Journals - D

Designer OG - Designer OG Clone

Dont know random seed - My 1st time grow

Durban Poison- Fem Sativa Autoflower - Durban Poison

Double grape - Mephisto Genetics Double Grape

Deelite A.F. - (Thai x Afghani) x Ruderalis - Home Grown Cannabis Co. Deelite Auto Flower

Don carlos? - Test 1

Durban Poison / Wedding Cake - Fall 2020

DP/WC - Fall 2020

Durban + wedding cake - Summer 2021

Depends - Seedlings & Clones Area

Dark devil autoglower - Dark devil auto plant 1

Dark devil auto - Dark devil auto plant 2

Dark devil auto - Dark devil auto plant 4(dead)

Dark devil auto - Dark devil auto plant 3

Dark devil auto - Dark devil auto 5

Durban poison - Durban poison

Dark Hearts - Strawberry Cheesecake / Blackjack - Fall 2019

Durban Poison, CBD Crack (auto), Super Lemon Haze, Blueberry, Alien Technology, Sunshine, Northern Lights - Michigan Outdoor Grow

Do Si Dos - Do Si Dos

Durban Sunrise - Durban Sunrise

Deimos - Deimos -Budah seeds

Deinos budah - Deimos N

Dream Queen - Dream Queen

Do-Sa-Do - Do-Sa-Do

Dawg cookies - Dawg cookies


Dolato feminized photoperiod - Dolato - In House Genetics

Dragon berries & 3 Mystery strains - Day 5 Flower

Dragon Berry x2, 1 Buckeye Purple & 2 Larry Og - Project 3 fall 2021

Durban - Durban poison

Double dream sativa dom 60/40 - Double Dream

Durban Poison - Durban Poison SCROG

Dark angel - Dark angel 2x2 mini plant tent

Dosidos - Dosidos budget

Do-si-dose - From the seed

Dr Seedsman CBD 30:1 - Pops Grow

Dr.grinspoon & Wild Thailand - Dr.grinspoon & WildTh. Outdoor

Dank - Lil Nug

Durban Poison x Carmen - Priscilla

Diesel from Growers Choice - Diesel

Dosido X Gelato 33 - Dosi 33

Double Grape- Meph - Let’s see what happens

Double Grape - Mephisto DG

Do-Si-Dos - Do-Si-Dos Mother Run

Diamond - Diamond

Dosidos - Dosidos

Durban poison Og - Indica,sativa,hybrid

Dr jam - Dr jam

DankRider - TwoWeekVegSoG

Dream Queen - Dream Queen

Dos Si Dos Auto - First time

Different strains - Starting my new grow

Dutch Passion Night Queen - Dutch Passion Night Queen

Dutch Passion Auto Orange Bud - Dutch Passion Auto Orange Bud

DWC vs Soil - Gorilla Zkittles

Dark devil - Dark devil auto

Do Si Do - Indoor Grow

Do Si Do - Indoor

Do Si Do - Indoor

Do-si-Dos Og - Looking Beautiful Do-si-Dos Og

Do-si-Dos Og - El Cultivo

Dosidos hybrid - Dosidos

Death og - Death og

Death Star - From Seed to Flower- Death Star

Death Star - Seed to Flower- Death Star

Durban Poison (Sativa) - Durban Poison

Do si do Watermelon Zkittlez sour Tangie - Scrogg 3

Dosido, Sour tangie, watermelon zkittlez - Clone run

Dosido 33, watermelon Zkittlez - Modified scrogg

Double Chicolate, Do-si-dos, wedding cake, ak47 - Chocolate strains

Deelite AF - 5gal Deelite AF

Durban Poison - 5gal Durban Poison

Devil Cream (Sweet Seeds) - Devil Cream Autos (2)

Drunken Bastard - Drunken Bastard

Drunken Freakshow - Outdoors - Drunken Freakshow F1

Dont know - Plant #4

Dont know - Dont know

Do-Si-Dos - 4 Plant grow (Do-Si-Dos)

