Journals - F

Firecracker - Mother

Fem g41 - Gelato 41

From left to right: Space Train (X-Wing OG x Trainwreck), Crazy Glue (Gorilla Glue x Bubba Kush), Lemon Train (Lemon Haze x Ghost Train Haze) - Variety GrowBox

Frobbiden fruit - Forbiden fruit

Fast Eddy Automatic - Eddy the 1st

Fast Eddy Automatic - Eddy the 2nd and 3rd

French Macaron- Gelato 33 x French Cookies - T.H. Seeds French Macaron

Fritter Dawg-Apple Fritter x Stardawg - GreenPoint Seeds- Fritter Dawg

Feminized Dubble Sundae - Dubble Sundae

Four random weed seeds - Seeds

Frö - Persilja

Fire OG - Emerald Fire OG

FF #1 - Forbidden Fruit Auto

Feminized - Legend OG

Fire OG - Fire OG

Fast Bud - Siege shooter FB

From bud.. - Ethos auto

F.S.O.B - F.S.O.B Yield Grow

Forbiden Fruit - ForbidenFruit

Forgot - Jakorie og

Feminized - Skywalker OG Fem

Fugue State, Fem Auto, Mephisto Genetics - Fugue State

Fruit Punch - 2nd grow

Fast Flower - Blue Cinderella 99 Fast Flower

Fire Bubba Kish - IndiGOAT

Forbidden Fruit - TheNewComer

Feminised berry kush - BlueBerry Autoflower

First grow july 17th ,2019 - Bag seed

Fruit Yoops - Pineapple Fruit Yoops clones

fast buds - Purple lemonade - auto

Fruity pebble - Fruitty pebble og auto

Female - Runtz Krashers

Forbidden fruit - Tastebudz 👅 auto mix

Force Kush - New sprouts

From clone gg4 ssh kush - Outdoor

Forbidden Fruit - Forbidden Fruit

First Grow - First grow ever

Fem GSC xtrm - GSC xtrm Photo

Fine dining - Fine dining

Forgotten cookies, crème de la Chem, El Chemi Kiwi, strawberry nuggets X Super orange haze - First time with autos- Mephisto Genetics

Funky Sangria by Relentless Genetics - Funky Sangria - Emerald Harvest Run

Fog Dog Auto..Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto..Cheese Auto...AK 420 Auto. Big Bud Auto...BCN Critical Auto... - Fire Mix🔥

Fog Dog Auto...Cheese Auto..Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto..Big Bud Auto..BCN Critical Auto..AK 420 Auto.. - Mix of Fuego..

Fog Dog Auto..Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto..Big Bud Auto..BCN Critical Auto..AK Auto.. Cheese Auto - My Mix looks Great & Beautiful🌼🔥☠️😎

Fully Loaded,,""Babylon Burning Selections 🔥 "" - Growing

Fully Loaded - 2x2

FX3 (strawberry x udder madness) - Flowers

Fx3 - Flowers

Fx3 - Beautiful



Full indica powerhouse - Black Domina XL ( BDXL )

Fem - Regs

From clones - HB2/SA1

Fire OG - First time grow

Fire oh - Fire og clone clones

Funeral Cake - First time

Fruit punch - Bag seed fruit punch seed to harvest

Fast Bud Gorilla Cookie an Seedsman Critical auto - First Grow - 2 gorilla cookie x 2 critical

Fast Buds Autoflowers - Fast Buds Mix

First grow need tips - Royal Queen Seeds Royal Gorilla

Forest Fire. - First grow.

Fruit - Fruit Spirit and a random autofower

Fastbreak - Fastbreak- Wolfpack gen.

Frosted biscotti - Sin city seeds frosted biscotti

Fastbreak - Wolfpack genetics Fastbreak

Fem green crack - Fem-Outside Green Crack x

Fire OG - Fem-Outside Grow Fire OG x4

Fast-Auto Crystal Meth - Outside-Auto Crystal Meth-Fast

Fall 2020 - Spearmint

Fall 2020 - Thyme

Fall 2020 - Baby G’s

Femenized - Alien technology

Feminized. Auto seed - Girl Scout Cookie

Feminized - Cherry Atomic Sledgehammer

Fotia x Chemical Weapon - Bungs stash - Beetle Grown

Fantasmo express - First try

Fire - Not sure yet

Froot by the foot & critical+ - Germination

F1 Orion auto and special queen from RQS - First grow

Fast buds - wedding cheesecake - Wedding cheesecake

Face mints - Face Mints -so hum soil

Fish Whistle(Jilly Bean x Chem DD F2) - Fish Whistle

Fun dip f2 - Fun dip test 1

Fem - Northern Lights

Fire og - Fire OG

Fire Truffles, End Game, Candy Rain drops, Creature Panic - Bay area cannabis seeds - Turkey for me and turkey for u grow

Fast Berry and Runtz - Fast berry

Feminized - OG Kush

Fruit pepples - Fruitty pebbles

Frostberry - Grow 4

Female? - Durban 2

Feminized - Strawberry cough

Female with 2 clones - Berry bomb 2

Female - Berry bomb 1

Female? - Durban 1

Fruit spirit - Fruit spirit og

Fruit cup and gorilla glue - 1st grow

Fruity pebbles - Fruity pebbles.

