush F3 - PURPLE KUSH F3

Purple Queen (photoperiodic) - PQ#1

Purple Queen automatic - PQ#2

Purple Kush X Mazar - 4th grow

Peppermint Kush - Peppermint Kush

Peppermint Kush - Peppermint Kush

Pepperment Kush - Pepperment Kush 2

Purple - Purple and Gorilla Glue - First grow (small)

Purple Punch Autoflower - Purple Punch #1

Purple Punch Autoflower - Purple Punch #2

Purple Punch Autoflower - Purple Punch #3

Peach Pie - Peach Pie

Purple Chem - New member, will backfill this grow info soon

Purple Chem - Purple notes on Purple Chem

Photo - GDB & CCB clones

Photo - Clone Grow

Photo - Tru North Grow

Purple Candy, OG Kush, Chemdawg - Purple Rain

Peanut butter crunch - Thug pug

Puckers - 💐Puckers🎄🎍

Pineapple Chunk - Pineapple Chunk

Purple auto - Purple automatic

Photoperiod Regular (100% germ rate) - Raccoon City - Galactic Genetics 🧬

Purple Punch - Purple Punch autoflower

Phototype - Special kush, skunk, purple queen

Pinapple Express F1 Auto - Pinapple Express F1 Balkon

Pink Rozay Auto - Pink Rozay Auto, Balkom

Purple Haze Auto - Purple Haze Auto, Growzelt

Purple punch - Purple punch

Pineapple express - Pineapple express

Pink Biscotti - Cookies

purple baOx - Purple baOx

Peyote WiFi seedsman - Peyote Wi-Fi

Purple Skunk, Sensei Skunk, Carmellow Kush - First Grow

Parsley - Parsley (Curled)

Pacastan valley seed - Pacistan valley seed

Pineapple express - Pineapple express

PK - Purple kush round 2

Pk and OGFV - (Crop King) Purple Kush and OG Kush Fast Version

Purple dawg and , OGKZ , SUGAR BREATH AND RUNTz - Purple Stardawg

Purple Haze,S1,GG,MK,Nlue Dream - ILGM Seeds & Two Clones

Purple Punch S1: Purple Punch x Purple Punch (6)& Purple Crash : Purple Punch x Sundae Driver (6) - Greenpoint’s Purple Punch S1 & Purple Crash All Organic Holiday Grow

Platinum Frosting: Platinum Lemon Cherry Gelato x Oreoz - Platinum Frosting (Greenpoint Testers)

Peyote critical - Peyote Critical-3

Purple Jazz - Grandaddy Purple x Do-Si-Do

Purple alien - Purple alien

Purple Thai - Ethos Genetics - Purple Thai Auto

Pink Kush -Barney’s Farm & BruceBanger - seedsman seeds - Pink-Banger

Photoperiod(fem) - Bruce Banger

Photoperiod(fem) - North Thunderfuck

Purple kush - Purple kush

Photoperiod - Coffee Crisps - Greenpoint Seeds

Pineapple Chunk and Crown Royal - 2 Pineapple Chunk - Barney’s Farm and 1 Crown Royal - CKS

Peyote Pancake - Peyote Pancake - Medicinal - Lab results

Photoperid - Bagseed run

Peanut brathe cross with lebanese - Peanut butter breathe

Pinkmon - Pinkmon

Permanent Marker - Grow 2

Purple Kush - 2 clone group

Purple bud - Purple Bud

Pinneaple chunk - Pinneaple chunk photo

Purple Lemonade - Autoflower Grow #2 Purple Lemonade

Purple - Purple lemonade

Photos - Maui waui, BTTF#2

Pinapple - Pinapple chunk auto

Purple Haze - Purple Haze DWC Grow

Photo period sativa dominant - Cape town seeds

PEX, TD, 001, 002 - First indoor grow

Purple Gelato - Grow #2

Platinum/OG Kush/Forbidden Fruit Bagseed - Platinum OG Kush x1/ OGK x2/FFx1

Pink Rozay auto Zamnesia - Pink Rozay 1

Pink Rozay auto Zamnesia - Pink Rozay 2

Purple fem dinafem+ NL aoto rqs - Purple fem + NL auto

Punto rojos - Punto rojos

Photo or Auto? - Jack Berry x Afghan Skunk

Pineapple Express Auto(Dinafem) Girl Scout Cookies(AutoSeeds) Auto Ultimate(Dutch Passion) - Plant it and it shall Auto

Pink Kush - Pinky

Pound Town Autoflower - Pound Town by Humboldt Seeds

Pineapple Chunk (Cheese x Skunk 1 x Barney’s Pineapple) - Pineapple Chunk

Peyote Forum (Peyote Purple x Forum Cookies) - Peyote Forum

Photoperiod female - 00 seeds blueberry

Platinum Kush Breath - Platinum Kush breath Clones

Platinum Kush Breath mother - Platinum Kush breath Mother for clones

Pink kush clones - Pink Kush

Purple kush auto flower - Purple kush auto

Purple Punch Auto - Purple Punch Auto - Barneys Farms

PSD & Pineapple chunk - LSD & Pineapple chunk chlones

Peyote cookies # 1 shorter bush - Peyote cookie # 1 table 1

Pinneapple Trainwreck - Pinneapple trainwreck clone 1

Pinneapple Trainewreck - Pinneapple trainwreck clone 2

Pineapple wxpress - Pineappe express

Powerflower - Power flower

Plat runts cookies - Runts

Power flower - Power flower

Purple Urkle Trainwreck - PKT Bag Seed

Purple Punch - Garage Grow II

PRP4, GMO Cookies, Pinapple Sorbet - 2019 Summer Flower Run #4

Purple Punch - ( Purple Punch x Old Skunk Auto ) - Purple Punch - by RQS

Pink panther 1-1 - First xgrower 12-12plant

PF - Jan 2022 PF grow

Purple crash - Green point PF🧬 🧬

Purple Aliens - Green point seeds

Purple Puss - Stick E Nugz strain pheno hunt

Purple Wookie - Purple Wookie

Peanut Butter Cookies, Wedding Cake, Gelato, Gorilla Glue #4 - First grow, on balcony.

Pheno- Watermelon zkittles, big bud, auto-forbidden runtz - 1st Grow

Passion berry - First grow

Purple punch - Purple punch

Platinum Terple - Platinum Terple from In House Genetics

Purple Kush - Purple Kush

Pink Kush, Time Warp, - Bag seeds

Purple Punch - Purple Punch

Purple cookies - Part 2

Purple Demon - Purple Demon

Purple gushers - Purple gusher clones

Peyote cookies - Pc mom

Peyote cookies - Pc flora

Purple gorilla - Purple gorilla

Pineapple ocean grown - Pineapple OG

Purple Lemonade Auto - Purple Lemonade Auto 1

Purple Lemonade Auto - Purple Lemonade Auto 2

Purple Lemonade Auto - Purple Lemonade Auto 3

Pineapple express and cheese - Pineapple express

Purple glam kush - Purple glam kush femized

Ph - Purple Haze 1-2-3

Purple Kush - Purple Kush

Purple Kush - Purple Kush

Purple Kush/Blue Mataro - 2nd attempt 3x3 grow tent

Purps - Purps (photo)

Purp - Take over 19

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express - First Indoor

Purple thai auto - Purple thai auto

Purple thai auto - Purple thai auto 2

Purple Queen - First Ever Grow

Peanut Butter Soufflé (Dosido x Lava Cake) - Peanut Butter Soufflé Clone

Pineapple Chunk - Pineapple Chunk

Pineapple jack & grape sour diesel - Photo 2

Purple punch or Night nurse - Purple Punch Or Night Nurse

Pineapple Explress photo fem - Pineapple Exp PART 2

Pineapple express - Pineapple Express photo

Pineapple express auto - Pineapple express auto

Pine kush, bagseed - Pine kush and bagseed grow

Purple Punch - Purple Punch #1- Liquid Prince

Purple PineBerry - Purple PineBerry

power bud x skunk - Special Queen #1👸🌴

Purple mighty - Purple mighty

Purple Wedding Glue - Mary

Platinum Cookies Hybrid 17.5% thc aka platinum girl scout cookies - Platinum cookies #2