Dont know - Sister 6 year old seed

Don’t know - Fisst time

Do-si-dos - Do-si-dos

Do-Si-Dos - Do-si-dos

Day 40 - Wed cake fem

Dogwalker OG / Purple Haze / Skittlez - Flowering Stage

Dream Queen Glue - Dream Queen 5 seed test

Dream Queen Glue - Dream Queen First Outdoor Grow

Danberry - Dankberry

Dosilato #8 - Dosilato #8-Soil

Differnt strains - Sog

DC Kush, BadAss Kush, Sweet Dreams - Second Grow

Devil cream - Devil cream auto

Do-Si-Dos*33 Photo by B.F. - Do-Si-Dos*33

Das - Knut

Dosidos - My first dosidos

Dont know the strain - WG2

Dosido thunderfuck royal cookies northern lights special lush #1 - Autoflower

Deadhead OG x The White - Heavy C

Dakine - Coco Diaz, pucker punch,mothertongue, orange Julius

Dakine - Puddin, Joey Diaz, and orange Julius

Dakine - Winter hunt

Da kine - GMO x skittlz, ksmorz, coco Diaz

dwc - Og cali kush

double dash - Double dash

Durban poison, catatonic, bubba island kush, exocet Haze, the Ultimate. - Multi strain grow - First Grow

Dread Bread 4, Too Buku 26 - 1st Grow: DB and TB26

Dono - Dono

Dosidos x thin mint Girl Scout cookies - Deficiency

Dizzy David - Home Grow Indoor

Durbin poison x Fall 97 - Reba

Durban poison - Durban poison

Dark Purple auto (delicious seeds), White Widow Auto (Blumburn certified seeds), Northern Lights Auto (nirvana seeds) - Auto Grow 3 strains

Diablo OG - Diablo OG

Deelite Auto - Deelite Auto First Grow

Deelite Auto - Deelite Grow-take 2

Deelite auto - Deelite - take 3

Durban Poison - Durban Poison & OG Kush

Diesel drift - Diesel drift

Dawggone jack - Dawggone jack

Death Star - Death Star clone

Dosi dos 33 - Dosido 33

Do Si Do - Do Si Do Blow

Dark n Stormy (Devil Driver x MaiTai #4) - Dark N Stormy Clearwater

Deelite Autoflower - First time grow

Dee-lite ( auto ) - Next batch

Doctors Choice 2 Blueberry Muffin 1 - 1st Grow

Dutch Passion CBD Compassion Lime - CBD Compassion Lime

Double Grape Auto - Mephisto - 🍇🍇”A”

Double Grape Wuto - Mephisto - 🍇”B”

Durban Poison - First Time

Durban Poison - Durban

Dont Know Yet - First Grow Random Seeds

Durban poison - 2 x durban poison

Dream Berries and Blue Dream - No Scrog, Salt Nutes with extreme schwazzing

Dark Hollow, Sour Peach Cobbler - Leftovers for flower

Death - Spider Mite Battle

Death Star - Death Star outdoor

Dinamed CBD Haze Auto - Dinamed CBD Haze Auto

Da Green Monsta - Hydro clone 2

Da Green Monsta - Da Green Monsta hydro clone

Diced pineapple - 3 diffrent strains

Dominican Republic Seed - 3rd times a Charm

Dr seeds - Grandaddy Purple

Dosidos x Watermelon Zkittles - First Grow - Dosidos x Watermelon Zkittles

Dont know-random seed - My plant

Durban poison - Durban Poison

Disel e prenseeds - Grow misto Disel e orem seeds

Donkey butter - Donkey Butter

Death Star - Disturbance in the Force

Durban Poison Feminized - First Grow-Durban Poison

Dark Devil Auto - Dark Devil Auto

Do-si-do - Do-si-do

Durban pioson - Durban poison LST

Dro - Pk cb gb fp

Dosidos Cookies Auto - Dosidos Cookies Auto

Dantes inferno and oreoz x maitai - Clearwater run #2

Durban Poison - First grow ever

Durban Poison - Durban Poison Clone

Dosie doh - Dosie doh

Durban fire - Durban fire

DWC hydroponic - Girl Scout Cookies

Durban Poison - Winter Grow

Dosido - Dosido

Dj shorty blueberry cross lost paradise NSG - Iced hibiscus

Do-se-does - Do-sedoes

Durban Poisen - First Grow

DSL, BB - First grow

Do-Si-Dos Auto (Blimburn Seeds) - First Tent Grow

Dinafem blue kush - Blue kush

Devils lettuce - Sprout 4

Diesel. Blackberry. Crystal Meth. Amnesia. Lsd-25 - 5 Strain AUTOFLOWER Grow

Durban Poison - Humboldt CSI

Diesel hybrid - Tryouts

Dr grinspon - Dr grinspon

Don Juan - Don Juan

Dwarf low flyer - Dwarf low flyer (under stairs)

Durban Poison🤷🏾‍♂️ - Day 38 Flower

DNA Holy Grail Kush - First Grow

Death star - Death star

Do Si Dos - Do si dos

Dosi haze - Dosi haze

Dark Phoenix green house seed co. - Dark Phoenix second Sep13 21

Diamond Rock genetics - Banananimal

Dinafem Critical Jack Auto Fem - Dinafem seed

Donnyberger - Donnnyberger Aunts

Dead Hot Strawberries x JMO - First Grow

Divine White - White Devine

Durban Dew Dutch Passion - Durban Dew 4x2

Dont know - Mystery seed clones

Don’t know - Don’t know?!?