Forgotten Cookies Auto - Forgotten Cookies #1

Fastbuds - Girl scout cookie

Fem - Bubba Island Kush

Freedom dream - Overgrow CBD

Forbidden zkittlez x purple punch - FzxPP

Feminised - White Widdow

FastBuds-Gorilla Glue Auto - Gorilla Glue Auto (pheno #2)

Forbidden Jelly - Forbidden Jelly Indoor

Frosted Cherry O’s Auto - Frosted Cherry O’s ‘Amended Living Soil’

Fem rqs - Medical mass

Freakshow - FreakOff

Fem Autos. - The Cassarole.

Feminized auto flower (afghan kush ryder) - GODS GLUE FROM DETROIT MICHIGAN

First Run, First Op - Afgoo

Forum Cut Cookies - Forum Cut Cookies

Feminized auto White Widow - Auto White Widow

Feminized auto super lemon haze - Feminized auto super lemon haze

Feminized auto strawberry cheesecake - strawberry cheesecake auto

Feminized - Big Bag 2 (Coco)

Feminized - Dinamex (Coco)

Forbidden Runtz Auto (FastBuds) - Forbidden Runtz Auto - DWC

Fat Banana Automatic - Royal Queen Seeds Fat Banana Automatic #1

First time grower, looking for advice as I go - Can anyone see this?

Fem - Ethos

Fem - Punch line

Feminised Pineapple Chunk Barneys Farm - B/F Pineapple chunk Tent grow uk

Fem pineapple chunk - Pineapple chunk cuts

Feminised barneys farm LSD- not lemon sour diesel 💪🏻 - Barneys Farm LSD

Fem Blue Cheese & Gold Leaf from ILGM - Blue Cheese & Gold Leaf - SCROG

Feminized Hybrid Strain - Amnesia Wifi OG

Feminised Seeds - 4x N13 Kush 3x OG Kush 2xBanana Frosting 1x Sensi Amnesia

feminised - Special Queen

Flordia Lemons - The Holy Turd

Fire OG clone - Fire Og (first time grower)

Fastbuds CBD 20:1 and Girl Scout Cookies - Second Grow

Fuel D.OG - Outdoors - Fuel D.OG

Five Wine - Five Wine

Fastberry auto fem - Fastberry issues help

Fat basterd - Fat basterd

Fastberry - Outdoor auto trial

Fem Photo - Legend OG (F)

Frozen Bananas & Strawberry Diesel Cookies - Single Source Hash Grow

Frosty Gelato Auto Flower - Frosty Gelato Auto Flower x3

Feminized Autoflower Seeds - Dwarf Lowryder (2 in a 3x4x5)

Forbidden Fruit x Otter Poppz - Pebbles Punch

First grow of the auto xxl - Amnesia Haze XXL Auto

Fem. white widow crop kings - White widow

Feminized 80% indica / 20% sativa - Wedding cake

Fruity pebbles - Orange fruity pebbles

Freebie or Grappa - Mephisto genetics First Run #3

Fat banana - Fat

Feminized Sativa - Super Silver Haze

Freakshow - The Gift

Forbidden Runtz/ Wedding Glue/ P.B Cookies - First ever grow

Feminised anonym kush - Anonym Kush

Funky Charms - Funky Charms

Femenised from seedsman - 3 Chemdawg#4 (C4) & 2 Cheese

Fiancée - Stanky

Frozay #4 x queen of the south - Frozen number for crossed with queen of the south

Female - Mystery Gas

Fire O.G. - Fire O.G.