Platinum Cookies Hybrid 17.5% thc aka platinum girl scout cookies - Platinum Cookies #1

Pink champagne blueberry - Sweet pink

Papaya - Papaya-Scrog Natures Living Soil

Pineapple Express Auto Fast Buds - Pineapple Express Auto

Photo period - Lemon amnesia

Purple Kush Auto - Purple Kush

Purple Lemonade - Purple Lemonade

Power Plant - In ground grow

Pineapple Express, orange sherbert, blue dream - First grow ever

Pineapple express - Leaf curling

Pineapple express - Pineapple

Pineapple express - Pineapple express

Pineapple dream - First grow

Pineapple express - Pineapple Express auto

Pink lemonade - Kaylee

Pink lemonade - River

Pink lemonade - Inara

Pineapple Express - My first grow

Purple Hindu Kush, 13 Dawgs - Grow #2

Pinee - Barneys pine

Purple Queen, Critical Mass, Sour Diesel - Flowering Trees 🌺🪴

Purple Afghani - Purple Afghani #2

Purple afghani - Purple Afghani -3

Pound town auto - Dark heart nursery pound town auto

Pineapple chunk - Pineapple chunk

Pure indica - White rhino

Pure indica - Grandaddy purp

Pineapple train wreck x blueberry muffin - Pineapple Muffin - auto

Platinum Huckleberry Cookies - Platinum Huckleberry Cookies

Pb breath , corn bread , cereal milk , GA Pie , Lemmon Pepper , Snowman , Jefe - KushingtonsGarden

Power africa - Power Africa X

Power africa - Power africa

Pear Cobbler - Copycat Genetics 🧬 - Second Photo Grow

Purple Punch - Purple Punch - Barney’s Farm HLG grow

Purple punch - Purple punch

Peonia - Peony Green Halo

Parsley - Parsley

Peony - Itoh Peony Cora Louise

Platinum Bubba Kush - Slimbenny

Platinum Tahoe OG - In House Genetics | Platinum Tahoe OG | 5Gal

Platinum Tahoe OG - In House Genetics | Platinum Tahoe OG | 1Gal

Purple Widow Autoflower - Purple Widow Auto

Powerplant - 1st

Pineapple Sorbet - Pineapple Sorbet

Pineapple Express - First time grower

Pink lemonade - pink lemonade first grow

Purpura Uno CBD - Purpura Uno CBD Regular #1 by Canuk Seeds

Purpura Uno CBD - Purpura Uno CBD Regular #2 by Canuk Seeds

Purpura Uno CBD - Purpura Uno Clone 1

Photoperiod - Cookies & Cakes 🎂 🍰

Photoperiod - Nag Champa

Pluto - 10ftx10ft indoor grow

Purple Punch - Purple punch

Piff S1 x Sour Apple - Sour Apple

Plat Kush Mints x gelato 45 - Platinum Kush Mints x Gelato 45

Pimp Slap Purp - Pimp Slap Purps

Peace Lily - Hydro Plants

PM - Plush Mangoes


Purple Kush - Purple Kush auto

Purple punch - Purple punch

Platinum 1 of 2 - Platinum 1

Purple punch - Purple punch 2

Platinum kush 2 of 2 - Platinum 2

posible pangola - proyecto

pangola - ganjitah

Platinum gorilla glue - Platinum gorilla glue

Purple Punch - Purple Punch, KindLED XL1000

Peanut butter breath x Lemon Jell-O - Pbj toast

Purple Auto Dr Ray Seeds - Auto Purple

Purple alien kush - Purple alien

Purple afghan - Purp 💜

Purple Haze and Gelat.OG - Purple Haze + Gelat.OG Coco

Purple Haze and Blueberry Muffin - Mothers

Purple Gorilla - 1st Grow

Pyramid seeds Black Cherry Punch - Fourth grow

Purplematic - Purplematic CBD

Purple Punch - Purple Punch

Purple Punch - Second auto popped

Pk - First grow

Pk - First Gro

Pineapple Pop-Sativa - Pineapple Pop

Purple Kush Auto - Purple Kush Auto - PPK

Pegasus - Pegasus

Pistachio - Pistachio

Paradiso (Gelato #33 x Bahama Mama) - Solfire Gardens - Paradiso

Photo 🔥🔥🔥🔥 - Random Seeds


Purple - Day 18 indoor grow

Purple Punch,Gorilla Glue,La Confidential,Dank Sauce,Runtz,Urban Gorilla,White Widow,The Majestic - Mothers/PreVeg/Veg

purple punch - outdoor winter-purple punch

purple punch - winter purple punch #2

Possibly Mimosa - Mimosa

Purple Sunset & GG#4 - Purple Sunset and Gorrila Glue #4

Power Flower - Power flower 🌺 my first grow EVER!!

PC, Gelato - 3rd

PhotoP - KosherKush x Bacio

pineapple express - pineapple express (test seed)

Purple Punch - 2nd Grow

Pineapple express/ Presidential O.G - LED closet grow

Peach Tree - Peach Tree planted

Pbogkb and 2 grand daddy purp - Pbogkb grand daddy purp

Platinum Girlscout Cookie - PGC-1wk Veg

Purple Magic - Purple Magic (Photoperiod)

Photos - Flower 4

Purple Haze - Purple Haze Feminized

Purple Skid Marks - Purple Skid Marks

Phoenix Fire - Round 3

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express

Purple widow - White widow crossed with purple Kush

Purple frosting - First grow

Probably a blueberry kush plant, might be a pink kush tho - No dickpic, only weed pic ! :D

Peanutbutter Breath - PntButr Brth (Mad Scientist Genetics)

Purple kush - Critical Purple Kush

Purple kush - Purple Kush

Purple kush fem - Outside PK 2021

Possible sativa - Yamel

Purple gelato - New beginnings

Purple haze autoflower - Purple haze auto

Purple hase auto - Second grow

Purple Haze - Purple Haze - GCS - Fox Farm Soil

Pineapple haze - Pineapple haze

Predominantly Indica - Platinum OG & Taquitz

Photoperiod - Vanilla Cream Pie

Photoperiod - Ethos EndGame

PURPLE HAZE - Purple haze (Autos)

PURE KUSH - Pure kush

Pink death (AAAA) - Pink death

Purple kush - Purple kush

Platinum Jelly Breath - Platinum Jelly Breath-Copycat Genetics

Pebbles Punch - Pebbles Punch test

Pineapple Chunk Fem. - PineApple Chunk (Barneys Farm)

Pineapple upsidedown cake/ g crack/ bubba - Mix

Purple kush auto - Purple kush auto

Purple kush auto - Purple kush auto

Purp - Purp dream

Purple - First Indoor Fire Grow

Pink k & Bruc Banner - PROPS GROW

Pineapple lemon/afghan glue auto - Pineapple kush and 1 afghan glu auto

Photo Regular abd Fem Seeds - Seedling Test Planted all Free Seeds

Purple Fritter - Apple Fritter X Purple Punch - Purple Fritter

Purple punch - Purple punch

Peyote Critical/Chocolope Kush - Peyote Critical/Chocolope Kush

Peyote WiFi CBD - Peyote WiFi CBD #1

Purple punch, grand daddy purp - First grow

Pineapple Chunk (hybrid). - Pineapple Chunk (Barney's Farm)

Plutos Bride - Plutos Bride

Photoperiod - 9 pound hammer

Peanut butter cups - Revive my first grow

Purple Envy - Purple Envy

Purple kush - Purple kush

Platinum gsc - First grow

Possible female amnesia - Quarantine Kush 1

Photo hermi? - Do si woah

Photo pre 98 bubba x gg4 fem seed - Dracarys

Purple punch - Purple punch

PZ/OK - Purple Zinfandel / Orange Kush

Purple haze - 1

Purple Haze?? - 1.5

Power, mandarin cookies v2, banana daddy r1 - Indoor OG

Photo - Outdoor OG

Photo - Indoor og

Purple monkey balls - Season 2 photo period grow

Purple punch bag seeds - Purple punch

Purple Haze - Purple Haze feminized autoflowering

Photoperiod - Gorillaglue #4

Purple Ponch GG- PR 🧬 - Primer Crecimiento en Coco. First growth in coconut substrate