Double Chocolate & Amnesia - Sativa soil grow

DWC Amnesia Fast + Tangie, Kratky Strawberry Cought - Flowering DWC + soda bottle kratky

Durban Sunrise Autoflower - Durban Sunrise Auto from Twenty420 Medicino

Dam sour - New Tent

Donkey Dawg - First Outdoor

Dino meat - Thug pug

Dotz - Greenpoint Dotz (Runtz x Stardawg)

durban posion white widowx2 - grow

Dutch Passion’s Holland’s Hope, Dutch Passion’s Passion Fruit, Exotic Seed’s Gipsy Widow - Double Dutchin’ with a Widow

Durban Poison x Unknown - Durban Poison x Unknown

Do-si-dos OGKB - First grow OGKB or Do-si-dos

Durban Slurpee - Durban Slurpee

Durbin Poison - Durbin Poison

devils lettuce - devils lettuce

Donkey Butter - Donkey butter SCROG outdoors

Doug’s Varin - Doug’s Varin

Durban Poison by EC Genetics - Durban Poison x2

Do si shoes - Do si shoes

Devil Cream - Auto Flower Grow #1 Devil Cream

Diamond Milk F3 Auto - DIAMOND MILK F3-dwc

Dosi Dos - Dosi Dos, GGlue, Gelato, Blueberry W/C

Different - Differnt strains


Do si dos - Do si dos 2020

Dosi do - Dosido

Do-si-dos - Do-si-dos first attempt

Do-si-dos - Do-si-dos

Diesel - Diesel

Don Mega - Don Mega Seedling 1

Diesel#1🌱 - DIESEL babies

Dont know - Dont know

Deadhead - Dead head

Drqgon Fire, Sativa - Dragon Fire

Dosido back cross? - DSF DosidoughG

Double grape - Mephisto - Double Grape

Do not know strain - Bag seed

Do Si Dos (barney farms) - Do Si Dos Auto

Don’t know - Unknown seed

Do si do cookies - Auto 2

Dubble Cookies - Green Point seeds tester run

DragonfruitZ copy cat genetixx - Coco grow

Don’t know - Don’t know

Durban poison - Durban poison test grow

Durban poison, Critical mass, Pink Kush - Indoor grow

Dosibreath Auto - Dosibreath Auto

Different plants - New buds

Durban Poison Sativa by Dutch Passion - Fem, Durban Poison. Third season growing

Do si dos - My seeds

Different strains - 36" × 48" Veg Tent

Do si dos - Dolato

Dosidos X2 Mango Lemon Haze X2 - Clones to flower -Scrog

Do si dos - Topped Do-Si-Dos

Do-si-do - Deloris

Do-si-do - Deloris- mother plant

Do-si-do - Deloris

Durban Kush OG - Durban Kush

Durbin poison, acopulco gold, and northern lights - 5 weeks from seed

Durban poison - Outdoor grow durban poison

Durban Poison - Grow 4

Death bubba x - Clones

Dark devil autoflower - Dark devil auto

Durban Poison - Seed Germination

Dinafem’s Strawberry Amnesia - RDWC - Strawberry Amnesia

Double Bubba - My 1st Indica

Ducksfoot - Ducksfoot nectar of the gods

Durban Poison - Durban Poison

Durango OG, Say Less, Gary Poppins, Musty Buffalo, Velvet Heat - Outdoor Conglomerate