Feminised - Strawberry Marshmellow

Future #1 Anesia seeds - Future #1 4x8 SCROG

Fruity pepbles (maybe) - First time grow ( any advice welcomed)

Forum x Cookies Mephistop - First Go DWC - Forum x Cookies Mephisto

Fruity og - Fruity og

Feminized photoperiod - Sour Diesel

Feminized - BCN Critical XXL

Feminized Auto - OG Kush

Feminized Autos - Northern Lights

Feminized autos - Purple Kush & Gelato Cake

Feminized Autos - Kings Kush & Pineapple Kush Cake

Feminized Autos - Mandarin Punch & Double Kush Cake

Feminized Auto - Purple Bud

Fairgame - Fairgame

Forbidden fruit - 2nd grow

Fire OG clone - Fire OG-Baby Girl Lisa

Fastbuds Autoflower - Lsd-25

Fat Banana - Fat Banana

Forbidden fruit - Forbidden fruit solo

Fast budz - Wedding glue

Feminized - Wedding cake

Fuzzy Pie (Fuzzy Navel x Grape Pie - Fuzzy Pie - SCROG

Feminsed - Oni seed Co

Fruitpunch Auto - Fruitpunch Auto

Feminized - Bubblegum XL RQS

Falcon Heavy - Falcon Heavy

Forbidden runtz auto and watermelon auto - Forbidden runtz auto

Fruit by the Funk - Fruit by the Funk

Forgot - No name

Fritter Cookies and Dubble Cookies - Greenpoint Tester CO2 Grow

Feminized - Two Green Crack

Fem, Banana OG - Banana OG 1-3

Fem 2 - Cafe Racer

Fem 1 - Fruity Pebbles

Flower - Sunflower

Forbidden Valley Kush - High Alpine Genetics - Forbidden Valley Kush

Female - Clone

Fucking weed - LSD-25

From seed - White widow. Ailen dog

Forgotten Cookies x Strawberry Nuggets - Mephisto Freebie Forgotten Cookies x Strawberry Nuggets

Fruit Loops - Indoor Fruit Loops (First Grow)

Fantasmo express - Fantasmo express RDWC

Fantasmo express - Fantasmo express


Florida Gas Pack - Florida Gas Pack

Froot by the foot auto - First indoor grow

Future #1 - Future #1 Seed

Fall 2020 - Hit Girl Topped

First grow - Strawberry kush

Fullgas greenhousseeds - 1 Plant Fullgas 28%thc

fruity fix - fruity fix (so fem genetics)

Freak show, wedding cake, runts & larys breath - This is how u grow 4 plants fir someone who needs access to meds

Froot by the foot - Frootyyy

Feminized - Gold Leaf #1 vs Gold Leaf #2

Fast buds - Purple lemonade

Freak Show - Freak Show Flower

Fire alien master - Trulieve

Fritter cookie fem & apparition reg - Greenpoint seeds

Fat Banana (Fat Banana x Cookies Auto) - Fat Banana - by RQS

Flower, Extracts, Edibles, Cartridges - Smoke Diary

Fruit by the Motha Fuckin Yard (atlas seeds) - Fruit by the Motha Fuckin Yard Auto

Fruit Tree - Fruit Tree Auto

Fem seeds - 1st grow

Freakshow - The freak

FX3 (strawberry x udder madness) - FSTS X SOLIFIRE CUP

Fastberry - FastBuds

Flowering - Bag seed 1

French Cookies - TH Seeds

Feminized seeds - Str8 Jelly

Fruity Pebbles OG - Fruitty Pebbles OG

Feminised stardawg - I thought she was auto…she is NOT 🤦🏻‍♀️ can I leave her on veg till the auto is done??

Fruity pebble and green unknown - Fruity pebble and unknown

Fem Photoperiod - Red - Irvine Seeds

Fruity chronic juicy (FCJ) - Fcj

f1 - Blueberry X white rhino f1

Florida Oranges X’s ???? - First time grower

Fasbud - Gorilla cookies auto

Fruity chronic juice - Fruity chronic

Fruity chronic juice, bad girl, made of honor, black water - 2nd set of clones

Five super skunk - Super Skunk

Forum stomper auto - Forum stomper

Fantasmo Express/Chemdogging/Bubblegum - Mephisto Grow

Forgotton Strawberries Auto - Forgotton Strawberries Auto Mephisto Genetics

Female photoperiodic - Do-Si-Dos Xpress (random sprout)

Frisian - Frisian Dew Fem.

Fem - Shaman fem

Flower - Random seed and clone flower run

Fog Dog Auto - Fog Dog Auto

Fog Dog#2&#3 - Fog Dog#2

Frosted Kush x Florida Wedding #15 - F1 Crosses ~ Jungle Boys

First grow from seed - First from seed

Feminized BlueBerry 🫐 Photoperiod 👌 - x3) Blueberry 🫐

Fro-Yo Auto - 1st Auto Flower

Frosted Fruit cake photo - Frosted Fruit Cake

Forum stomper - Forum Stomper Earthbox

Forum Stomper - D - Forum Stomper

Frosted Guava -Indica leaning hybrid - Frosted Guava

Feminized - 4weeks

Frozen Gelato - Frozen Gelato

Fem. - Bad Azz Kush

Frosted Fruit Cake (FPOG x Sunset Sherbert) - Sacred Cut Seed Co. - Frosted Fruit Cake