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express

Purple Afgani x mystery - 4 th grow

Papaya bomb, pineapple breeze, Gandhi guava, dosilato - Mix

Pirate Milk X Ghee Butter - Sunset Cereal

Purple Haze fem. - Purple Haze - My First Lady

Purple Larry - Purple Larry

Photoperiod Herbies - Grandmommy Purple

Photoperiod Herbies - Black Cherry Punch

Photoperid - Bubblegum Seedling

Photo Sour Diesel - Sour Diesel

Photoperiod Blk Cherry Punch - Black Cherry Punch

Photo fem - Grandmommy Purple

Photo fem - Black Cherry Punch

Photo fem - Bubblegum Photo

Photo - Sour Diesel

Photo - Black Cherry Punch

Photo - Grandmommy Purple

Photo - Bubblegum LST

Pink Runtz - Pink Runtz

Pineapple Express Auto - 2nd Grow

Purple punch - Purple punch

Peyote critical - Peyote critical

Pineapple express - Pineapple Express 1

Purple kush - Purple Kush Fem

Purple Punch X (mendo breath x bannana kush) - Gloves off

Purple Punch (Barneys Farm) - Purple Punch-soil

Platinum GSC - Platinum GSC

Pineapple Glue - 3rd times a charm

Purple Push Pop - New Addition

Purple kush - Purple kush

Purple afgan and trainwreck - First grow

Purple punch - Purple punch

Photoperiod - Ethos Apex R1

Photoperiod - Cotton Candy

Purpose Genetics MacMinion F2 Freebies, Clones from my man John, GSC/ZKITTLEZ AUTO Seeds from Seedkings (GSC, awful service long wait never again) and Purpose Genetics from the Vineyard (Favorite person in the industry to do business with) - Getting back to my roots

Pink Lemonade 34 St. - #4 Pink Lemonade - Photo Fem Seed

Purple Tropicana Cookies - #5 Tropicana Cookies

Photoperiod (reg) - Nice Guy Eddie Seeds

Photoperiod (reg) - Core.Genetix Fruit of the Vine

Pineapple express - Pineapple express

Photo - Pam’s Cross 1

Photos - Pam’s cross 2

Phots - Pam’s cross 3

Photo - Pam’s Cross 4

Phantom Kush - My First Grow

Purple Punch - Purple Punch Autos

Purple Haze & Banana Kush - First grow - 2 strains

Platinum Og - Platinum Og

Platinum Og - Platinum Og grow #3

Platinum Og - Platinum Og

Platinum Og - Platinum Og

Pink Grapefruit - Pink Grapefruit Auto

Pinneapple chunk - Pinneapple chunk barney farm 2nd ed

Peanut butter breath - Peanut butter breath

Purple Banner (Tropicanna Poison x Dark Horse Bruce Banner) - Updated 2023 Outdoor Run

Photoperiod - Strawberry Blondie

Photoperiodic - Red Hot Cookies

Power Pack from ILGM - Power Plant & Train Wreck

Purple bubba - Purple bubba

Purple kush - Purple kush

Platinum Kush Breath - Platinum Kush Breath

Purple kush - Purple kush

Pineapple express - Pineapple Express

Purple Punch - Purple Punch

Photoperiod - Sherbert Cookies

Photoperiod - Tangerine Dream

Photoperiod - The Church Clone

Photoperiod - UK Cheese

Photoperiod - Peanut Butter Fast

photo - critical xxl

Purple kush - Purple kush auto First grow

Peyote Cookies - Barneys Farm - Peyote Cookies - Outdoor

Pre98 x sweet skunk - Pre 98

Power Plant - First Grow 2020

Pink Mango & Pure Indicas - Pink Mango & Pure Indica’s

PGS photo - Platinum Cookies

Purple #1 - Purple

Photoperiod Clone - Black Dog - Humbolt seed company clone

Purple Haze - Purple Haze SCROG

Photoperiod - GD Purple

Photo - Grow 2

Punch Cake - Elev8 Genetics

Pineapple express #2 - Pineapple express #2

Platinum OG x Master - Platinum Master

Panta - Panta

Purple bud - Purple bud white label

Purple kush red mandarine - Sexy ladies

Purple Kush CBD Auto - Purple Kush CBD Auto

Purple kush - Hybrid purple kush

Pinnapple Chunk - Pinnapple Chunks

Pink Kush x White Widow - First Grow

Purple punch bf, blue gelato bf, french mac x 2 - New grow in coco

Purple Punch x2, Dosidos, French Macaron, Runtz Muffin - New grow coco

Purple haze - I can do this

Photoperiods - Tropicana cookies and Lava Cake

Purple Moby Dick - Purple moby dick

Peyote Purple (Purple Bubba Pheno) x Gorilla Glue - Peyote Gorilla by Seedsman

Peanut breath / chimera s1/strawberry cough /truffle queen/lemon grass - Start of 2nd grow

Periwinkle Pie - Periwinkle Pie by Greenpoint Seeds

Papaya punch - Papaya punch

Pure kush - Pure kush

Purple punch - Day 1 purple punch

photo - icc and others

Pineapple Kush - Tent 2 - Pineapple Kush

Pink Rozay - Tent 1 - Pink Rozay

Purple - Grandaddy purple

Payche - Pysche

Pineapple express - Pineapple express auto

Pineapple express - Pineapple express (outdoor)

Purple kush auto - (Tessa)Purple kush outdoor

Pineapple express barneys farms - Pineapple express autos

Purple punch - Purple punch 2019

Purple punch x runtz - Purple runtz

Purple punch - Some more purps

Purple blizzard (oreoz x purple punch) - Purple blizzard

Purple Punch - Purple Punch Photo Period

Photoperiod - First indoor grow

Purple kush, bruce banner, gelato, pure cbd (all canuk), and a lost coast skunk (HSO) - 2nd try at autos

Photoperiod - Grow tent mixed strains

Purple punch - Purple punch outdoor 2021

Prenseeds - Primeiro Plantio #armariogrow

Prenseeds - Atrasadas do primeiro plantio

Purple Haze - Purple haze

Pineapple Express indica - First time growing

Pink Panties - Trinidad, Mainline

Purple Dahlia - Michael’s 1st Grow

Pineapple express auto fem. - Pineapple express- GrowHeadz

Peanut Butter Breath - First 2 Grow

Pink Berries 1/2 - Pink Grow

Papaya/Jack herer - Papaya/JH

Purple Haze - Purple Haze

Photo - GSC- Mendo Breath

Photoperiod - Clones blueberry

Personal - Im not sure

Prensado - Prenseed 2

Prensado - Prenseed

Purple Haze-Gorilla Cookies-Dos Si Dos-Orange Sherbet-Lemon Pie-Gorilla Glue - 6 Auto gangbang

Purple Power Cheese Grape God Sweet Island Skunk Ak-47 - Spring Grow 2019

Permadream - First DWC grow

Purple lemonade auto - Purple lemonade auto plant 1

Purple lemonade auto - Purple lemonade auto 2

Purple lemonade - Purple lemonade auto

Pinapple express - Pineapple

Phantom OG - Phantom OG

Purple Moon Rocks - Purple Moon Rocks

Purple Moon Rocks : RocBud - Purple Moon Rocks

Pre 98’ Bubba Kush Outlier - Outlier Z

Pre 98 BK - Bubba Kush ‘98

Photoperiod and auto flower - Fall 2023 #1 (ABANDONED/CULLED, bad soil, see #2)

Photoperiod feminized - Fall 2023 #2

Pineapple Glue, Kryptonite, Zkittlez, Purple Lemonade & Northern Lights - 4 Autos