Doce doe - First grow

Durban poisen - Grow101

Death star - Carrie

Dont know - Seed #3

Dont know - Seed #5

Dont know - Seed #8

Dont know - Seed #1

Dont know - Seed #6

Dont know - Seed #2

Dont know - Seed #7

Durban sunrise / Cajun Mintz / Brainstorm - Clones

Durbin - Outdoor

Durbin and jinxproof mix - Indoor grow

Diesel kush - First grow

Dragon kush - Dragon kush

Dosado, napali pink, seed, and capstone - Copy of capstone and team

Different strains - Seed

Dreamsicle strawberry Gary Red Delicious Fizzy Drank - Exotic gentix over load

Diagonal Kush - Diagonal Kush seed

Dos si dos (feminized) - First grow log

Dahlia - Decorative Dahlia Double Jill

Dr. Hypno CBD Auto - Medical cannabis

Double Grape - Double Grape

Double Grape - Double grape

Day 100 - Evelyn

Diablo OG - First grow Diablo OG

Deisel Ryder Auto 1/2/3, blue cheese x purple kush, haze xtreme, original skunk - Multi tent grow

Deep blue sea, auto blues - First mephisto grow

Double Grape Mephisto Genetics - (Double) Double Grape 10 gal

double lemon pie dhg - Double Lemon Pie Pheno Hunt

Durban Poison - Durban Poison

Diamond Cookies - Diamond Cookies - (low stress training)

Durban poison from canuk seeds - Durban poison

Diesel - Strawberry Diesel

Durban Poison - Durban Poison # 1

Durban Poison - Durban Poison # 2

Durban Poison - Durban Poison 1st

Dancehall cbd - Cbd

Delahaze - Delahaze

Dieselicious - Dieselicious

Dieselicious - Dieselicious round #2

Dosi do - Dosi do

Dosi do - Dosi do

Dosi do - Dosi do

Dosi do - Dosi do

Dosi do - Dosi do

Dwarf Low Flyer - Dwarf Low Flyer

Dos trop - Dos trop flo

Dos si dos 33 and tropicanna banana - Led room flower 1

Deep Fried Runtz - Deep Fried Runtz

Dank Kush - 2x4 Tent

Double Grape - Double Grape ( 1st grow)

Durban Poison - 11 roses - Jack Herer - Liberty haze - Platinum punch - Blueberry -Bleu Cheese -The bling - Lingerie - cookies kush - Sativa Dream - citrus city x 1980s kush - Dos si dos - 9# hammer - white widow - white Tahoe cookies x godfather og - alien og x godfather og - Veg room

Dutchess, ghost monkey, and dutchess x gg4 phenoms 1-6 - Big island dutchess x gg4 phenoms 1-6

Dutchess*, Mauna Kea Frost*, Ghost Monkey*, Space Coaster*, Double Dutch*, green crack, bruce banner, GG#4, HP13 - Big island Genetics Jam

DeadHead OG (hybrid) - DeadHead OG (Photoperiod)

DNA - First Grow

Doc holiday , acupulco gold, northern lights - First grow

Dinafem auto Original Amni - Original amnesia

Deadhead OG - Deadhead OG 1212 start to finish

Dosi cherries #1 - Dosi cherries #1

Dosi cherries # 2 - Dosi cherries #2

Death Star, Critical Purple - Grow #2

Diesel - RQS Diesel (Auto)

Dream Queen (humboldt seeds) - Dream Queen - Pheno iiii

Dark Devil Auto - SweetSeeds - Dark Devil

Dotz - Runtz X Stardawg - Dotz

Dark cream auto - Dark cream auto

Ditch treat - Two dutch treats

Devils Drip - Red Pop Devils Drip

DEELITE Auto-Flower from Homegrowncannabisco - DEELITE

Dutch Passion - Critical Orange Punch Grow

Don’t know - Unknown Strain

Do-Si-Dos - Outdoor Organic Grow

Durban Poison, God Bud, GSC - Winter 2019

Diesel - First plant-Diesel Hybrid

Dosidos X Ghee Butter - Butter Face OG

Dos Si Dos 33 - Dos Si Dos 33

Dos si dos and critica kush - Dos Si Dos 33 and Critical Kush

Diamond OG - Diamond OG

Durban Poison - Durbain Poison

Durban posion - Durban poison

Divorce cake indica photoperiod - Wedding cake x white widow

Dom indica - Gorilla glue

Do si dos indica 70% - Do-si-dos

Dont know - Lockdown

Double grape - First Mephisto

Double Grape - Mephisto - Tent 2021

Dago OG - Dago OG

Dirt - Celandia Sul

Day 7 - Day 7

Day 14 - Day 14

Day 26 - Day 26

Day 22 - Day 22

Day 9 - Day 9

Day 11 - Day 11

Day 21 - Day 21

Day 10 - Day 10

Day 35 - Day 35

Day 42 - Day 42

Durban poison, platinum cookies - 2023 indoor grow

Durban Poison Fem - Not So Urban Durban(s)