feminized photo - Lemon OG Kush 🍋

feminized photo - Strawberry Lemonade 🍓 🍋

feminized photo - Mimosa x Orange Punch 🍹 🍊

Frostitution Ring Kush - Vegetative Area

Fruit Spirit - Fruit Spirit

Fire og - Fire og

Fire og - fire og plant

Fire og - Fire og

Feminized - White Widow

F1 Hybrid Blue Mammoth x Blue Dream x Sin Tra Bajo Auto - Milky Way F1

Fat Banana - Fat Banana

Forbidden - Forbidden uk cheese

Fastbuds - Purple lemonade

Fruit Punch - Fruit Punch No.1

Firefly Bred - FireFly

Fruit Punch auto, Gelato X OG, Bubba Kush, Peyote Forum - First time grower variety mix

Free gorrilla glue - Gorrila glue

Forbidden clover - Forbidden Clover

For bidden clover - Forbidden clover

Fast Bud #2 by Sweet Seeds - Speedy Delivery

Flower - Black jack

Fruity - fruity seed grow

Fog Dog - Fog Dog Autoflower Indoor

Flovors - SoG

F1 - Durbin Poison - Garlic Breath - Three Clones

Fast Buds - Blackberry

Frost breath - Frost breath

Feminized Indica Hybrid, Skywalker x OG Kush - Skywalker

Fruity cronix - Fruity cronix

Fruity cronics - Fruity cronix

French cookie - French cookie

Fast Buds Auto - AK 47 Auto / Blue Treacle Auto

Fruity Pebble - Fruity Pebble

Fastberry - Fastberry 1.0

Fem Auto Pineapple Jack - The Runt

FastBerry auto - FastBerry Fast Buds

Femeneizadas. No automaticas. - Y Griega

Fp - Fruity pebble (clone )

From joey - Wedding cake

Fast Buds Crystal Meth auto - Fast buds Crystal Meth

Fast Buds Westcoast OG auto - Fast Buds Westcoast OG

Frisian duck - Dutch seeds

F1 Hybrid Wizards Apprentice X Zamaldelica Express - Night Owl Seeds Tropical Wiz

Fem Auto Lemon AK 420 fast buds - Lemon AK Auto

Fast budz - Forbidden Fruit

Firestorm x icecreamcake - Ignite

Fire og - Fire og

F1 Epsilon - RQ F1 Epsilon

Feminised - Peyote Critical

Farmers Daughter feminized - FARMERS DAUGHTER Humboldt seed co

Feminized - Barneys blue gelato 41

Feminized - Critical

Femal - Gurilla Glu Scrog

Female - Gurilla Glue + Hybrid

Fenomed (FM-1) - Tommeliten

Found 2 seeds in mixed pound - Shitz and giggs

Fem - Mamma mia

Fem & Autos - Few diff seeds

Feminized Blue Cheese - Blue cheesex5 Gelatox1 OG Kushx1

First indoor grow attempt - First real grow

Fastbuds Autoflowering - Pineapple express + cheese

Femanized seed - Mystery seed (squirt)

Funk Purple - Vice

Flapjacks - Flapjack clones

Femanized - Gorilla Glue

Female - Rainbow sherbert clone

Frosty unicorn - Frosty unicorn

Feminized - Multi-strain Grow

Fruity pebbles - Fruity pebbles (first grow)

Forgotten Delights AutoFlower Female - Amnesia Cookies by Automatically Delicious Seeds

FastBuds Zkittlez Auto - Zkittlez Auto

F1,F2,F3,F4 - My Own Pheno Grow

Fire OG Kush - Fire OG

Fem seed - World war 3

From seed - Habanero

Forbidden Runtz - Forbidden Runtz

First grow - Practice buds

Frisson - First signs of flower

Feminizada (Outdoor) - CHOCOLOPE

F2 Cherry Wine - CBD GROW

Female purple kush - Purple kush

Fire OG & Nepali Master Kush - First Grow

Floraison - Ak47

Female - Wedding cookies

Facelift - Facelift Og

Forbidden Runtz x2 Gush Mints x2 - Forbidden Runtz + Gush Mints

Forum Stomper-GSC - Forum Stompers

Four Assed Monkey - 4AM

Forgotten cookies x Forum Stomper - Cookies

F1 Orion - Grow #4 (ARCHIVED)

Feminised Photoperiod - Purple Moby Dick

Fem Auto - Pink Sour Diesel

Feminized super bud - Super bud

Fire Og - Fire Og

Feminized Strawberry Banana Grape - SBG-DWC Closet Grow

Freakshow x Godfather OG - xXFREAKSHOW x GFOGXx

First time grower - Day 7

From seed we’ve got bagseed, blueberry & marigolds. Clones we have Gorilla, MK Ultra, GodsTreat also BlueDream - Veg room