Purple Chesse - Purple Cheese

Pbk - Purple bubble kush

Poblano Chile - lil pablo

Purple Kush, Grandaddy Purp - Pk/GDP - 3 - Scrog

Photo mental glitch - unknown title

Purple Kush - Purple Kush 2

Purple Kush - Purple Kush 3

Purple kush - Purple Kush 1

Pk, DSH, NC, BP+MC - Flower

Pineapple glue auto - Pineapple glue

Pink kush/Bruce Banner/ Og Kush - Pink n Bruce

Purple Afghan - Purple Afghan

Purple kush - Purps

Purple punch og - Purple punch

Permanent Rainbow 🌈 - Permanent Rainbow 🌈

Purple Panty dropper X Blue dream - Dana’s Dream (humboldt dream)

Parmasian kush/ gorilla glue #4 - M & M growery

Photo/ sativa? - Bag seed mystery

Pink Pablo - Pink Pablo

Purple Urkle - Winter Grow - Purple Urkle

Purple Haze - Purple Haze

Pina kaleidoscope - Pina Kaliedescope

Papayausca - River City Growers Clone

PB Cookies photo Fem - PB cookies 🍪

Purple Runtz - Second RUN

Photoperiod OG Bubba bag seed - The Wifes Find

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express

Purple kush - Purple kush

Purple Haze and Super Lemon Haze - Mix of seeds

Purple Dream - Purple Dream Auto

Purple punch - Indoor grow 2021

Pineapple chunk - Pineapple chunk

Photo - Green Leaf

Photo - Rainbow Cake x Tropical Orange

Photo - Durban Gold

Pepper - Scotch Brains XCP

Prunus Serrulata (Sakura Cherry Blossom), JP Black Pine, Full Moon + Green Cascade JM - GA3 + Woody Tree Experiement

Platinum Kush (fem) - Platinum Kush

Purpple Quien - First grow Indoor

Peanutbudder/MAC1 - Peanutbudder breath and MAC 1

Purple kush - Purple kush

Purple kush - Purple kush

Purple kush - auto - crop king gnenetics - Purple kush

Pluto kush - Pluto kush

Photoperiod - Cherry OG kush

Purple kush and green crack - Purple kush/green crack 1st time grower

Purple Punch - Purple Punch

Pure Kush Cookies by Mamiko Seeds - seed2grow

Pineapple Express auto - Pineapple Express auto fast buds

Purple punch auto - Purple punch auto

Photo - Runtz

Purple Kush - Purple Kush

Purple Kush 2 - Purple Kush2

Purple Kush - Purple Kush 21

Purp - Blueberry Skunk

Psilocybe Cubensis \ B+ - B+

Psilocybe Cubensis B+ - B+ Mark II

Purple haze - First grow

Purple Punch Auto - Barneys

Purple Kush - Big ol' Bitch

Purple lemonade - 1st grow

Purple kush - Purple kush and some random one

Pink berry - Pink Berry

Pink Panama - Pink Panama

Pink Panama - Pink Panama

Purplish ? - WyattEarple

Purple Haze - Purple Haze

Purple Punch 💜👊🏾 - Purple Punch 💜👊🏾

Purple haze - Re veg

photo-fem - Banana Punch Photo

Pink - Hibiscus

Plat GSC, Mixed, Tex Tw - KREME

Platinum GSC and more - KREME

Platinum GSC and more - Kreme

Plante grimpante - Passiflore bouture

Power Africa sativa - Spooky trip

Parmesan (Victory seeds) Cbd 40:1 (Biltong and buds) Bigger bud (Biltong and buds) Northen lights Auto (Fast buds) - Parmesan + Cbd 40:1 + Bigger bud + Northen lights Auto

Purple kush - Purple kush

PURPLE LAVENDER (indica dominate) - Squad Packs

Papaya cake - Papaya cake

Photo - Bruce banner & tropicana cookies

Purple Urkle - Purple Urkle

Platinum OG - Platinum OG seedling

Peyote cookies - Peyote Cookies

Purple Thai - Purple Thai

Possibly garlic mint or sour OG - Garlic Mint (surprise)

Purple queen - Purple queen

Pic - My grow this year

Pink cookie,sour diesel,Bruce Banner,baked goods,blue dream,ph69 x Granddaddy purple - The bakery genetics

PEX - Pineaple Express Auto

Pineapple Express Clones - Pineapple Express

Purple Lemonade (420 Fast Buds) - First Autos

Papaya - Papaya

Pineapple express and critical purple - 2nd run

Purple CBD x Blue Dreams - Purple CBD x Blue Dreams

Purple napalm - Grow 001

Photoperiod - Grease Monkey

Photoperiod - BGK

Photo - Grease Monkey Two

Pie face x dosido, tangie x dosido and lemon g x dosido - 4 plants

peyote critical - peyote critical

Peanut butter triangle - Peanut butter triangle first time grower

Purple Ice Cream Cake - Purple Ice Cream Cake

Pound Town - Pound Town

Purple punch photo - Purple punch

Pluto Cut Ethos, Anvil Gnome Genetics - Ethos/Gnome Grow

Purple Kush & Critical Mass - Grow 1

Putang - Mass Medical Putang

Pakman - Mass Medical Pakman

Purple leomnade - Purple leomade fastbud

Purple Gorilla - Purple Gorilla Auto DWC

Platinum oreo - Platinum oreoz - in house genetic

Purple Haz - Purple Haze Auto Fem

Purple OG Ghost Train Haze - Purple OG Ghost Train Haze

Purple lemonade - Purple lemonade / LST

Persian Triangle - Pakistani Chitral Kush(F) + Iraqi Triangle (M)

Purple Bud Auto - Purple Bud Autoflower Grow

Ppp auto flower +/-75 days - PPP TEENAGE WEDDING

Piña colada ethos auto - Piña colada

Pineapple Express, Blueberry, Critical, and Big Yield Auto - Indoor grow

Purple Punch, Jack herer, LSD-25, American Pie, White widow, and Blueberry - End of Summer Grow

Pineapple Upside Down Cake by Humboldt Seed Company - Pineapple Upside Down Cake


Purple berry kush - Purple berry kush

Possible Kush or Haze - Unknown heritage

Purple Trainwreck - Grow 102

Purple Cake, Grape Jelly - Purple Cake & Grape Jelly

Pineapple Kush - Pineapple

Purple punch auto - Purple punch auto

Pink kush - Pink

Purple kush - Purple kush

Purple lemonade gelato auto - Purple lemonade and gelato

Peanut Butter Punch x Lurch - Thug Pug Genetics Collab #8

Platinum OG and Wedding cake - Platinum OG (L) Wedding Cake (R)

Photo period - Gorilla sherbert

Purple queen - Purple queen auto

Purple punch - Purple punch Trash can

Purple Punch TGA - Purple Punch Winter

Purple bud - Purple bud

Photoperiod - Lemon Haze and OG Kush

Purple Kush Auto - Purple Kush Auto

Plowed plant - Power plant

Planet of the Grapes - 2022

Purple sunset - Purple sunset

Purple afghan - Purple afghan

Photoperiod - Royal Wedding Cake

Power Kush - Power Kush 1st grow

Power Kush - Rookies with seeds

Purple OG - POG-Tuca

Photoperiod - Erets bag seed

Presidential Kush - Veg

Pheno #1 - Pre-98 Bubba

Purple - Purple 3

Purple - Purple 2

Purple - Purple 1

Purple - Purple

Purple punch - Purple punch

Pink kush - Pink kush

Photoperiod - Grow 1

Purp sour d 1kush breath 1 oaxacan gold - First grow

Pineapple express - Box grow

Platinum Kush Breath GG4 Skunk Piss Strawberry Gelato - Clones of Various Strains in Flower

Pe2 - Pineapple express 2

Pineapple Hash Train + Mendo Breath Bx - Pineapple Hash Train + Mendo Breath Bx

Purple Kush - Purple Kush (Sativa, Natural Seeds)

purple punch - purple punch

Purple Punch, Critical Orange Punch, Banana Blaze - Auto Grow

Pussy Kush - Outdoor Grow - Pussy Kush

Pussy Kush - Cloning Experiment

Pineapple, AK-47, White Widow - First Grow

Purple wookie - Purple wookie clone


PR - Private Reserve

Purple Punch - purple punch

Purple Zen Berry / Blueberry x2 / Unkown Sativa x2 - PZB / BB / Unknown Sativa (Organic grow)