Donkey butter - Donkey butter

Durban poison , blueberry - Outdoor grow

Dark horse genetics “Hulkmania” - No Till Led Tent Grow

Dirty Kush - Dirty Kush

DONT KNOW - Unknown

Don’t know the strain, it was a gift - My first time

Different strains - World of genetics

Don’t remember - Unknown seed

Diesel berry blue goo - indica - Diesel berry blue goo - feminized

Diesel berry caugh, cheese, velvet bud and caramelino - Grow 1

Durban Poison - CoVA Durban Poison

Death Star - CoVA Death Star

Durban Poison - Durban Poison

Deep purple blood - Solo cup challenge

Dinafem - Critical Cure CBD

Durban Poison - Durban Poison-Soil

Dont know - Weed plants

Doctor Who - Doctor Who - KHEO

Donnie burger #3 - First coco grow

Dont know - Mid

Diamond and other - My first grow

Dip n sticks - GPS

Dr. Who, space candy, white widow and purple kool aid - First grow

Double dream - Double Dream (tips welcomed)

Damn Sour - Damn Sour Clones

D.C, W.C, K.K, S.B.R - Whole grow

Doible chocolate - Double chocolate

Do-Si-Dos x Gelato - Dosilato

Dollato - Dolato

Dream - Baby

Dosiedoo - Dosiedo

Dark Heart Nursery White Runtz - White Runtz SCROG, FIM, Super Cropped

Double Grape - Mephisto - Double Grape

Dark Owl - Bruce Banner #3

Double Grape - Double Grape

DG - Double Grape

Durban Poison & Dutch Treat - The Rawlings Project

Durban Poison, Jack Herer, Dinamed CBD, Gorilla Shizzle - 3x3 Auto - Mixed Strain

Dutch Passion -Lemon Skittlez Auto - Lemon Skittlez Auto 1st Grow.

Duct Tape - Duct Tape 2

Don Carlos - Don Carlos

Dinafem, Critical - Dinafem, Critical (Autoflower, 3 seeds)

Do-sa-do & GG4 - Indoor grow

Dionysus Delight - Dionysus Delight

Dosi woah - Dosi-woah

Diesel Auto - Virgin Grow Diesel Auto

Dragons Breath - Dragons Breath Indoor

Do-si-do photo - Do-si-do

Dos si Dos 33, Wedding Gelato, Green Scout Cookies - The Three Scrooges

Durban poison - Durban Poison

Daiquiri Chem - Daiquiri chem- Greenpoint Seeds

Divine Storm - Starting Grow

Divine jelly - Divine jelly

Diesel purp - White widow

Durbin Poison - #2 Training

Dg X Wc - Dg X Wc

Dg X 3BOG - Dg X 3BOG

Do si do thick dark leaf phenotype - Do si do copy

Do si do - Do Si Do

Deliciosa - Monstera

Dark Rino - Winters Angel

Dragoon Mtns. Lemon Kush - Dragoon Mountains Lemon Kush

Double Whiskey Sour - Double Whiskey Sour Autoflower

Double grape auto - First grow auto dbl grape #2

Durban poison - Indoor durban

Dos si dos 33 - Dos si dos 33

Dos si dos 33 - Barney’s farm - Outdoor grow

Dynasty Genetics; Pineapple Fields - Pineapple Fields

Doctor Seedsman - Doctor Seedsman CBD 30:1

Double grape - First grow

Do si do - Autos

Dosidos - Dosidos

Durban Poison, Blackberry Rhino, Holy Grail - Durban Poison, Blackberry Rhino, Holy Grail Scrog

Durban Poison + Blackberry Rhino - Durban Poison + Blackberry Rhino DWC

Durban Poison - Durban Poison DWC

D cake and sundae - Diverce cake & sundae driver

Dutch Passion #1 - Dutch Passion #1

Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough Fem Photo - 🍓 Cough - Winter Grow

Double grape, zkittlez and 2 CBD strains - Autos in SIPs

Dinamed CBD x Critical+ Auto - Dinamed CBD Auto

Durban Poison - OG Cally Durban Poison CKS

Do-Si-Do, Wedding Cake, Romulan, Ghost OG - DaydreamZ Grow #4

diesel auto - Star wars grow #1 (deisel auto)

Deluxe Sugarcane - Deluxe Sugarcane

Dunno - First try

Don Carlos - Don Carlos by Humboldt Seed Company

Don Carlos by Humboldt Seed Company - Don Carlos

DUTCH HAZE - CattoGrow Dutch

Durban Thai X C99 - Durban Thai X C99

Dos si Dos X Center - Do si dos grow

Don’t know - Bird

Death bubble byron - While we wait (first wave)