FQ1 - FQ1

Forum Cookie - Forum Cookie

Feminized seeds - First grow/White widow

Forbidden Runtz Auto - Forbidden Runtz - Fastbuds

FastBud 1-5 Random Autoflower - Random FastBud

Fat Banana, Purple Russian Express, Gelato, Sweet Zombie x Delhi Friend, and a prized bag seed - Main Lining Practice

Fems - Jelly Dountz by Humbolt

Feminized maririjuana mix - The Mainline “Mix” Project

Fruit/Deelite - First Outdoor Grow

Fem sativa dom - Cherry pie

Forbidden Runtz Auto Fast Buds - Forbidden Runtz Auto Fast Buds/Seedsman

Fast berry auto - Fastberry autoflower

FBT2303 - FBT2303

Feminized Gelato - First grow. 2x2 tent sf-1000

Fasciata albino - haworthia fasciata albino

Frumpz by Cannarado Genetics - Frumpz Full Organics

Freddy Krueger by Treehouse Boys - Freddy Kruger Full Organics

Fat Banana Auto - Fat Banana Auto

Fat Bastard Feminized - Fat Bastard

Future #1 Feminized - Future #1

Forbidden Fruit Feminized - Forbidden Fruit

Frozen Lemon Sativa - Frozen Lemon Automatic

Frosted Apricots - Frosted Apricots bag seed (indoor)

Fire og clone - Fire og

Fence jumper - Family farm fence jumper

Fence jumper - Greenhouse 22

Fence jumper - Fence jumper late summer

Family Pharms Fluff Fence Jumper - Earth box Fence Jumper single

Fence Jumper - Big mamma #2

Fence jumper - Cover top earth box

Fruit - Papaya

Furious Candy, KB x AK, Critical x CBD, And Orange Punch - Orange Punch Pheno Hunt

Free seeds - Free seeds

Feminized photo - Royal runtz

F1 Apollo and Green Gelato from royal queen - F1 Apollo and Green Gelato

Female Seeds and Mephisto Genetics - NL Auto & DBCxSour Bubbly

Forbidden runtz auto and gsc auto - Fastbuds seeds

foto - Pineapple chunk

Flowers - Marigold

Fruity OG clone from peanut - Fruity OG

Filmovka - Miazaki

Fugue State- Auto - Mephisto Genetics - 2nd Mephisto Grow -Fugue State

Fox Gelato - Toxic Gelato Auto Reg

Female Seeds Red Mandarine F1 Fast - Red Mandarine F1 Fast Hydroponic Grow

Fat banana and Honey Cream - First known grown

Fruit Punch. Samsquash OG. Cream de la Chem - Quick Auto Run

Funky Fruit photo - Funky Fruit

Forbidden Fruit - The 420 guy

Feminised - Bruce Banner - 2nd grow

Feminised - Blue Dream - 2nd Grow

Feminised - Zombie Death Fuck - 2nd Grow

Fruity Pebbles - 2022

Frozen gelato from in house genetics - Frozen gelato

Freezland - Freezland/Skunk

Fire og - 1st Indoor grow

Fugue State - Fugue state / Organic

Frostygarden - Sour crow

Fruity Sativa Dominant Hybrid - Grow #2: Gorilla Zkittles + SBG

Few different - Veg tent

Fastbuds GSC, 207genetics Blackberry Kush, and Maggie’s farm CC - Grow 2

From seed - Papas Kush

F Cookies Hybrid - Cookie Cutter

From seed - White Widow Auto

From Seed - Strawberry Cheesecake

Freebie - Purple Lemonade PHOTO

Freebie AUTO - Before and After -

Funky charms - Funky charms

Frodo - Spain 2019

Feminine - Gelat.OG

Freebie with an order of a pack - Eastern Rebellion

FREAKSHOW - Freakshow - Humbolt

From Nepal - No name flame

Fruit Spirit - Fruit Spirit

From Uncle Joe - Local Sativa

Fastberry (FastBuds) - Hydroponic test

Forum stomper- mephisto - Dylans plant

Freebie - AVT X 3bog

Forbidden Fruit / DoSiDos / Garlic Cookies - Grow #2 - RDWC

Femenized - 4 Femenized Strains

Fruity Pebbles - Fruity Pebbles

Frisian Dew - My First Ever Grow

Fruit 🍉 Punch - Fruit Punch 👊 - (Photo)

Fruit spirit photoperiod - Fruit spirit

Female - Blue dream

Feminized ~ Photo - Tahoe Kush

Female unknown - Unkown strain

Fem. Jack Herer - Jack Herer

Frozen Black Cherry - Frozen Black Cherry (Grow #3)