Plum Delight, Super Skunk - Sad Bois

Pineapple - Pineapple

Purple Kush - Purple Kush

Papaya/green crack - Grow #2 clones

Pheno - Unknown #2

Pheno - Biscotti Chunks

Photo - Hood Candyz

Pluto Cut R F3 - Pluto Cut R F3 - Ethos

Purple Punch - Purple Punch - Barney’s Farm

Pluto Cut - Pluto Cut - Ethos

Purple Lemonade - Purple Lemonade Auto 🍋 - Fastbuds

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express Auto 🍍 - Fastbuds

Punchberry Cookies RBX and Candystore RBX - Fresh start Subirrigated

Pink ManGoo - Jilly’s ManGoo

Photo fem - Green crack

Power Africa X MK Ultra - Power Africa X MK Ultra

Purple Titties (Saskatoon berry X purple stress) - Toontown Genetics’ Purple Titties

Purple haze cross northern lights - Dragons blood

Pinky - Pinky

Pineapple Express x Cookie Monster - Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Purple Kush Fem - Purple Kush Fem

Pink Chemo x Chem Dawg - Pink Chemo x Chem Dawg

Peyote wifi - Peyote wifi from seedsman

Phil 🤷🏽‍♂️ - Philipé & Co.

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express Auto

Purpe Haze - Purple Haze

Pine Apple Express Auto - Pine Apple Express #2

Purple Haze - Pueple Haze #2

PlantType? - GrowOne

Purple queen - Purple queen

Platinum OG - Platinum OG

Platinum OG Kush - Platinum OG Kush

Purple Blue Dream - Purple blue dream

Powderd donuts,wedding cake,gorilla bomb - First ever grow

Purple Hindu - Purple Hindu

Purple Grizzly - Purple Grizzly

Pruple queen - Purple queen

Purple skunk #4 and 3 mystery strains - First tent grow 2x4

Pink Kush - OG Kush Hybrid 80% Indica-Pink Kush

Photoperiod - Unicorn Poop S1 Fem


Pineapple express - Pineapple express auto

Photo period - LSD

Purple 💜 MAC - #2 Purple 💜 MAC’s

Parent plants; Hash Plant and purple Kush - Kash

Pressure - 🍓kush💨🦍🍪💨

Photo - 1st photo run update 2 days down

Photo period 🔥🔥 - Next run alert‼️‼️

Photoperiod - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🫐🍓🍇🍎🍒🍏🍒🍉🍋

Photo - Tropicana cookies purple‼️

Photo Booth 😂😤🙏🏿 - Ethos and green point seeds 😮‍💨🔥🔥🔥

Photo Booth - Next run 🔥💨😇

Photo ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 - 🍑 Peach Cream Soda

Photoperiod - Cherry Bang Bang

Platinum slurricane - Platinum slurricane

Photoperiod - Sundae driver

Platinum cookies - Platinum cookies

Purple star dawg - Purple star dawg

Purple hze - Purple haze

Purple lemonade four of them and I’m not sure what the seed is - Purple lemonade auto flower

Photoperiods - Cartier Crops Genetics

Purple kush - Purple kush

Psilocybin Cubensis - PES Hawaiian

Psilocybe Cubensis - Chitwan Lot # W-83

PD F2 = (PD F1 x PD F1) PD F1 = Poop Dollar = Gold Ca$h Gold x Poop Shoe Mom : Gold Ca$h Gold = (Oreoz 1.0 x Pure Michigan) Dad : Poop Shoe = (Unicorn Poop x Carl’s Shoes) Terps range in different phenotypes from onion, petrol gas to a musky berry, lime/pine funk. - Pinehurst Genetics Poop Dollar F2

Peyote wifi - Peyote wifi first time grower

Pluto Juan - Pluto kush

Peterd OG - Test Plant

Photo period - Home made seeds

Purple Lemonade & Northern lights x Big bud - 1st Auto run

PE - Pineapple Express

Possibly Sour diesel north moddle original bed - Bertha ?sour Diesel?

Possibly Gorilla Glue? - Eileen

Purple punch auto - Purple Punch Auto

Purple Haze - Purple Haze

Possibly Purple Ceral, Baby Toff, or Anna Banna - Chef A Autofemme Casserole


Pure Indica - Mango

Purple Haze & Stop The Car - 1st Indoor Grow

Princess Critical - Queen of Soul x Critical Kush

Photo - Bag seed indoor grow

Pineapple Express hybrid - Pineapple Express 34 street seed co

Purple haze - Fire auto meds purple haze

Pluto cut - ethos

Purple Queen, Critical, Sweet ZZ, OG Kush RQS - RQS Girls

Purple star killer - Grow

Purple Kush - Purple Kush

Pineapple Express autoflower - unknown title

Pheno 2 - Pineapple Express auto

purple queen autoflowering RQS - purple queen auto outdoor

Purple Punch Auto and Northern Lights Auto - First Grow -

Purple Haze - Purple Haze Auto

Purple Haze - Purple Haze Auto

Purple Sunset Autoflower - Blimburn - Purple Sunset Auto

Purp ? - I think its some purp

Purple bud - First grow!

Photo - Moose knuckle Jocky

Purple Punch Cookies, Grandmommy Purple, Runtz Gum - 3rd grow (1st in 4x4)

peanut butter gelato - Peanut butter gelato

Pineapple - Pineapple

Purple sunset rbx2 - Ethos purple sunset rbx2

Peanut Butter & Chocolate, Big Smooth, Alien Sour Apple, 3 in the Pink, Jack the Ripper, Sour Tangie - 11 Females First Try

PineappleSkunk, LemonSkunk, OG, Green Crack - First grow

Pinkdeathstar - Pink death start - micro topped

Pineapple express - Pineapple express #1

Purple haze - D Cure 2019 Indoor

Pink Panther - Pink panther bred indoor

Purple haze - Oh man!!! Ihopeidothisright....

Pineapple express - Pineapple Express

Purple Amnesia Lemon, Gorrilla Glue, Amnesia, CJs Kings Kush - PAL, GG, CJS

Platinum blue dream, gorilla glue#4, sour diesel, dosido - Sierra view pharm

Platinum garlic / platinum silk / original slurricane #7 / wedding cake x durb x gushers - First grow

Psychofruit auto - Psychofruit auto

Pineapple crack auto - Pineapple crack auto

Peppers - Spanish peppers

Purple punch - First grow

Purple og cheese - Purple og cheese winter outdoor

Pink Kush - Pink Kush first grow

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express - POT #2 pineapple express

Purple Punch x Purple Kush - Punch Pie Tyson

Poblano - First grow

Pineapple express - Pineapple express

Purple haze auto - First grow

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express Auto

Pineapple express auto - Pineapple express autos from fast buds.

Purple Ice Fem Auto - DBG Purple Ice

Purple Queen auto (RQS) - Purple Queen

Purps #1 (Dinafem) - Purps #1

Purple punch auto (barneys farm) - Purple Punch auto

Purple punch - outdoor experiment

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express - “Chiquita”

Purple punch x sundae driver - Sundae punch

Purple Bud - Purple Bud Auto - 1st try

Petite Cookies - Peyote Cookies

Purple space cookies - Purple space cookie bag seed living soil

Purple punch 207 - Purple punch

Purple queen - Purple queen - hydro

Photoperiod clone - Power Plant

Photoperiods - 3 Sour diesel clones

Platinum cookies - Platinum cookies photo

Purple Kush - PK & JFA.