Death bubble byron (8) black berry kush(7) timo(1) - Clones and seeds

DW x BX x SW - Skywalker Grow

Dr Who - Dr Who - T.E.R.P. clones

Dawg Cookies - Dawg Cookies - PWRC Clones

Dark Devil auto grown in greenhouse - Dark Devil Auto XL

Dark Devil by sweet seeds - Dark Devil - Greenhouse 23

Dr. Seedsman Feminised - Dr. Seedsman

DADDY👅👅👅👅 - DADDY👅👅👅👅

Delicious sugar black rose - 1st grow

Dream team - Dream team

Dunno - Rand

Diesel Auto - Diesel Auto - RQS

Different Strains - Seedlings

Dosi do - Dosi do

Dedoverde Haze - Dedoverde Haze Scrog

Double Grape - Mephisto Double Grape

Double chocolates - Chocolates

Do-si-dos - Freebie CANUK seeds

Dolato 🍨 , wedding cake 🎂 , Agent orange 🍊 - Dolato R&D

Dragon Afghan/Sannies Jack #7/ Dread Bread - Indica

Dee-Lite Auto (x2), SourDiesel, & BubbleGum - A bunch of Autos

Dosi dos - First grow, photo

Durban Poison - Durban Poison Outdoor

Do Si Do - Do si do

Dnrnddj - Djrej

Dread bread and cosmic serpent - Organic clones

Dread bread #12 - Dread bread flower

Durban Poison & Jack Herer - Durban Poison & Jack Herer Hydro

Durban Poison - Durban Poison in soil

Dont know - Private seeds

Dragonfire/dragonfly - First time growing

Dank (auto flower) - Dank Tip

Dinafem: Crtical 2.0 x Jack Herer - Indoor Critical Jack

Dirty Dan - First grow

Dragons Brew - Dragons Brew V2

Dirty Mitten Seeds - Roots of Peace

Dads Plants x Blue Cherries - Classic Cherries

Durban Thai x C99 - Brothers Grimm Genetics - Brother’s Grimm - Durb Thai x C99

D3nali ( erbaceous ) - Super lemon haze

Don Carlos - Don Carlos

Diesel cookie - Train wreck diesel x girl scout cookies

Dat pressure pack - Gorilla cake 🎂

Did a slight wett trimm still new to this - My 1st plant ever 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🥂Revolver autoflower

Dark Devil Auto - Second Grow - Dark Devil Autos

Dark Devil Auto - First run

Dark Ghost Train Haze - Dinky

Dark Ghost Train - Lil Liza

Do Si Dos - Do Si Dod Outdoor

Do Si Dos - Do Si Dos Indoor Twins

Durban Poison - Durban Poison

Double Grape - Mephisto Genetics - Mephisto - Double Grape

Double Black Domina Fem - Double Black Domina

Do-Si-Dos Automatic RQS - RQS Do-Si-Dos Automatic

Dragon Slayer - Dragon slayer OG

Devil Fruit Auto - Twenty20 Mendocino Devil Fruit

Durban Poison - 3rd Run

Different strains - All kinds

Dosido - Dosido scrog

Durban Posion Fem - First Grow

Don’t know - 5 generation Jack Herrera O.G. 18 limonlime Jones Inapple exspress Mina Dino kush

Dr Seedmans 30:1 CBD - 30:1 CBD

Devil XXL auto - Indoor Devil xxl/ Deelite

Do-si-do and Phinix rising - 1st grow

Dinafem cheese xxl auto - Cheese XXL Auto

Do-Si-Do? - Mal

Dosidos - Dosidos

Divine Kush Breath - Divine Kush Breath 1st grow

Dark Devil - Dark Devil Auto

Dos Si Dos (Barneys Farm) - Dos Si Dos auto

Diamante Tomato - Frist Try Tomato Hydroponics

Designer Weed - Tokes Perpetual Grow Journal

Do-Si-Dos Auto - Dosi

Double grape x 3 bears OG - DGx3BOG

DSCP - Deathstar Cherry Pie

Dark devil - Dark devil auto salt based farts

Double bubba - Luna

Dirt - First grow

D’Qar - D’Qar

Dedo verde haze - Sativas love

Doc OG, Blackwater OG, Cherry Kush - 3 strain, Greenhouse, by BassLineBuds

Durban Poison - Durban Poison

Durban Poison - Durban Poison

Durban - Durban poison

Durban - Durban

Durban Poison - Durban Poison

Double Grape x Skywalker - The Windu Trials

Dinamed auto - Dinamed autofem CBD

Double Grape/ Hubba Bubba Haze - Double Grape/ Hubba Bubba Haze

Dinafem: Auto OG Kush, Auto Sour Diesel, Whiet Widdow XXL Auto. Dutch Passion: Auto Extreme, Auto Ultimate. Think Different Auto. - Dinafem V Dutch Passion Autoflower