Free seed - OG Kush

Fortune cookie - Fortune cookie

Fire - Master yoda

Frisian Dew (i think) - My First DWC (hopefully its a sucess)

Feminized hybrid - Bubble Gum FM-DC-BG-3-BIN-7

Fire og - Fire og hydro first grow

Fernlike Leaves - Freakshow

From clone - MAC Grow

First strain venom crossed with thnerd second strain grease monkey third Strain train wreck - Group one venom group to grease monkey group 3 train wreck

Fat Banana Photo - Royal Queen Seeds - Fat Banana

Female - Bag Seed Clone Broken Piece

Frozen Papaya (papaya x white nightmare ) - Frozen Papaya Grow 1

Fastbuds cream cookies - Fastbuds cream cookies autoflower

Flav - FLAV

Freebie - Amnesia haze

Fem. White Widow from ILGM - TWA’s First Grow - White Widow

Fire OG Probably - Bagseed Male DWC tote

Fire OG and Otto CBD BAG SEED - Fire OG and Otto #8 Bagseed

Fruit punch - Fruit Punch

Fast Eddy - Cbd Fast Eddy

Forbidos - Forbidos

Feminized - Exotic Genetix- Stank House scrog

Fast Eddy & Royal Cheese - First Grow

Fire OG - Fire OG

Fruity Pebbles - QCS Fruity pebbles Living soil

Florida oranges blueberry auto black domina AK47 auto - What do you think

Florida oranges - First Grow ever

Fast growing autoflower (purple indica) - Fastberry 5&6

Flo, Chem 4, Sunburn - First Grow

Forbidden Fruit X Fruity Pebbles bx twice to Forbidden Fruit Mother - Forbidden Fruity Pebbles

Fruity pebbles - Fruity pebbles clone

Futura 75 - Futura broadcast row rose rd

Fruity Pebbles - First grow

Female - Forbidden fruit

Female - Purple punch x super nova

Female hybrid - Mac 1

Female mimosa - Mimosa

Female - Donkey butter

FJ #2 / GF #1 / BB #2 - 11/2022 Run

Fruit loops - Homegrow

Fastberry Auto - Fastberry Photography

Forgotten Forum F2 - Forgotten Forum F2

Fantasmo express - Mephisto genetics

Fem Northern lights - Northern lights - 1st grow

Fem - Candy kush

Fem - White widow

Fem - Uk cheese

Fuel D.og + White Widow - Fuel D.og + White Widow (First grow)

Fullmoon fever - Full Moon Fever

French macaron - French Macaron

Flo - Outdoor Transfered Indoor

Flo - Flo Seedlings w/ANS

Flo - My crazy clone

Fluffernutter - Fluff


Fukushima - Fukushima (elmer fudd)

Fat Banana Auto - 2020 first grow

Forbiddin fruit 4 blackberry gum 4 critical xxl4 - 2 lbs out of a 4x4 first grow 🤦🏾‍♂️

FF - A new thing

Frankinsteins Balls - First Timer

frisian dew - frisian dew

Feminine autoflower GG4 by MSNL - Feminine Autoflower GG4 (MSNL)

Fruit - Watermelon – Crimson

Forbidden Runtz, Mimosa Cake, Orange Sherbet - Grow #1

Forbidden fruit? - Forbidden fruit i think

Feminized - Moby Dick

Feminized - Gold Leaf

Feminized - White Widow

Female - Blueberry Cupcake

Female - Slurricane x London Pound Cake

Female photo - Apple Zawtz

Female Photo - Shanti Bubba

Fem - Wedding cake GC

Fem - Peyote WiFi. Seedsman

female - og kush

FIRSTONE - Mystery seed.

Feminized - Amnesia Lemon

Feminized - Gorilla Glue #4

Fastflower - Wedding cheese cake ff

Fat Bastard Auto, Black Widow Auto, Red Devil Auto - Winter Grow #1

Frosted Guava Auto - Frosted Guava (Auto)

Forum Stomper autoflower - FORUM STOMPER

Fuel Dog - Fuel Dog

Fruit punch auto heavyweight seeds - Fruit punch auto heavyweight seeds

FLO - Beginner’s Luck

Fruity Pebbles - Fruity Pebbles seed germination

Fstbery,wcog,FC,ogrus,mexair,gg,gstf,LSD - Auto multi

Forbidos, Glueberry O.G., Lemon Skittlez - No Till 20 Plant

Full coco substrate, plagrons - Autumn / winter 2020

Fem - Gemseeker

FastBuds CBD Crack Auto - FastBuds CBD Crack Auto 1:1

Flowering - Same plant but flowering

Feminized Indica photo - Peyote Gorilla (1st Grow)