Punch Cookies - December Grow

Pineapple Express - April Grow

Purple punch - Royal Runtz - First Auto Grow

Purple bud - Purple Bud Fem

Purple lemonade - Purple lemonade auto

Prenseeds, Og Double Kush, critical plus - Primeiro cultivo

PP - Purple Punch

Purple kush - Purple kush

PurplePunch Auto - PurplePunch

Pineapple punch - Pineapple grow

Purple Punch - Purple Punch

Platinum Kush - Platinum Kush

Peanut butter cookies - Pbc 2

Prenseed - Prenseed1

Pot - First grow ever

Purple punch - Purple Punch Grow

Purple kush - Autoflowers

Pink Rockstar - Lone soldier

Purple Cookies Kush, Sunset Sherbet - First Indoor Grow

Pennywise - New420guy seeds

Pinapple chunk and chronic thunder - Pinapple chunk and chronic thunder

Pineapple chunk and gorilla zkittles - Pinapple chunk & gorilla zkittles

Pineapple Express Auto - Pineapple Express

Photo - GSC

Pk - Purple Kush

Purple punch - Rooted purple punch day 3 dirt

Purple punch - Purple punch clones

Purple punch - Purple punch mother

Purple punch flower mode - Purple punch flower SOG

Platuimn - Platuimn killa

Purple Kush - Purple Kush

Pineapple Glue Auto (Advanced Seeds) - Pineapple Glue Autoflower Outdoor

Photo Purple Diesel - Cali Connection Purple Diesel

Purple punch - Purple punch

Purple queen auto - Purple queen auto

Purple punch - Purple punch Auto

Pepita Malaya - Small thing

Pure northern lights -Fem - Pure northern lights

Penny wise - Penny wise

Phenom #1 & 2 - Tent grow 1


Purple haze - Sativa

Pineapple Express, Sour D, Green Crack, Purple Haze, Purple Kush, Blueberry Yum Yum - First Hydro 6 plants

Photo - Gorilla Glue #4

Photo - Gorilla glue #4 (*3*) and Cheese (*1*)

Photo - Gorilla Glue

Panama jack - Pop smoke

Pineapple upside down cake - Pineapple upside down cake

Pineapple upside down cake and unknown strain - Grow #5

Purple Cheesecake - Misc

Pink kush - Pink kush

Purple hulk Autos , OG Kush, Green Crack - Kolafwet’s Trap

Pineapple express auto flower - Pineapple express First time grower.

Photoperiod - Grandma vodka f2 x Cinderella 99

Pineapple Upside Down Cake - Pineapple Upside Down Cake featuring Marshmallow Fellow- Closet Grow

Purple q - Purple q clones

Platinum Kush - Grow #2 (Platinum Kush)

Platinum Kush (b) - Grow #2

Purple Gelato - My First Time be gentle

Pineapple Express - 1st Grow Pineapple Express

photo - kosher cookies

Pink lemonade - Harvest aerogarden

Purple Dragon Rider - PDR1

Purple Dragon Rider - PDR 3

Purple Dragon Rider - PDR 4

Purple Dragon Rider - PDR 2

Pineapple auto - Pineapple Auto Outdoor

Purple punch - First grow 2020

Purple haze - Purple haze

Photo white widow - White widow

Photo. Feminize plants - First grow

Poison Berry Gelato and Lemon Kush Auto - 🟣🔴🟡🟢

Purple Nuggets - Purple Nuggets by Mephisto

Peyoti wifi - Peyoti wifi - defoliation

Purple Queen - Purple Queen Auto

Purple Queen - Purple Queen

Photo - Durban Poison

Pineapple express, anestesia, white widow - Closet grow

Photo piriod. - Bruce banner ,so cal , blue dream

Pinky Blinder - Pinky Blinder

Pineapple slurpee and Hawaiian flav - Fancyweed run

Peyote Wifi - Peyote Wifi Clone

Purple Genetics - Random Purple Genetics

Purple kush - Purple kush

Purple snow cone - Purple snow cone

Prodigy og - Day 7

Prodigy og - Prodigy

Purple Bud-Mother - Purple Bud

Purple Bud-Clone - Purple Bud

Purple Kush CBD Auto - Medicinal run PK run1

Pineapple Express - Pineapple express spring 2019

Pancake, Bubblegum, Lemon Haze, Pineapple - Multiple Plants

Pineapple express auto - Pineapple express auto

Photo - Peyote Zkittlez seedsman

Photo - Grape OZ fullmoon genetics

Photo - Gelato 45 inhouse genetics

Pineapple - Pineapple GCS

Pink chem - Pink Panama X chemdogging

Purple kush master kush - First grow

Purple Alien, Purple Dream, Purple Banana Cookies, Zangria, Scout Snacks - Second grow

Pluto - Gasolina

Peyote Gorilla - Peyote Gorilla

Pure Satuva - Pure Sativa

Purple Roc Berry Auto - Purple Roc Berry Auto

Plant 1 grew 1/2 inch plant 2 about to break surface - Special queen

Pure Kush - First grow

Purple moby dick - Purple moby dick

Peanut Butter Breath #26 - PBB26 #1

Peyote Cookies - Peyote Cookies

Photo - Kings juice

Phantom og - First grow

Purple punch - Purple punch autoflower

Pbg - Peanut butter Gelato (Auto) fem

Purple, Ghost, Green Crack - Round 2

Peanut Butter Breath - Peanut Butter Breath Grow Journal

Pink Kush CBD - CBD Auto

Purple cookies & urkle GDP - Yktv ordered seeds

Pink Lemonade - PInk Lemonade

Peanut Butter Breath x Sucker Punch F2 - Peanut Butter Breath x Sucker Punch F2

Pink lemonade - Pink Lemmonade 2

Purple City Pie or Mountain Trop - PCP / MT RDWC

Photoperiod - White Widow #1

Purple Punch - Purple Punch

Purple punch, peach pebbles , Strawberry OG - Clones

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express - SOG (sea of green)

Pineapple Express - Chapel Express

Power Africa x MK Ultra (fast) - Power Africa x MK Ultra (fast)

Purple Mr. Nice Guy - Purple Mr. Nice Guy Clone 1

Purple Mr. Nice Guy - Purple Mr. Nice Guy Clone 2

Peyote cookies - Peyote Cookies

Pezonade #1 - Pezonade #1 mother flower

PunaBudder X Pure Tropicana - Drizzle

Purple Hindu - Purple Hindu Outdoor Grow

Purple Chill (Herbies) - Purble Chill

Platinum og - Platinum og outdoor supercrop

Platinum og - Clone batch 1

Peas - Peas

Platinum OG - Platinum OG

Poweball 18 X Haze XL - Paul ‘N Chuck Haze

Pine Box by Gem Seekers Genetics - GG X Gilz Nilz

Purple Cherokee Tomato - Purple Cherokee Tomatoes

Pumpkin - Pumpkin

Purple trainwreck, Mint - Lals farm

Purple haze x Malawi - Purple haze Malawi

Peace Train- Old Mendo Haze x PM x JTR - Peace Train-Subcool Seeds

Purple haze - Purple haze

Purple Passion Bag Seed. - First grow (tips welcomed)

Purple Panty Dropper by Humboldt - PPD

Purple candy - Shanes first shot

Panama Red Landrace CBD - PR #2

Purple Haze - 1st Organic Closet Grow

Purple haze - First geow

Purple lemonade autoflower - Purple lemonade 🍋

Purple hate auto seeds66 - Purple haze auto guerilla

Preeseds - Preeseds

Personal strain - Blackberry X

Photoperiod - Afghan Haze

Pineapple haze - Pineapple Haze

Purple haze - LST

Purple haze - Purple haze early flower

Purple haze auto - Bud appreciation

Purple haze - Cleaned her up

Purple haze auto - Getting close

Purple haze auto - Harvest day

Purple thai - Purple thai

Pure haze - Pure haze

Purple punch - Big Room

Photos - Blue gelato

PineappleKush - Pine apple kush

Platinum bubba - Platinum bubba

Purple sherbert - Purple sherbert

Purple punch . (Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple) - Michigan 420 seeds Purple punch

Purple Haze - Feminized - First attempt - Purple Haze

Pina Colada - Autoflower

Pina Pequena ETHOS - Autoflower

PurpleGorilla - Mother

PurpleKush - Photo period

PeanutButterBreath - Photo period (Hermetic, early harvest)