Durban poison - Durban poison (Scrog)

Dosidos , GSC, FP, Mimosa earthbox, GMP earthbox, OG kush clones , Dosidos clones - Veg tent

Don lemon, super lemon haze, huckleberry soda #4 - First grow

Dark Purple Kush - Dark Purple

Dutch Passion - Banana Blaze

Dirban 99 - Durban 99

Dr. Bruce Banner CBD - Dr. Bruce Banner CBD

Don’t know what the strain is right now, they could be gmo cookies 🍪 or gelato 🍧 - More clones

Death Stomper - Death Stomper scrog

Don’t know - Precious

Deadlights - Deadlights

Deadlights - Deadlights 2

Dynamed x Deadlights - Medlights 1

Dont know what i have - New grow

Durban Poison - DP Twins

Dog Biscuit - Dog Biscuit

Dark Devil Auto - Dark Devil Auto from SweetSeeds

Dark heart - Chili verde

DH - Chocotoni

Daniel Russo - Daniel Russo

Durban sunrise autoflower - Durban sunrise #2

Durban sunrise autoflower - Durban sunrise #3

Durban sunrise auto and trizkit auto - Coco coir + perlite autoflower grow

Durban Poison - Durban Poison

Doobie bird 1 - Doobie bird

Doobie clone - Clone doobie bird

Deadhead OG - Deadhead OG

Dont know - First ever grow

Divorce cake - NEED HELP ASAP!!!

Dinafen - White window 30 ;de maio

Dmmc - Jack no florio

DG auto - Double Grape auto

Dem Tittie - DemTitties

Dark Devil Auto (Sweet Seeds) - 2x Dark Devil (organic soil grow)

Dark Cookies - My Own Creation

Diamond ov - Jane - Diamond Og

Devine - First clone grow

Dark Devil - Mindy: Dark Devil

Dinafem - Critical Cheese

Descendant of Face-Off Og and OGKB hybrid S1 of Do-si-dos - Braincake

Dirty Dip- Testing for Subcool Unreleased. (Dirty Banana x FunDip) - Dirty Dip-Unreleased Test for Subcool

Double Grape Autoflower - Mephisto Double Grape Auto

Double grape - Double grape 🍇

Double Tangie Banana - Double Tangie Banana

Diesel berry, Cuvee, Sunset sorbet - First grow three plants

Deliziosa - Autoflower indoor

Dosilato, Sherb, Animal Mints - Sixer

Double grape x wiz ap / sour livers - Autoflowers

Dunno - Some Auto

Do-Si-Dos Automatic - 2. Im Zelt

Dark Devil - 4. Im Zelt

Durban Poison - Bush Weed #2

Du30 (kalinga x northernlights x blueberry) - Du30

Deep Chunk/Sour Diesel - First grow, planned scrog

Durban poison & Purple Ku$h - 5x5 RDWC

Dwarf low flyer - Autoflower

Dosidos Cookies - Dosidos Cookies - 00 Seeds v2

Dynamite - Dynamite

Dont know - First

Dee-lite - Dee-lite

DHOG & Sooze - Dead head og / snooze

Dont know if its auto - Fem white wisow

DHN x FireOG - closet grow

Double Grape - 2nd indoor run mephisto

Dosido - Last of the bag seed

Dark Angel - Dark Angel

Dark angel #1 - DA1

Dragons Head - Trixcthumb -Dragon Head

Dutch Passions Auto daiquiri lime, Auto Mazar, Auto Durban poison, Orange bud seedlings - First Auto run

Durban poison - First tent

DO-SI-DOS OG - Diy earthbox

Durban Poison (S1) The Bank Genetics - Durban Poison (S1)

Dont know - Unknown strain

Dr. Feelgood-Auto/Reg - Dr Feelgood 1

Dos so dos - Dos si dos


Dos si do - Dos si do

Dance World photo - Dance world

Devil Cream, Red Poison - Micro Grows

Dream Lotus - Dream Lotus - Bagseed

Dont know if its a savtiva or indica maybe you can help!! - First Run!!