Fruity Pebbles - Fruity Pebbles


Forum Stomper, Milk & Qookies, Strawberry Cheese - ROLS 3rd Run 2x4 bed

Feminized seed - Critical

Feminized seeds - Green gelato

Fruitty pebble and random - 2x Fruit pebbles and 1 random seed

Feminized Photo - Santa marita haze

Feminized Photo - Wedding Glue

Feminized Photoperiod - Black Glue

Feminized Photoperiod - Santa Maria Haze

Feminized photoperiod - Wicked Gas

Frooty Loops, Sour Diesel - Spanky’s First Indoor Job

Feminized Super Skunk [ILGM] - First Time Growing

Fire OG - Fire OG

Fruit tree, grease monkey, Ken’s gdp, purple punch - Getting ready for Hawaii

Fem - Bruce banner #2- pink runtz

Fague state x forum stomper - Mephisto genetics

Fat Banana - Fat banana Queen seed

Feminized Hybrid 40% Indica 60% Sativa - Bruce Banner ILMG

Frosted Cookies (Blue Frost x GSC) - Experiment: What’s the best way to grow cannabis from seed?

Feminised 80% indica -20% satvia - Super skunk

Fogotten cookies - Fogotten Cookies

Fruit by the foot autoflower - Fruit by the foot

Feminized - Purple bud

Forbidden runtz - Forbidden runtZ

Frosted skywalker OG Auto - Frosted skywalker 2020 Christmas Buds!

Feminized - Acid Dough and Alani skunk x Gluey


Forum cut GSC - Forum

Forum cut gsc - Clone

Fruity Pebbles - Fruity Pebbles #1

Fruity Pebbles - Fruity Pebbles #2

Fruity Pebbles - Fruity Pebbles #3

Fruity pebbles - Fruity Pebbles #4

Fruity Pebbles - Fruity Pebbles #5

Fruity Pebbles - Fruity Pebbles #6

Fruity pebbles - Fruity Pebbles #7

Fruity Pebbles - Fruity Pebbles #8

Fruity Pebbles - Fruity Pebbles #9

Fp - FP

Fruity Pebbles / Jack Herer - Fruity Pebbles #13 / Jack Herer #7

Freak show - Freak show, Funky fruit and Tiny Tina

From seed - Jack herer

Forum Stomper x Northern Blue Cheese Haze - Forum Stomper x Northern Blue Cheese Haze

Fem - Blue cheese

Fast Eddy & Stress Killer - Doulbe CBD grow

Forgotten Strawberries - Forgotten Strawberries

Fat banana auto - Fat banana

Fem. Indoor Tent - Bruce Banner - Seed City Bluk

Fastberry Autoflower - Fast Buds FASTBERRY Autoflowers

Fruity pebbles ,Gg4,B.u.p - Mixed grow

Feminized Grandaddy purple - Grandaddy purple

From seed - Blue Dream

FastBuds Original OG Kush Auto - OG Kush Auto

FastBuds Original AK Auto - Original AK Auto

FastBuds Chemdawg Auto - Chemdawg Auto

FastBuds Original Skunk Auto - Skunk Auto

FastBuds Pineapple Express Auto - Pineapple Express Auto

FastBuds Orange Sherbet Auto - Orange Sherbet Auto

FastBuds Girl Scout Cookies Auto - Girl Scout Cookies Auto

FastBuds Tangie’Matic Auto - Tangie’Matic Auto

FastBuds Original Bubblegum Auto - Bubblegum Auto

FastBuds Sour Diesel Auto - Sour Diesel Auto

FastBuds Blue Dream Auto - Blue Dream Auto

FastBuds - Amnesia Zkittlez Auto - Amnesia Zkittlez Auto

FBT2211 Auto - FastBuds Test - FBT2211 Auto

FBT2209 Auto - FastBuds Test - FBT2209 Auto

FBT2208 Auto - FastBuds Test FBT2208 Auto

FBT2212 Auto - FastBuds Test - FBT2212 Auto

Forbidden Runtz Auto - FastBuds - Forbidden Runtz Auto

Frisian Duck - Dutch Passion - Frisian Duck/Friese eendenpoot

Fem mix - Seed supreme random

Fat Banana - Fat Banana Bunch

For that loud - Water routine

Fireee - My master growers garden 🔥🔥

Fast berry - Fast berry by: fast buds

F1 - F1 Cream caramel by sweet seeds

Forgotten Cookies & Forum Stomper x Forum Stomper & Samsquatch - 6th Grow - Mephisto Freebie

Forumstomper - Forumstomper

FreakShow - Freak Show Clone

Forbidden Runtz Auto (FastBuds) - Forbidden Runtz

Frosty Mac bear auto fem - Frosty Mac bear

Frosted Cherry Cookies - Frosted Cherry Cookies

Fem Auto - Never bloomed with 18-6 - Tangerine Dream - DWC

Flavors for days - 13 flavors one 5x 10 tent 630 cmh’s

Fastberry - Fast Buds


Feminized - Early Bud

Face Fat Autoflower - Face Fat (Auto)