PurpleKush - Photoperiod

PeanutButterBreath - Mother

Photoperiod (Fem) - PBB x POTG

Purple kush - Purple kush

Purple Amnesia - 1. Grow überhaupt

Pineapple Auto, Gorilla Glue Auto, and Northern Lights Auto - First grow in the 4x4

Purple Budha? - Purple budha

Purple TrainWreck - Purple Trainwreck

Purple lemonade - The amigos

Pineapple Express - Pineapple express

Pineapple Express Autoflower - Pineapple Express Growers choice

Purple Kush - Purple Kush

Puple alaskan - Purple alaskan

Pineapple express - Pineapple Express

Plant #3 - Unknown

Plant #2 - Unknown

Plant #1 - Unknown (female)

Plant #4 - Unknown

Purple punch, Ken’s gdp, grease monkey, fruit tree - Hurry up

Possible NOLA Fog - Grow exp 1

Purple punch - Purple punch

Purple lemonade autoflower - My First Baby

Purple Lemonade - Purple Lemonade

Purple Gelato - Purple Gelato

Papayahuasca - Papayahuasca

Peyote Critical - First Grow

Peyote Critical - Sad Plant

Pine Tar Kush II x Grape Drank - Pine Tar Kush II x Grape Drank

PP x PKM x Grape Drank - PP x PKM x Grape Drank (Secret Strain)

Purple punch - Purple punch

platinum cookies - PC 1

Purple Bud - Purple bud

Pluto cut 4, Bananadaddy 2 - Space banana

Photoperiod - Photos

Popping 4 seeds - Crimson sweet watermelon

Paul - Pagani

Paul-counting clones - Frosted Cherry Cookies

Purple G - Purple g outdoor grow 2024

Power Flower, Triple G, White Widow, One Love Haze - First grow

Pachamomma - Pachamomma

Purple Wookie - Purple Wookiee Clones

Pura Vida - Pura Vida File

Princess Haze - Princess Haze

Pinaspple express - Pineapple fast


Purple Chem - Purple Chem

Pineapple Express (Auto) - Fast Buds Pineapple Express

Pineapple Glue & Northern Lights Auto - Pineapple Glue & Northern Lights Autos

Pineapple express X Amnesia haze - Pineapple amnisa round 1

Purple Kush Auto - Purple Kush Auto

Purple Lemonade Auto - Purple lemonade Auto

Panama Red - Panama Red

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express 8.19

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express #1

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express #2

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express #3

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express #4

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express #5

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express #6

Pink Rockstar - Pink Rockstar 2020-Advice Welcomed

Pineapple Express Auto - First Grow Pineapple Express Autoflower

Purple punch - Purple Punch

Purple Queen Fem (Royal Queen Seeds) - Purple Queen

Power Africa - Power Africa

Peyote gorilla by Seedsman - Peyote Gorilla

Pineapple express - 2 pineapple

Purple Punch - Purple Punch

Purple haze & cronic - Purple haze & cronic

Photo og - Organic og Kush photo

Photo OG - Organic First Grow Photo

Pack of 5 autoflowers - Pack of 5 autoflowers

Purple Punch, Vanilla Frosting, Hash God - Coastal California grow

Paramore - Paramore

Purple Dosi Punch - Finishing off 3rd grow

Purple Dosi Punch “clone” - 4th Grow

Pineapple Express - Fast Buds Auto - Penelope ‘Pen’ Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express - Fast Buds - Trigger - Pineapple Express

Peyote, GG#4, Dosido, Gorilla Zkittlez,Runtz s1, Green Diamond, Critical Daddy - First grow (11 plants)

Prenseeds - PreenSeed

Photoflower - Bushwick

Purple afgan kush - Purple afgan kush

Pack Seeds - Third Grow

Pack seeds - 2nd Grow

Pineapple kush, Animal Super Fruit - 2020 outdoor grow

Purple Punch - Purple Punch

PR1 - Purple Ryder #1

Papaya - Papaya

Purple Haze #1 - Purple Haze Outdoor

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express

Platinum cookie - Platinum cookie indoor grow

Peanut butter breath - Peanut butter breath indoor grow

Purple Hindu Kush - 1st male

Purple hindu kush - Phk cuttings experiment

Purple Hindu Kush - Small (phk)

Purple Hindu Kush - Phk (no tent)

Pistachio - LST

Pink kush - Barneys pink kush

Pineapple upside down - Pineapple upside down

Photoperiod - New Bloom Room

Photos - March Bloom Room

Purple Haze, purple kush, Durban poision grandady purp - Medical grow 2

Purple Haze - Purple Haze

Purple Punch x Wedding Cake - Purple Cake

Psychosis - Psychosis

Photoperiod - Cookies Haze

Purple Punch Auto (FastBuds) - Purple Punch Auto

Purple Lemonade (FastBuds) - Purple Lemonade

Purple Punch (FastBuds) - Purple Punch

Penthouse gumbo karcrash gumbo - Penthouse gumbo and karcrash gumbo

Pink lemonade - First Grow- Pink lemonade

Pink lemonade - Pink lemonade clones

Purple Punch Auto - Purple Punch Auto Outdoor

Purple punch Clone - Purple punch

Pink Cookies (Wedding Cake) - First Grow in Soil

Purple Punch - Auto Flower

Photoperiod - Grapefruit Kush

Photoperiod - Dynamite

Purple Punch - Purple Punch

Prensado - Paraguayan Haze

Pink Lemonade & Blueberry Auto - Blueberry and Purple Lemonade

Pineapple express - Pineapple express Foto

Pinot Noir Autoflower - Pinot Noir (Auto)

Purple Haze - Purple Haze Flowering

Purple - Purple kush

Pink kush - April grow

Putang - Putang Mass Medicinal

Purple Crunch - Greenpoint genetics - First indoor grow

Pb breath - Pb breath

PURPLE LEMONADE - Purple Lemmade Auto-Fast Buds

Phantom OG, Sweet Tooth, Sunset Sherbert - 30 and 15 days in

Phantom OG, BC Sweet Tooth, Sherbert - Starting to swell

Phantom OG, Sweet Tooth, & Sherbert - Continuing to swell and fill in

Phantom OG, BC Sweet Tooth, Sherbert - Terps are coming on!

Phantom OG, BC Sweet Tooth, and Sherbert - Phantom OG and Sherbert

Phantom OG, BC Sweet Tooth, Sherbert - Another week or so

Phantom OG, Sweet Tooth, Sherbert - 5 days

Platinum Jah, Sherbert, Sweet Tooth, Durban Poison - Staggered Setup

Platinum Jah, Sherbert, Durban Poison, Sweet Tooth - Staggered

Plat Jah, Sherb, Durban Poison, Sweet Tooth - Almost done

Phantom OG-Indica - Last run on the Phantom OG

Photoperiods - Clone wars

Purple Skunk Auto - First Grow

Photoperiod, Indica - Peyote Gorilla

Platinum Chunk Cookie, Animal Crackers, Strawberry Dream, Burnt Punch, Demon Fruit, Apple Punch - Seed Germinating

Pineapple Express ( G13 Lab) - Pineapple Express ( G13 Lab)

Purple Punch Fem - Bonsai Roxa

Purple Punch - Pur Pun

Purple Animal Glue - Purple Animal Glue

Phat Freddie, Cheese Head, Stinky Afghan, Sour Cream Cheese, Forum Stomper, Mephisto’s Wedding, and Humboldt Seed Company’s Carmel Cream. All auto. - Fall grow

Photoperiod - Ga pie

Presidential OG - Nukeheads

Purple Punch (2), Mimosa (2), Cookies (2) - Quarantine Lady Clone Grow

Purple Haze - Purple Haze Auto

Power Plant, Vanilla Latte - My First Indoor Autoflower Grow

Pineapple Express - 8 Pineapple Express

Purple Punch Barneys Farm - Mixed nutes

Pink Rozay - Pink Rozay

Pineapple AK - Pineapple AK

Pure power plant - Third attempt

Photoperiod - Strawberry banana grape

Photo - Northern Lights

Purple queen - Purple queen👑

Purple punch ,tropical cookies, sour diesel clones - Flood and drain

Papaya Melon (bag seed),Monster Bud autoflower,Blueberry autoflower,Grapefruit x Bubblegum autoflower - Second grow!