DosidoxFortune Cookies - From seed

Dosidos / Ductape - Dosidos and Ductape

Double grape and super orange haze from mephisto - Double grape / super orange haze. Small grow

Durban poison - Durban poison

Desert diesel - Desert diesel hybrid indoor grow

Dutch treat and jack herer - Happy family

Dont know - First Grow

Dolato, Dolato, Taskenti, Star Killer - Mix of Strains

Double Grape by Mephisto - 2nd Grow - Mephisto Double Grape

Devils Glue-A - Devils Glue

Donkey Max - Donkey Max

DP, WW, GL, CBD Kush - Durban poision, WW, Gold leaf

Durban Poison - Durban Poison

Durch Passion - Power Plant - Indoor: Power Plant

Dutch Passion - Auto Skywalker Haze - Indoor: Auto Skywalker Haze

Dutch Passion - Melonade Runtz - Outdoor: Melonade Runtz

Dutch Passion - Auto Orange Bud - Indoor: Auto Orange Bud

Dbb - Double dosi berry

Dark mid - Grade A Midd

Dinafem - Critical Jack Auto - Critical Jack Auto - 273 CFL

Durban Poison fem, ILGM - Durban Poison

Dawg Master by Heavy Trichrome Genetics - My Journey

Durban Poison, Harlequin, MK Ultra, and White Rhino - 4 Strain Hydro Grow

Do Si Do AUTOS - Hydro 1st run

Dispensers seed - Lucky Seed

Deisel - Mylos dream

Dirt - Cherry Pie

Dosi do - Dosi do

DGxCDLCxMS - (Double Grape x Creme de la chem) X Mango Sky

Do not know lol - Random buds

Different types - Gorilla glue,,northernlights,dosido

Dolato - My first grow

DWC - Literacola and coughkillington flower

Durban Poison - Durban Poison Auto

Diesel - New York Diesel Auto

Double Grape - Autoflowers - Double Grape - Mephisto

Dosilato - Clone from dispensary

Do si do/ Thc Bomb - Halloween grow

Durban poison strain - Test plant 1

Deep Purple Haze - Sumo Seeds - Deep Purple Haze autoflower

Devils Anvil - Auto Grow

Death Star OG - Death Star OG

Divorce cake and - Sunday driver n divorce cake

Dinafem blue cheese autoflower - Blue cheese auto grow

Dark Devil - Sweet Seeds Dark Devil auto

Dark devil - Autos

Dont know - Cool runnings

Daychanger sativa - Daychanger

Durban Poison - Durban poison clones

Durban Poison - Grow Ops

Dirty Diana cookies - Dirty Diana Cookies

Dosi-do forum cut (feminized photoperiod) - 3x3 grow

Do Si Do - Do Si Do

Do Si Dos 33 - Beginner Grow - Do Si Dos 33

DosiDos - DosiDos

Durban poison, White Widow, GG4 and Purple Kush - First grow

Darkstar kush - Darkstar kush

Dosi Face - Dosi-Face

Dutch Passion Durban Poison Sativa - Durban Poison #1

Dip N Stix x Chimera #3 - Error 503 - AutoPot

Dutch Passion - Strawberry Cough (Dutch Passion)

Double OG Chem - Double OG chem

Double Grape - Mephisto Double Grape

Double Bubble CBD - Double Bubble - Outdoor

Double Bubble - Double Bubble - Indoor NFT

Double Bubble - Double Bubble - NFT - Round 3

Double Bubble - Double Bubble - NFT - 2

Double Bubble - Double Bubble Soil Indoor

Dutch Passion - Orange Hill Special

Durban Express - 4x4

Dos-si-dos Cookies - INDOOR ORGANIC

Donkey Butter - Soil grow

Dr.Greenthumb’s Em Dawg & Sherbinski’s The New - Em Dawg & The New Scrog

Death Star - Death Star

DOS SI DOS 33 - Dos Si Dos 33 - Barneys Farm

Diesel delicious and gorilla cookie - Clones of Dieselicious & Gorilla cookies

Durban Poison - Durban poison

Dosidos - HPS #1

Dream queen glue - First time for everything

Dream Queen Glue - 2nd Dream Queen Glue

Double Grape - Double Grape mephisto genetics

Durban poison feminized ILGM - Durban poison

Durban Poison - Durban Poison - 5-21