Fernando’s Hideaway/ Skunkberry - Fernanda

Fruit cup, Headlocc, grape skunk, OGKB 2.0, Bananacane, Neon Groove, Italian shoes, Truffle Icing - Veg tent

Fudgesicle, Peach Rings, PKB, Sangria Slushie, Greasy Runtz, Platinum gushers - Breeder cut grow

F1 Auto Hybrid - Gorilla Glue auto fem x (Autoficial Strawberries f2)

Forbidden Fruit - Forbidden Fruit Clones

Forbidden fruit clones - Forbidden Fruit/MRD

Funky Charms/GDP Pluto x Bahama Mama - Space Juice/Funkdafied by Solfire Gardens

F1 Orion - F1 Orion Grow

Forbidden Fruitz - 2x2 homemade organic

Female auto flower - Unknown strain

Froot by the foot auto - Froot by the foot

Frosted Cherry O’s Auto - Frosted Cherry O’s Auto

Frisian Dew X Pineapple Kush. Greencrack X Pineapple Kusk - Cross Breeding auto flowering strains

Fd. - Fastbud.Gerato

Field melons - Auto flower 1

Fitfri3ndly - Durban x skunk widow x Skywalker og

From round 1 - First clones

Femenised - Master Kush

Forest Tree - Cacao BR25

Flower and hash strains - 1st grow

Fruity Pebbles - Fruity Pebbles

Fire og - Fire og first time grow

Fire og - Fire og outdoor grow

Frisian duck - Frisian Duck in Capital

F1 hybrid (blue dream x sugar magnolia x amnesia) - Titan Auto

Feminized seed, full organic - Headband round 2

Face Off X ? (Bag seed) - Face Off 2 CoCo

Feminized - Dream Queen

Females amd males - Tangerine dream, blueberry og, GSCxDC

Fem - Zkittles

Fat Daddy - Fat Daddy Dispo Seed

Fruity Pebbles OG - Fruity Pebbles OG

Fire og bx3 X Over the moon kush, Jedi Kush X Over the moon kush - FireOG BX3 & Jedi Kush X OTMkush

Forgotten cookies x forum stomper - Mephisto freebie

Fem AK-47 - Ak-47

Fruity Pebbles O.G. Auto. Un-feminized - Fruity Pebbles

Feminized Auto Mango Smile - Mephisto - Mango Smile - Mephisto Genetics

Forgotten Cookies autoflower - Mephisto Forgotten Cookies autoflower.

Fruity Mango - Fruity Mango

Few different types - Added worm castings with transplant

Few different kinds - My current set up

Few types - 2nd harvest

Few Diff kinds - Coming along !

Fire OG - FireOG - SCROG

Farmers daughter , blueberry muffin ,Grimm glue and strawberry couch - 1st time growing outside

Farmers daughter - 4x4 tent

Feminized - Starwerry cough

First grow - Gelato

Fruit Fiesta - Fruit Fiesta Pheno Hunt

Feminisiert - 2x Critical 1x Special Queen scrog

Fruity Pebbles - FP1

Fruity Pebbles - FP2

Fruity Pebbles - FP3

Fog Dog - Fog Dog

Fastbuds fast flowering photo period - Purple lemonade fast flowering

Female - Auto ammie

Found in weed I got - Unknown seed

Fem - Strawberry Lemonade

Full metal jacket - Full metal jacket

Fem photo wedding cake one love genetics - Fem photo wedding cake

Forum Stomper Auto - Mephisto - Forum Stomper

First state fuel - First ever try

Forbidden runtz - First timer

Flo - 1st Grow

Flap Jacks! - First Grow! Flap Jacks (macflurry & pancakes(lemon pound cake &kush mints 11))

FRUIT TINGLEZ - Fruit tingle plus one unknown flower stage only journal started 4 days into flower👌✌️🇦🇺

Female/male we’ll see - Black wedding from killer genetics

fancy lettuce - fancy lettuce w1

Frozen BAG - Frozen Bag AutoPot

Frisian Dew, Orange Mac - First Grow

Feminized - Critical

Feminized - Critical 2.0 - Outdoor

Frosted guava - Frosted Guava - Original Sensible Seeds

F3 - F3

Fe - Twisted f3 mang

FB - Fast Berry

Femenized Photoperiod - Jack Herer

Femenized Sativa Photoperiod - Power Plant

Femenized, Hybrid, Photoperiod - White Widow

Flame - Fire

Forbidden zkittlez x nerds - Commercial test run