Poss auto flower - Unknown indica poss auto flower

Payton punch @STICKEFINGERZ - Payton punch

PurpleKush - Purple Kush Auto

Pineapple Express & King Tut - Pineapple Express & King Tut

Photoperiod - White Marmalade BC

Photoperiod Fem - Canuck Cookies

Photo Moroccan Landrace - Critical Amnesia GrowOff

Photoperiod - Gorilla Zkittles and Blue gelato

PP - Purple Punch fem

Purple Punch Auto - 🍇🥊

Purple Haze, Gorilla Purple, Purple Lemonade, GDP - Perpetual Grower

Pren - Maior

Pren - Media

Pren - Menor

Panama Red - Panama Red

Purple lemonade - Purple lemonade

Purple lush from seed 4 - Purple lush from weed seeds express

Photo clone - Gods grandaddy purple grape pheno

Photo - Strawberry queen #2

Photo - Strawberry queen #3

Photo - Chronic Candy #2

Photo fem - #sour cookies

Photo fem - Wedding Cake

Photo fem - Strawberry Queen

Photo fem - Platinum blackberry Kush

Purple Trainwreck and banana hammock - Purple Trainwreck and banana hammock

Photoperiod sinsemilla (OG kush x strawberry diesel) - Hulkberry (AKA Bruce Banner)

Pineapple Express(i think) - My first grow

Purple kush - New grow set up

Pink runtz - First time growing

Photo. - Gorilla White widow p zittles Biscotti Blueberry Kush La Kush

Power plant - Power plant first seed

Peach sour - Peach sour

Purple punch - Quickie

Pyramid Seeds-Cookies USA, Barneys Farm-Runtz Muffin - GSC and Runtz Muffin

Purple Urkle x Boss Hogg - Tester 2

Pussy whipped - LIT

Peyote Wifi & White Widow - Peyote Wifi & White Widow

Peyote WiFi , Jack Herer - New DWC Grow!

Peyote WiFi - Peyote WiFi Clone

Piss On Fire - Piss On Fire

Primal Punch - Primal Punch

Primal Punch - Primal Punch run

Primal Punch - Last Primal 🦧Punch Run (Maybe)

PP & Zkittles - Barneys Auto Experiment

Purple Punch Auto - Purple punch DWC

Photo periods - 3rd grow

Purple goo 3 x J-Di - Purple goo 3 x J-Di

Pineapple or durban poison - Pineapple express or durban poison

Pineapple OG - Pineapple Hydro

Purple Wookie - Purple Wookie Hydro

Purple Aliens and Purple Crash - GPS Purples clones

Purple crash - GPS purple crash cuts

Purple haze - Purple Haze (2gal fab pot)

Pineapple Express auto fem - Pineapple Express Auto Issues

purple passion - First time growind

Pineapple Fields - Pineapple Field #4

Peyote kush, L.A peyote forum & critical purp - Peyote kush, L.A peyote forum, critical purp

Peyote kush - 2nd harvest

Peyote forum , L.A peyote and Critical purp auto - 2nd harvest

Peyote Kush, peyote fourm, and critical purp - Flower tents

Pinapple express - Pinapple express #2

Premium runtz - Almost 2 weeks

Photos - 8x4 tent

Pink rozay, cafe racer and charlotte’s angel (cbd) - 8x4 tent

Pineapple Express auto - Please grow😂

Pluto Cut R F3 - Kush Me

PURPLE URCLE - Purple urcle clone

Pineapple Express - Pineapple Express clone

Photo - Ethos End Game R2

Purple Lemonade Auto (42 Fast Seeds) - Purple Lemonade

Purple nerds - Purple nerds

Polar Light, Dark Crystal, Crookie - Belgicanna Auto Batch #2

Purple urkle - Purple urkle

Photo - Cherry cooks (Cookies)

pineapple express - Pineapple Express

Purple Kush - Purple Kush clone (outdoor)

Pineapple Autoflower - Pineapple Auto

Purple Power Rhino Butter - Purple Power & GC Rhino Butter

Purple Crash - GreenPoint Genetics

Peyote - Peyote

Peyote - Peyote Clones round 2

Peyote WiFi, Peach Purée, White Widow, Blueberry - 4 Strain ScrOG

Purple urkke - Purple Urkle

purple roc berry x Rolex OG - Purple Rolex Auto

Pinneapple muffin - HSC pinneapple muffin

Platinum OG - First Grow

Purple Punch - Purple Punch Outdoor

Purple Punch - Purple Punch

Pinapple Express, Chessy Headband, GSC - 2019 Indoor Grow

Phoenix Seeds Northern Lights Express Auto - NL EXPRESS AUTO

Photo/auto grow - Rando seed

Psilocybin - Angkor Wat Agar corn spawn

Psilocybin - KSSSxLGT agar to corn spawn

Psilocybin - KSSSxLGT Agar LC to grain spawn

Psilocybin - Angkor Wat Agar LC to corn spawn

Ps Natalensis LC 🍄 - Ps Natalensis LC

Puerto Rico 🍄 - Puerto Rico

Platinum Cake - New Basement Grow

Purple Sunset auto - Purple Sunset Auto Outdoors

Poison Durbin (Fem) ILGM - Poison Durbin (Fem) ILGM

Pink pelle grino lavendar - Pink pelle grino

Purple sunset - Purple sunset Autoflower

Pineapple Kush - Pineapple Kush

Purple Cookies - Purple Cookies - 1st Run

PPP Moonpie, PPP Semlac Haze, Terpicity MoonCandy, Bloody Lemon Skunk - 2 x 4 Grow Box

Purple Rain - Purple Rain

Purple punch - Purple punch

Pineapple express X Headband - Pineapple head

Pineapple express X Headband - Pineapple Head

Phantom - Unknown-phantom

Pink Lemonade(Pink Kush X Lemon Shunk) - Pink Lemonade

Purple Punch, Blackberry Kush, Gorilla Zkittles, Lemon Kix - 4 STRAIN INDOOR

Peyote Critical - Peyote Critical

Pineapple - Pineapple DWC

Purple kush (trichomes seeds) - Purple kush

Purple Romulan - Purple Romulan - Organic

Purple Queen, Royal Highness - Flower Tent (Greenhouse) 🪻

Poison Strawberry Pie X Karl Malone - Poison Strawberry Pie X Karl Malone

Prayer pupil - Peggy pupil

Putang - Putang mix

Platinum cookies - 1 gal

Piff S2 - Dro

Photoperiod ilgm super skunk fem and regular purple - Super skunk/purple


Pineapple Kush - Pineapple Kush (Royal Queen Seeds)

Purple Trainwerck & Lemon Thaï Kush by Humboldt Seeds - Purple Trainwerck & Lemon Thaï Kush

Purple glue - Outdoor experiment

Photoperiod - Ripper Haze

Photoperiod - Durban Poison

photo - rainbow runts x pineapple chunk

Purple punch - Barney's farm purple punch

Purple haze auto - Nasc purple haze auto

Photos - Nasc Humboldt freebies

Photo - Gary payton

Purple Roc Berry Auto - First Grow

Power africa mk ultra fast - Power africa mk

Purple Punch - Purple Punch First grow ever.

Platinun gorilla inhouse genetics - Pg

Pre98 Bubba x Kosher Kush - 1st Grøw | Advice Welcome!

Purple Kush - Purple Kush (clone)

Purple punch - Barney’s farm

Purple Ponch- GG PR - Crecimiento en coco

Pandora Auto - Balkongrow - 2024

Pineapple Muffin - Pineapple Muffin - AUTO - HSC

Peppermint Kush - Peppermint kush

Photo - Cancer blaster

Photo - Purple dawn

Panama Haze - Panama Haze (jogged)

Pink haze - Haze

Photo - Greybeard Select - Cookies

Pineapple haze - Pineapple haze

Photo - Gg#4

Purple Punch - Purple Punch Autoflower

Purple Punch - Purple Punch Autoflower